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News Archive for August 2016

31st August 2016Ample Sound Offer: 20% off the Acoustic Bass Series

31st August 2016Aegean Music Offers 35% Off Pitchometry, Spirit Reverb & Amp Vision Plug-ins

31st August 2016Function Loops releases Future Bass Sessions and FX Collection

31st August 2016Aggregati Musika releases Teppichleger for Reaktor

31st August 2016AcustiX Digital Instruments releases AcustiX Soundtrack Winds for Kontakt

31st August 2016VSTBuzz: 80% off “TS-1 Transient Shaper” Plugin by Audiority

31st August 2016Cmusic Production Offers up to 50% Autumn Discounts

30th August 2016Venomode updates Pivot to v1.1.0 - Adds a mid/side gain-tilt parameter

30th August 2016Voxengo updates free Boogex to v2.3 - Guitar amplifier plug-in

30th August 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.5.0, adds over 500 chord progressions

30th August 2016Audreio releases Revival Drawbar Synth for AAX, AU and VST

30th August 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Tropical House Vol 1 For Logic Pro X'

29th August 2016Zenhiser releases "Psy FX Vault" Sample Pack

29th August 2016Eiosis releases E²Deesser

29th August 2016Sonoma Wire Works releases DrumCore 4

29th August 2016Biome Digital changes their name to New Loops and releases Deep Kicks Pack

29th August 2016Loopmasters releases "Funk & Nu Disco" presented by Stephane Deschezeaux

29th August 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MUnison, MCharacter, MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandVibrato

29th August 2016Synth Presets releases "Studio Tool Kit" for Fault

29th August 2016Bingoshakerz releases French & Disco House 2

29th August 2016FrozenPlain releases Slow - Ambient pads and textures for Kontakt 5

29th August 2016Embertone releases "Recorders" - Set of SSATB instruments for Kontakt

29th August 2016Mystery Islands Music announces Autumn Sale

29th August 2016End of Summer Sales on Zvork's audio Rack Extensions

28th August 2016Online Music Foundry releases 'Granular Guzheng' for Padshop and Padshop Pro

28th August 2016Plughugger offers Raw & Dirty EDM for Virus TI - 35% off until September 11

28th August 2016Twisted Tools Sale: Totally Twisted bundle is now over 83% Off (Save $994)

27th August 2016MeldaProduction updates their effects and MPowerSynth to 10.03 and releases MBassador

26th August 2016Heart of Noise releases GalaXynth workstation synth

26th August 2016Tokyo Dawn Labs updates the SlickEQ GE equalizer

26th August 2016Falcon Singles - Acoustic E-Bow released on patchpool

26th August 2016Kuassa End of Summer Sale: 40% discount for all plug-ins & up to 43% discount on Rack Extensions

26th August 2016D16 LuSH-101 Exclusive Sale: 60% Off

26th August 2016HoRNet releases HoRNetSpaces algorithmic reverb

26th August 2016OverTone DSP updates AF2-10/M Graphical EQ Plug-in to v2.4.7

26th August 20164drX releases LoopRecorder - One shot/loop recorder and player

26th August 2016Sound Radix releases SurferEQ 2 Pitch-tracking Equalizer plug-in

26th August 2016The Unfinished & Sonic Mayhem release Doomsday

26th August 2016CL-Projects releases Realm of Omnisphere for Omnisphere 2

26th August 2016Sound Magic releases Ruby Grand Version 3 - Modeled Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

25th August 2016Homegrown Sounds releases Lifelines for Spire

25th August 2016Coincidental Music announces Summer Sale

25th August 2016IK Multimedia updates SampleTank 2 for iOS

25th August 2016Get Audified inValve Effects at 50%

25th August 2016sonicLAB updates Cosmosf Saturn to version 3.1

24th August 2016Granny's Audio releases Pitch It for Mac and WIin

24th August 2016Amazing Machines releases AM105 Quad VCA for Reaktor Blocks

24th August 2016THEPHONOLOOP releases 'Cassette Keys.01' for Kontakt 5

24th August 2016Noiseguild releases "24ToneGongs2: Bows&Rubs" for Kontakt with intro offer

