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Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.4.8

Sagan Technology has updated Metro to v6.4.8.

New in v6.4.8:

  • Optional native support for .caf files. The user can decide to use .aif or .caf as the native supported audio file format. .caf has the advantages of not being limited to a 2 GB file size and data recovery, in the unlikely event of a crash. It has the disadvantage of not being supported by certain Apple applications even though it is an Apple file format.
  • The mixdown dialog, when 'to track' is selected, now brings up the export dialog allowing the user to select a final mixdown file type and more. This allows direct mixdown to .mp3 or .aif for example.
  • Preference option allows the user to decide if the tracks and graphic editor windows keep tracks in sync or not.
  • The 'don't show audio glitch dialog' setting is permanent and can be set in the preferences dialog.
  • Support more zooms. The user can now zoom out much further in the graphic editor to get an overview of large audio files for example.
  • Support for vertical grids when in notes mode of the graphic editor.
  • Global warnings in the graphic editor display: "8 Bit audio","Sample rate converting" and "Track Frozen".
  • Keyboard equivalents for Fade and Cross Fade.
  • Jukebox window live resizes.
  • Filenames are now automatically copied to audio region names.
  • Stereo Vu's in the mixer window.
  • A plug-in contextual menu item option to 'retain editor on close' prevents Submersible Drumcore 3 from crashing when its window is closed.
  • Options for selecting colors in the Jukebox window's contextual menu allow the user to customize the look and also view song titles from great distances.
  • Jukebox option for 'highlight now playing'.
  • If a newer version is available it will be shown in the about dialog.
  • Arpeggiator additions include a new set input key range button, and a diatonic switch that replaces the 'diatonic chords' method so that diatonic support is available within all arpeggiator methods.
  • Dragging MIDI files (or MIDI regions) to the keyboard window to extract arpeggiator settings now possible.
  • When a plug-in cannot be found, its name is now included, if possible, in the error message.
  • Startup time is drastically reduced for users with long lists of plug-ins as plug-ins are now scanned on a separate thread.
  • Clicking on the 'No.' header in the jukebox window when a file list is already shuffled reverses the order of the shuffled list.
  • Option to sleep computer after jukebox finishes. Good for using Metro as a sleep timer without wasting power all night.

For an extensive list of bugs fixed please see the release notes.

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