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News Archive for March 2013

31st March 2013PSP 1st April offer: save 80% on the PSP MasterComp

31st March 2013HASound releases Torsion Pendulum for Win & Mac VST

30th March 2013Secret Base Design updates Live Guitar and Live Guitar:Free to v1.4 - Full version adds support for JACK

30th March 2013HMF Birthday Blowout Sale (Save 70%)

30th March 2013Ueberschall releases Rock Classics (Elastik Soundbank)

30th March 2013B.Serrano releases Dionysos - Free VST synth for Windows

29th March 201310 Soundware releases "Mixer Feedback model Y MM30 K" for Kontakt

29th March 2013EqualSounds releases 'Epic Legends Vol 2' Cinematic Construction Kits

29th March 2013Bit Shape updates TC-11 (1.8) with Audiobus

29th March 2013Future Loops releases Trap Invasion

29th March 2013IK Krazy Deal: T-RackS CS Classic for $39.99 (50% off)

29th March 2013FatLoud releases 'Trap King Vol.2' - 5 Trap Construction Kits by Sentury Status

29th March 2013FatLoud 'Lil Dope: Brass' - free until April 2nd

29th March 2013DMGAudio releases EQuilibrium EQ plug-in

29th March 2013SPC Plugins updates Gater-Pro to version 2.0

29th March 2013Synapse DUNE available for $99 ($40 off)

29th March 2013eaReckon updates EARebound to v1.0.1

29th March 2013Sound Magic releases Neo EQ 2.0 for Windows and Mac

29th March 2013Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar RTAS version for Win & Mac (and other updates)

28th March 2013Arte Nuovo releases Padsheaven2 for Zebra

28th March 2013Groove Monkee releases "Blues Rock" MIDI loops

28th March 2013Muse Research ships Receptor QU4TTRO and Receptor TRIO - Hardware Plug-in Players

28th March 2013Ilya Efimov Production releases "Accordion" library for Kontakt

28th March 2013Soundtrack Loops releases Stacey Blades Rock Guitar Sessions Stems in Multiple Formats

28th March 2013Ohm Force announces Ohm Studio Collab Weekend #37: Odd Nights

28th March 2013The Interruptor releases Night Flight VSTi for Windows

28th March 2013TSE Audio releases TSE808 - TubeScreamer Emulation for 32/64-bit OS X - VST/AU (Free)

28th March 2013VSTForx - PreRelease Offer Until June 1, 2013

28th March 2013samba_godschynski updates VSTForx to v0.9.0

28th March 2013Saltline releases drzewo Brzoza free FM synth for Windows

27th March 2013Loopmasters release "Phunk Investigation Tech to House" sample pack

27th March 2013KX77FREE updates Kx-PolyMod to v1.52

27th March 2013Psychic Modulation updates Phonec to v1.3

27th March 2013Diginoiz release "Fabulous Bangers 2" construction kits

27th March 2013Sound Magic updates BlueStone Piano for Mac to v2.6

27th March 2013Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.99-beta

27th March 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Progressive House MIDI Chords 2'

27th March 2013Function Loops Spring Sale: Buy One Get One Free

26th March 2013Embertone "Collect Them All" Promo (30% Off)

26th March 2013FluffyAudio releases "My Log Drum" free Sample Library for Kontakt

26th March 2013Soundiron releases Acoustic & Electric Saz libraries for Kontakt

26th March 2013Defective Records Software updates M185 Step Sequencer to v1.6.2

26th March 2013Defective Records Software updates Audio Plugin Player to v1.3

26th March 2013Ueberschall releases Bass Saxophone (Elastik Soundbank)

26th March 2013ASL SoundLab releases "Drum & Bass Automations" for NI Massive

25th March 2013Sound Magic releases "Neo Reverb" - Hybrid Algorithm and Convolution Reverb for Windows VST

25th March 2013Kazrog LLC Releases Recabinet 3.5

25th March 2013Thaloops releases "Ethnic Voices 1" - Traditional Singing Samples

25th March 2013Whitebox releases Pixiphone - Max for Live ambient instrument

25th March 2013Tek'it Audio updates Arp-EG Classic MIDI arpeggiator plug-in to v1.1

25th March 2013Plektron releases Guitar Amp 2 and Guitar Amp Free Edition for Windows VST

25th March 2013Alonso Sound releases "Massive Rising Star" Soundset (by Slavik Bortko)

25th March 2013Kriminal releases M-Audio Venom Soundbank

25th March 2013Samplephonics 808 released for Kontakt

25th March 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Mainroom Trance Explosion Vol 2'