24th August 2016Alonso Sound releases "Maarten Vorwerk Spire Soundset" for Reveal Sound Spire

24th August 2016Heavyocity's End of Summer Sale - Featuring $100 off GRAVITY, and up to 50% off Storewide

24th August 2016Hidenori Matsuoka releases Chord NOTE 6.7 and updates Guitar Kit and Piano Kit for iOS

24th August 2016VSTBuzz: 68% off The “SEQui2R” Bundle by Audiofier

24th August 2016UVI offers 50% off Mayhem of Loops

24th August 2016123creative releases Future Wobble and Bass House presets for Massive

23rd August 2016Zero-G releases Formation: Formant Sound Creator for Kontakt

23rd August 2016Aviram Dayan Production releases DreaMelodiC Sound - Happy Dream Track Pack (WAV)

23rd August 2016Samples From Mars Releases DX100 From Mars

23rd August 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples offers Old Harpsych + Old Organ for just $25

23rd August 2016Slam Pro Mix Phattener Intro Sale: 40% off & get Slam Dawg plugin Free

23rd August 2016ThaLoops releases Mad Chemist loops and samples

23rd August 2016Oberheim 8000 releases E.G.S.E.D. 121 presets for UVI Falcon

23rd August 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MPowerSynth, MFreeformEqualizer, MAutoEqualizer, MMultiBandPhaser

22nd August 2016VSP releases The GOTO Vintage Bass Library for the Korg Polysix

22nd August 2016Resonance Sound releases CFA-Sound Massive Future Bass Presets

22nd August 2016Zenhiser releases "Trap Attack2!" Sample Pack

22nd August 2016pureMix.net Releases Imagine Dragons Mixing Tutorial and Stems with Mark Needham

22nd August 2016Loopmasters releases "Underground House" Sample Pack by DJ Spen

22nd August 2016Output announces Hub - New Download Application

22nd August 2016NatLife Sounds releases Cosmic Plucks vol.4 for NI Massive

22nd August 2016ProducerLoops releases 'Trance & EDM Vocals Vol 2' Sample Pack

21st August 2016Online Music Foundry releases The Sound Designer Vol. 2

21st August 2016Sonic Cat Special Offer : 50% Off until 31st Aug

20th August 2016NUSofting releases Modelonia 2.0.14 free update

20th August 2016F9 Audio Releases Forte Evolution Multi-Sampled Piano for Club and Contemporary Pop

20th August 2016Diginoiz Sale: EUR 9.90 for a Vocal Bundle

20th August 20162nd Sense Audio updates WIGGLE Dynamic Waveshaping Synthesizer to v1.1.6

19th August 2016SampleScience releases Cinematika

19th August 2016Ignite VST releases Areena - Algorithmic Reverb for Windows and Mac OS X

19th August 2016HoRNet updates WahWah to v1.1.1

19th August 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Psytrance Arps and Pads 01"

19th August 2016Nova Sound releases Neo Trapmatics Drum Kit

19th August 2016Function Loops releases "Psychedelic Trance Synths 2" sample pack

19th August 2016Ample Sound releases Ample Bass Upright

19th August 2016Kuassa updates EVE-AT Series Equalizer (1.1.5), EVE-MP5 Equalizer (1.0.5), and Kratos 2 Maximizer (2.0.3)

19th August 2016Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Flatpick 6" for Kontakt

18th August 2016Leap Into The Void "Memento Mori" for Absynth 30% off pre-order discount

18th August 2016ZenSound releases Celestial - Calmly, airy and captivating electronica soundset for Zebra

18th August 201699Sounds and Particular-Sound release free "Cinematic Loops" Sample Library for Kontakt

18th August 2016Detunized releases Rohlfing 3 Live Pack

18th August 2016Track Spark Deal: Volt by Cerberus & a Monumental Drums taster by CDSoundmaster

