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News Archive for February 2008

29th February 2008Atomsplitter Audio releases Mechaverb v1.0 and updates Clip-R to v1.01

29th February 2008Jucetice releases Jost v0.4.5

29th February 2008Plogue releases Bidule v0.9650

29th February 2008Steinberg releases Cubase Essential 4

29th February 2008Algoriddim updates djay to v2.0.2

29th February 2008VirSyn releases Reflect v1.3 (with VST3 support)

27th February 2008Equinox Sounds releases Binary Code loop pack [ACID]

27th February 2008Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v1.7.0 beta 1 (AU)

27th February 2008Admiral Quality releases Poly-Ana v1.1

27th February 2008Audio Damage updates Fluid to v1.1

27th February 2008EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.0.052

27th February 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.105

27th February 2008Audio Ease updates Speakerphone for Windows to v1.0.3

27th February 2008Alphakanal updates Automat v1.0b to build 25

26th February 2008Denis Eismann releases SuperDrumFX v1.0

26th February 2008xoxos releases Circuit v1.0

26th February 2008Bolder Sounds releases Tibetan Singing Bowls [KON|EXS]

26th February 2008Jonathan Schmid-Burgk updates Improvisator to v1.1

26th February 2008Blue Cat Audio updates FreqAnalyst Pro & Multi and StereoScope Pro & Multi

26th February 2008Impromptu updated to v1.15

26th February 2008EastWest updates Quantum Leap SD2 to v1.0.1

25th February 2008Schwa releases Olga v1.0 for Windows

25th February 2008Big Fish Audio releases... several new sample libraries

25th February 2008Inspiration Sounds releases Electro Grime [ACID|REX|AL]

25th February 2008Voxengo releases VariSaturator v1.0

25th February 2008xoxos releases Virtual Machine VST

25th February 2008DSK Music releases DSK DrumZ BeatVoiZe

25th February 2008Toontrack updates EZdrummer to v1.1.3

25th February 2008AtomSplitter Audio releases Clip-R

25th February 2008Zynewave updates Podium to v1.98

25th February 2008Mutagene releases 2WarpDelay v1.2

25th February 2008Geniesoft releases Overture v4.1.0 Patch 6

25th February 2008AZ Audio updates ADopplerEn to v1.112

25th February 2008Audio Ease updates Speakerphone for Mac to v1.0.3

25th February 2008Christian Knufinke Software releases SIR2 v2.117 public beta for Intel-Macs

25th February 2008alphakanal updates Automat to v1.0 build 24

25th February 2008G-Sonique updates Renegade to v1.1

25th February 2008Schaack Audio Technologies updates Transient Shaper to v1.1

25th February 2008Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.5

25th February 2008macProVideo.com releases N.E.D. 2 Tutorial-Video Player

25th February 2008IK Multimedia announces Plug & Mix Madness Promotion

25th February 2008Ilio announces special Breverb pricing for Vienna Instruments customers

21st February 2008Brainworx updates bx_control to v1.0.3 (incl. AU release) and bx_hybrid to v1.0.1

21st February 2008CDXtract releases Samplit v1.3

21st February 2008Sinevibes releases updated Critical Mass for Massive

21st February 2008Puremagnetik releases TB-303 Micropak for Live, Kontakt & Logic

19th February 2008NuGen Audio releases Visualizer beta for Mac OS X (v1.4b)

19th February 2008Soniccouture releases Balinese Gamelan for Kontakt

19th February 2008Cluster Sound releases Tech Producer DSP [WAV|KON|HAL|...]

19th February 2008de la Mancha releases bent

19th February 2008C.Hackl releases GrooveBox

19th February 2008DSK Music releases DSK AkoustiK KeyZ

18th February 2008Waves updates Plug-ins to v5.9.7

18th February 2008Eiosis releases E²Deesser v1.2 for Windows and Mac OS X

18th February 2008Jucetice releases Jost v0.4.4

18th February 2008Alphakanal updates Automat to v1.0b build 23

18th February 2008Algoriddim updates djay to v2.0.1

18th February 2008Muxer releases InstantSampler

18th February 2008Steinberg presents Classroom Resource Pack

18th February 2008Synful Orchestra updated to v2.4.3

18th February 2008Mackie updates Tracktion to v3.0.4.8

15th February 2008Audio Damage releases Ricochet v1.0

15th February 2008Kong Audio releases ChineeSuona v1.0

15th February 2008VirSyn updates Matrix to v1.1.1

14th February 2008d16 Group releases Devastor v1.0

14th February 2008QuikQuak releases Pitchwheel v1.0

14th February 2008VertexDSP updates FaderWorks to v1.2

13th February 2008Native Instruments updates Akoustik Piano to v1.1.3

13th February 2008[CodeOperator] releases PlugAdmin Pro v2.0 for Mac

13th February 2008Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.1.2

13th February 2008BTE Audio releases BEQ2 British Console Equaliser Algorithm for Software Developers

13th February 2008Schaack Audio Technologies releases Transient Shaper v1.0

13th February 2008moppel releases Sonitarium

13th February 2008discoDSP releases Discovery Pro R3 Build 2

13th February 2008NuGen Audio updates Line-up to v2.2

13th February 2008Inspiration Sounds releases Funked Up Complete [WAV]

13th February 2008SKYLIFE announces SampleRobot 3 Pre-Order

13th February 2008Sony updates Sound Forge to v9.0e and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to v8.0d

13th February 2008Audiofile Engineering updates Audio Unit Manager, Sample Manager, Wave Editor and Rax

13th February 2008Steinberg updates Groove Agent to v3.0.2.14

13th February 2008Jack OS X v0.76 now available

13th February 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.7.4

13th February 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-BassLine to v1.0.1

13th February 2008Audio Ease updates Speakerphone to v1.0.2

13th February 2008Geniesoft releases Overture v4.1.0 Patch 2

12th February 2008AZ Audio releases AZBrowser v1.02

12th February 2008Ueberschall releases Minimal Techno

12th February 2008Realsamples releases Dulcitone Celesta [KON|HAL|...]