24th March 2013Softrave releases Vintage Flanger Chorus Stereo VST for Windows

24th March 2013Alexander One releases Progressive - Free Discovery Pro 6 bank

24th March 2013Sonigen Modular updated to beta v0.9.222 for Windows

24th March 2013CWITEC updates "TX16Wx" and "TX16Wx Professional" Software Samplers to v2.1.2

22nd March 2013FatLoud 'Urban Orchestra 2' - free until March 24th 2013

22nd March 2013Cinematique Instruments releases "Kasimir und Karoline Gecko" for Kontakt

22nd March 2013Future Loops releases Boom Bap - Dark Kits

22nd March 2013Arctican Audio releases 'The Mid-Sider' - free decoder plugin for mid-side recordings

22nd March 2013New Sonic Arts releases "Nuance - Compact Sampler" and announces Granite & Nuance Bundle

22nd March 2013Zaplin Music releases triqtraq 1.2 with Audiobus support

22nd March 2013The Unfinished releases Massive Darkscore IV

22nd March 2013eaReckon releases EARebound (Multi-Delay)

22nd March 2013Moncasual updates free Giada Loop Machine to v0.6.1 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

22nd March 2013Plughugger releases UltraVirus - 150 dance sounds for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

21st March 2013SonicXTC updates Tonic Juice (v2.0) Free VST Effect for Windows

21st March 2013Whitebox Synth Makers release free "8-Box Rack" Max for Live Pack

21st March 2013Platinum Samples releases "Real Blues" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library

21st March 2013Peavey offers Addictive Drums to ReValver users for $50

21st March 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Mellow Funk MIDI Kits 4'

20th March 2013Vocal Downloads releases 'Love Yourself' Vocal Mini Pack by Stephanie Redd Samaniego

20th March 2013TSE Audio releases B.O.D Bass Overdrive v2.0 for OS X VST/AU (Free)

20th March 2013Diginoiz releases three special sample packs with example content from their products

20th March 2013Soundtrack Loops releases "Grimy Glitch Beats" loops in multiple formats

20th March 2013Loopmasters release Simon Baker Classic Deep House (Artist Series)

20th March 2013Audio Mind Project releases 'Electric Opera' for discoDSP Corona

20th March 2013K-Devices releases Live 9 compatibility update for drumk2

20th March 2013XLN Audio Metal March Madness (50% Off)

20th March 2013Saltline updates Swierk to version 1.0.2

20th March 2013OverTone DSP releases FC70 - Fairchild 670 emulation for Windows

20th March 2013KissBox updates the VSTizer plugin series to support Akai MPC Studio and Akai MPC Renaissance

20th March 2013Beat releases "Waldorf Rocket" soundbank for Zampler

20th March 2013Synapse Audio updates Antidote RE to v1.2

19th March 2013Jamie.B Audio updates all free VST plugins

19th March 2013FatLoud (NANO) 'Hip Hop True Kit 1' - free until March 21st 2013

19th March 2013rncbc.org announces Qtractor 0.5.8 - The India Romeo release

19th March 201330% Off Vocal Downloads .99 Cents Vocal Samples

19th March 2013discoDSP Corona synth - 40% Off Until March 31 2013

19th March 2013Sinevibes releases Sequential 2.0 multi-effect sequencer

18th March 2013Diginoiz releases "Deep House Sunsets" construction kits

18th March 2013Numerical Sound releases "Tone Mutation Instruments" Rack Extension

18th March 2013KV331 Audio Releases SynthMaster 2.6

18th March 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Producer Tools - Trance Chords Vol 1'

18th March 2013EqualSounds releases 'House Mode for Sylenth1 Vol 1' presets and MIDI loops

18th March 2013Bitword releases "Cobalt Blue" abstract FX library for Kontakt

18th March 2013Channel Robot and Noise Factory release "Big Room Loops" for Kontakt

18th March 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Liquid Drum & Bass: The MIDI Sessions Vol 1'

18th March 2013sonicLAB releases V2.2 of Cosmosƒ stochastic synthesizer

17th March 2013K-Devices releases Shaper - free Max For Live waveshaper

17th March 2013VST Zone releases beta version of Alpha Pegasi (VST Win)

17th March 2013HotMusicFactory.com March Madness 25% Off Sale

16th March 2013Ignite Amps updates TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer Overdrive to version 1.0.1

15th March 201325% Off in AudioSpillage St. Patrick's Day Promo

15th March 2013YummyBeats releases "Trap Pack - Harlem Shake It" for Massive

15th March 2013Future Loops releases "Hip Hop & Rap Acapellas - Old School" sample library

15th March 2013Addictive Keys Studio Collection 99 USD / EUR - 33% Off

15th March 2013FatLoud 'Dust' (XL Series) - free until March 17th 2013

15th March 2013IK Multimedia releases iRig Recorder for Android

15th March 2013Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys for iPad

15th March 2013MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v2.04

15th March 2013EverythingTurns updates Purple Fx and ScatterVerb Reaktor Ensembles to v1.0.2

15th March 2013kiloHearts enters the Rack Extension scene with Faturator RE

15th March 2013Nikolozi Meladze releases a free version of Easy MIDI

14th March 2013Save $40 on Soundlib G-Player 2.0

14th March 2013CWITEC updates "TX16Wx" and "TX16Wx Professional" Software Samplers to v2.1.1

14th March 2013Liqube updates Resonic Player to Alpha 755 for Windows - fixes performance

14th March 2013Kirnu Cream Beta 5 Now Available

14th March 2013MIDI Shape Shifter 1.0.7 Beta released for Windows VST

13th March 2013VocalDownloads releases 'This One's For Me' Vocal Mini Pack by Stephanie Redd Samaniego

13th March 2013Loopmasters Release DJ Mixtools FX Pack

13th March 2013ROLI announces the Seaboard GRAND - Controller "Keyboard"

13th March 2013Signo SFX-Instruments releases "Burning Y Sky" for Kontakt & EXS24

13th March 2013Ignite Amps releases Free TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer Overdrive

13th March 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Chilled Jazz MIDI Kits'

12th March 2013Softrave releases "Vintage Vibe Stereo" for Windows VST

12th March 2013Soundtrack Loops releases "Left-field IDM Essentials" multi-format loops

12th March 2013Soundtrack Loops announces Synth Sounds Of Montra "Genre" multi-format synthesizer loops

12th March 2013123creative.com releases "FX Samplepack"

12th March 2013Propellerhead announces Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2

12th March 2013SKnote releases "Rev250" Vintage Reverb for Win & Mac VST & AU

11th March 201340% Discount on Psychic Modulation Synth Bundle

11th March 2013Pluggotic releases ToyBoy for Kontakt

11th March 2013Nils Schneider updates GPU Impulse Reverb VST to version 1.11

11th March 2013Torn sub releases Behemoth - Free Additive Bass Synth for Win VST

11th March 2013Native Instruments Announces Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate (incl. Monark Monosynth & Battery 4 Drum Sampler)

11th March 2013IK Multimedia SampleTank for iOS updated to v1.4

11th March 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases "Producer Tools - Strings Edition Volume 3"

11th March 2013MaxSynths releases Percussion Elements for ElectraX

11th March 2013Camel Audio Announces Buy One, Get One Free Sale for Alchemy Libraries

11th March 2013Thaloops Releases 'Piano Shots 1' Piano Samples

11th March 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Underground Trance Vol 1' Sample Pack

11th March 2013K-Devices updates moovmi - free video-based MIDI notes generator for Max For Live - to v1.2

11th March 2013Kirnu - Cream pre-release v4 now available (incl. AU version)

10th March 2013Precisionsound releases Gospel Drawbars for Kontakt and EXS24

10th March 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases 'Trance Fever Vol 2' (MIDI+SF2)

10th March 2013EqualSounds releases 'World Urban & HipHop Vol 3' Sample Pack

10th March 2013Future Loops releases "Progressive Trance Vocals" Sample Pack

10th March 2013Nils Schneider updates Heat Synthesizer Android App with full VST integration to version 0.8.6

10th March 2013Loopmasters release ZeroT Artist Series "Drum & Bass Footprints" Sample Pack

10th March 2013Sinevibes updates Torsion synthesizer to v1.1.1

10th March 2013Radium Audio releases Radium Compressor for Linux

10th March 2013Function Loops releases "Monster Vision: Special FX" and "Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman" Sample Packs

10th March 2013Need a Name updates theBOX and Piky for Reaktor to v2.0

9th March 2013Secret Base Design updates Live Guitar to v1.3 - Adds Twitter based chord sharing

8th March 2013Testing the softsynth waters - Interview with Amir Vinci from Waves

8th March 2013Novation releases Launchpad for iPad

8th March 2013Toontrack Half Price EZX Expansion Packs

8th March 2013Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro to v4.01

8th March 2013Juno Ju-X releases Demo Version of Sequera - MIDI sequencer for Mac

8th March 2013Liqube updates Resonic Player to Alpha 700 for Windows

7th March 2013Nikolozi Meladze updates Easy MIDI for Mac to v1.4.1

7th March 2013AudioRealism releases 64-bit plug-in versions for Windows and Mac

7th March 2013Cerberus Audio updates Ice9 Automute to v1.0.1

7th March 2013Martinic updates Combo Model V (1.2.1) and F (1.1.1)