12th February 2008Samplebase releases four new SoundBlocks for Satellite

12th February 2008Celemony updates Melodyne plugin to v1.0.3

12th February 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.55

11th February 2008Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v1.1

11th February 2008db audioware releases Vocal Intensifier v1.0

11th February 2008Neotec releases CetoneSynth2 v0.6 and CetoneOrg

11th February 2008Togu Audio Line releases TAL-BassLine v1.0

11th February 2008Hotelsinus Sound Design releases Hotelsinus Reese Bassline

11th February 2008Syntheway releases Syntheway Percussion Kit v1.0

11th February 2008VSL updates Vienna Ensemble to v2.0.2869/2870

11th February 2008Elevayta releases Wamp Boy and Player Boy

11th February 2008Keyman_sam releases Shortcircuit Essentials Volume 1

11th February 2008Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases Harmony Improvisator demo version

9th February 2008112db updates Morgana to 1.1

9th February 2008Geniesoft releases Overture v4.1

8th February 2008rs-met releases Func Shaper v0.5, Track Meter v0.5 and Signal Analyzer v0.5

8th February 2008the Outhouse releases Inerthia v1.66 and Elatua v0.36

8th February 2008Nine Volt Audio releases Online Tutorial Video: Morphing the Mix with Stylus RMX

8th February 2008Ardour v2.3 released

8th February 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.103

8th February 2008Bismark releases bs-0, bs-1 & bs-16 v4.0 and bs-spectrum v1.3

7th February 2008Toontrack Music updates dfh EZdrummer to v1.1.2

7th February 2008Ableton updates Live to v7.0.2

7th February 2008Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases Harmony Improvisator

7th February 2008Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Remote Control v2.0

7th February 2008ArkeCode updates VST Oversampler to v1.4

7th February 2008Tritone Digital updates the Mac versions of its plug-ins

7th February 2008nX-Sound updates nX-Synth ONE to v1.10b

7th February 2008Atypical Audio releases Glitch Gumbo Vol 1 [ACID|AL]

6th February 2008BBE announces D82 Sonic Maximizer

6th February 2008[CodeOperator] announces PlugAdmin Pro

6th February 2008xoxos releases Fauna

6th February 2008Wave Arts updates Power Suite 5 to v5.4

6th February 2008Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro v2.8

6th February 2008Intermorphic releases noatikl v1.5

6th February 2008Apple releases ProKit v4.5

6th February 2008Audjoo releases Helix for Mac OS X (Intel) (+updates Windows beta)

6th February 2008Jeversi Software releases new AirTraffic Control beta

5th February 2008dmu releases Arcade2

5th February 2008AZ Audio updates Ultra Trigger FX to v1.132

5th February 2008Musicrow releases Magic Vox

5th February 2008XLN Audio releases Retro ADpak for Addictive Drums

5th February 2008Mig Music.com offers Pro53 Sounds Collection Volume 1 at 20% Off (+512 MIDI Drum Patterns)

5th February 2008XT Software releases energyXT v2.06

5th February 2008DSK Music releases DSK DrumZ MachineZ

5th February 2008VirSyn updates Matrix to v1.1 (incl. VST3 support)

5th February 2008Steinberg updates Cubase and Nuendo to v4.1.2

5th February 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.102

5th February 2008Scarbee updates VKFX to v2.0.2

4th February 2008Eiosis releases ELS Vocoder v1.6

4th February 2008Renoise v1.9.1 released (incl. Linux version)

4th February 2008Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v1.2.1

4th February 2008Wusikstation updated to v4.2.4

1st February 2008MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.97 beta

1st February 2008Le Lotus Bleu releases Mimic One and Mimic Two for Morphine

1st February 2008DSK Music releases DSK SixSenZe

1st February 2008Meyer Musicmedia releases Electronic Sounds Volume 1 for ANALOG (Live)

1st February 2008Flux announces February Special Offer

1st February 2008Cockos releases REAPER v2.100

1st February 2008KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.01

1st February 2008DDMF updates LP10 to v2.3 for Windows and releases first version for Mac

1st February 2008Cakewalk updates Dimension Pro for Mac to v1.3

1st February 2008H. G. Fortune releases X-WoF 4

1st February 2008apulSoft updates apEQ to v1.1; releases Windows version; reduces price

1st February 2008nX-Sound updates nX-Synth ONE to v1.1

1st February 2008Line 6 updates GearBox for Mac to v3.51

1st February 2008Realsamples releases Grand Piano (Erard Pianoforte) - Edition Beurmann