7th March 2013Applied Acoustics updates Lounge Lizard EP-4 to v4.0.2

7th March 2013Sound Dust releases "Steel Drum Percussion Room" for Kontakt

7th March 2013VI Labs releases "True Keys Pianos" for UVI Workstation and MachFive

7th March 2013KV331 Audio releases "Dawn of Electronic Music Volume 1" for SynthMaster 2.5

6th March 2013FatLoud announces Spring Sale - get 60% off

6th March 2013ASL SoundLab releases "Neurohop Automations" for NI Massive

6th March 2013Zero-G releases "Vocal Lix" sample library

6th March 2013Ableton releases Push - Hardware Live Controller

6th March 2013Audiffex Reduces Prices

6th March 201330% Discount on Vienna Strings Collections

6th March 2013Zero-G Vocaloid Download Sale (30-60% Off)

6th March 2013Native Instruments Kompletely Irresistible Sales Special

6th March 2013Ableton releases Live 9

6th March 2013Xhun Audio updates IronAxe to v1.2.1 - Brings HD Audio Physics Accuracy

6th March 2013CWITEC releases TX16Wx Professional and updates TX16Wx Software Sampler to 2.1.0

6th March 2013VirSyn releases 64-bit Mac versions of Bark, FDelay, Prism, Reflect, TDesign & VTape

6th March 2013Artificial Audio releases Obelisk v1.0.9 Beta for Mac OS X including 64-bit support

6th March 2013AudioGaming updates AudioWind to v1.2 - adds 20 new Room Tones Presets

5th March 2013Cakewalk Pack for PC & Mac - Legendary Synthesis and Compression for $149/£119/€149 (Save $50)

5th March 2013Cakewalk Studio Instruments (VST/AU) Offer: $19.99 (Save $30)

5th March 2013Dance MIDI Samples releases 'Reason Trance Template From Mikko L'

5th March 2013Sounds And Effects World / Ethnic Instruments Sale

5th March 2013Alex Matheu updates Glitchbreaks to v1.20 - adds MIDI support

5th March 2013KORG Legacy Collection updated with 64-bit compatibility

4th March 2013Icebreaker Audio releases BitRate for Reaktor 5.8

4th March 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Symphonic Series Vol 5: Epic Action 2' Sample Pack

4th March 2013Channel Robot releases Kick Factory for Kontakt

4th March 2013Oscillicious JamDeck 50% Off in Mac App Store until March 11th

4th March 2013FXpansion releases "Bloom" Creative Delay Effect Plug-in with Intro Offer

4th March 2013Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.0.2 and releases fully functional trial version

4th March 20138Dio releases Wrenchenspiel for Kontakt

3rd March 2013Xenium Audio updates XR-1 convolution reverb to version 1.1

3rd March 2013Saltline updates Swierk to version 1.0.1 for Windows

2nd March 2013Radium Audio releases Radium Compressor for Mac OS X

2nd March 2013Chicken Systems updates Translator 6 to Build 14

2nd March 2013Inear Display releases "Danaides" Sequenced Sound Mangler Plug-in for Win & Mac VST & AU with Half Price Intro Offer

2nd March 2013Moncasual updates Giada Loop Machine to v0.6.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

2nd March 2013Time+Space announces new limited edition Rob Papen Bundles: EDM Synth Bundle and Urban Synth Bundle

2nd March 2013App Sound releases "Synth Circle" for Mono/Poly (Korg Legacy Collection)

1st March 2013Uppercussion releases "Conundrums" and "Monstrosities" for Maschine, Live, Geist, Battery, and more

1st March 2013Future Loops releases "RnB Drums" in REX and WAV formats

1st March 2013rncbc.org releases Vee One Suite 0.3.2

1st March 2013EqualSounds releases 'The Grid for Sylenth1' - 70 digitalised and distorted presets

1st March 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware releases "Ambisphere" soundset for Rayblaster

1st March 2013Sound Magic updates Imperial Grand to v2.9 for Mac

1st March 2013Syntheway releases Chordophonet Virtual Harp and Hammered Dulcimer VST instrument for Windows

1st March 2013Dargalon Instruments Studio releases "Kangling - The Sound of Death" for Kontakt

1st March 2013Rhythmic Robot release "Snaps'n'Claps PRO" - Fingersnap and Handclap Generator for Kontakt

1st March 2013WOK releases "Notenspeicher" MIDI step sequencer

1st March 2013Propellerhead releases "Rotor" - Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason

1st March 2013Cableguys update Curve to v2.0.5, with new sounds

1st March 2013MaxSynths release X-Sequence for Crisalys VSTi

1st March 2013112dB Redline Reverb - 25% Off