18th August 2016ModeAudio Releases "Beat Scenes - Massive Presets"

17th August 2016MIDIPlayer X v2.1.1 adds support for .midi file extensions

17th August 2016Liquid Music updated to Version 1.6.1

17th August 2016VSTBuzz: 78% off “Diamond Symphony Orchestra” by Kirk Hunter

16th August 2016Venomode releases Pivot - Mid/Side tilt EQ plugin for Mac & Windows

16th August 2016Ilio Offer: Get Two Omnisphere 2 Patch Libraries for $50

16th August 2016Bela D Media Choir Sale - Save 50%

16th August 2016HoRNet Summer End Sale: 50% Off

16th August 2016Sound And Inspirations releases Synth Invasion for Tone 2 Icarus Vol. 1

15th August 2016Summer Sale on FX Presets at Synth-Presets.com

15th August 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MXXX, MMultiBandSaturator, MRotary, MMultiBandRingModulator

15th August 2016Zenhiser releases "Summer EDM Blowout!" Sample Pack

15th August 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for NI Massive

15th August 2016Shaping Waves Summer Sale: 20% Off Sound Collections

15th August 2016KFR updates C++ DSP Framework to 1.0

15th August 2016ProducerLoops releases 'Future RnB Vol 1' Sample Pack

14th August 2016PSound MidSummer Sale: World Musette 35% Off

14th August 2016Physical Audio releases public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb

14th August 2016Crypto Cipher offers 30% off Indian Kontakt Sample Libraries

14th August 2016Zynaptiq releases Adaptiverb Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb for Mac & Win

14th August 2016Realitone releases RealiDrums 2.0 for Kontakt Player

14th August 2016PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic: Guitars - Part 1 - Seven multisampled guitars for Omnisphere 2

13th August 2016WEJAAM updates WR6000 for iPad to v1.42

13th August 2016Chocolate Audio Offer: 55% Off - 25th Anniversary Special for The Black Album Drums for BFD & Kontakt

13th August 2016Ignite VST releases Trap Phantom Expansion Pack for Heat Up Workstation 2

13th August 2016Hypersynth Summer Sale: 30% Off SIDizer & Oresus

13th August 2016Best Service Poetic Guitar II Fire Sale (as long as stock lasts)

13th August 2016Xtant Audio releases Paddy's Percussion - Irish percussion sample library for Kontakt with Intro Offer

13th August 2016Swar Systems releases SwarPlug for iOS (AUv3)

12th August 2016Wavosaur updated to v1.2 for Windows

12th August 2016Nova Sound releases "MeGA Sub" AU & VST instrument plug-in for Mac & Win

12th August 2016Peavey releases ReValver ACT Combo & Rack Modules

12th August 2016Kazrog releases KClip 2 for Mac & Win

12th August 2016Klysoft updates ITVL sequencer to v1.4.1

12th August 2016Time+Space announce free v1.2 update for Sam Spacey Epica Bass

12th August 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases 'AERO for Reveal Sound Spire'

12th August 2016Zynewave updates Podium to v3.2.5

12th August 2016Ju-X releases "Frosting" - Freezer and Microlooper Plug-in for Mac & Win

12th August 2016Sonic Scores updates Overture to v5.1.0

12th August 2016KarmaFX Summer Sale - 35% Off KarmaFX Synth Modular

12th August 2016Anwida Soft releases DX Reverb Light 3.0 - Free Reverb Plug-in Now 64-bit For Mac & Win (VST & AU)

12th August 2016Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v7.2.8

12th August 2016Voxengo updates MSED, Stereo Touch and Deft Compressor plug-ins

12th August 2016Big Fish Audio Summer Sale - Up to 50% off

12th August 2016Korg Legacy Collection Special Summer Sale - 50% Off

12th August 2016Slicksquare Offer: 50% Off SVF-42

12th August 2016Function Loops releases Diablo Future Sounds and Poolside House sample packs

11th August 2016Sound Magic announces Neo Reverb v2.0 - Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb

11th August 2016Junk Spider releases Junk Guitar V1 for Kontakt

11th August 2016TrustedAudio Offer: +5000 credits (10 Euro) Free Bonus

11th August 2016Sounds And Effects Sale: 33% Off Electrified! Guitars for Kontakt

11th August 2016Bingoshakerz launches Summer Sale and offers 2 Free Downloads (for Spire, Sylenth1, Massive and more)

11th August 2016Madrona Labs Summer Sale: 30% off all software until September 1

11th August 2016Rast Sound Cinescapes Intro Offer

11th August 2016Inear Display Summer Sale: 35% off any purchase

11th August 2016Soundslates updates Moody Sampler to v0.3

11th August 2016HoRNet updates Spikes to v1.0.1

11th August 2016FeelYourSound releases IsoPad - Free Touch MIDI Keyboard for Windows

11th August 2016Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme RE (v1.1.0), Amplifikation Vermilion RE (v1.2.0)

11th August 2016Rast Sound releases Cinescapes for Kontakt with introductory pricing

11th August 2016UVI offers Electro Suite & Urban Suite for $79 / 79€ each (through August 22nd)

10th August 2016BeatMaker releases RomPlay 1.0 VST/AU Instrument

10th August 2016AAS releases an NKS-ready version of the Strum GS-2 acoustic and electric guitar plug-in

10th August 2016123creative releases Club House Official Massive presets

10th August 2016Diginoiz releases Club Killer Drums

10th August 2016VSTBuzz: 75% off “Brazilian Bundle” by Muletone Audio

10th August 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples offers Lo-Fi Wurly for $7.00

9th August 2016Sinevibes Summer Sale: 20% Off All Products

9th August 2016Projectsam updates Orchestral Essentials 1 to v1.2

9th August 2016HoRNet 24-Hours 40% Flash Sale

9th August 2016SampleScience releases Toy Keyboard VST/AU Instrument

9th August 2016TAL-NoiseMaker updated to v4.0.0

8th August 2016Zenhiser releases "Sucker Punch" Sample Pack

8th August 2016Waves Audio releases Waves Tune Real-Time Plugin

8th August 2016AudioThing updates "Latin Percussion" to v1.1.0

8th August 2016ModeAudio releases "Groove Machine - Synth Pop Loops" and "Contour - Downtempo Sylenth1 Presets"

8th August 2016MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 10.02 and releases MTurboComp

8th August 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MMultiBandDynamics, MDrumEnhancer, MMultiBandDelay, MModernCompressor

8th August 2016Eventide H910 Harmonizer $99 Intro Offer Extended Until August 31st

8th August 2016Audio Assault releases FreakQ 305

7th August 2016BigWerks releases Big Sauce - Kontakt library

7th August 2016PinkNoise Studio offers 20-30% discount in August

7th August 2016G-Sonique Summer Sale 2016

7th August 2016GBR Loops releases Indian South-step for Kontakt

6th August 2016HyperSynth updates XEditor to v1.5 and adds MAC support

6th August 2016Bitsonic releases WT-01 RED Public Beta for Windows

6th August 2016sonicLAB launches Cosmosf Saturn v3

5th August 2016Tek'it Audio Summer Sale 2016: Up To 50% Off All Plug-ins

5th August 2016Loopmasters releases "Twisted Breaks House" Sample Pack by Axel Boy

5th August 2016Groove Monkee Offer: Save up to 50%

4th August 2016Psychic Modulation updates Phonec to v2.1

4th August 2016The Cell Studio Designed Ice Intro Offer ($10)

4th August 2016Audentity Summer Sale: 50% Off

4th August 2016Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme (v1.3.3), Amplifikation Vermilion (v1.1.3) and Cerberus Bass Amp (v.1.0.8)

4th August 2016123creative Deal: 50% Off Until August 31

4th August 2016Tone2 releases Icarus - 3D Wavetable Synthesizer

4th August 2016UVI offers 60% off Spirit of Gongs (through August 8th)

3rd August 2016Universal Audio releases the Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier Plug-in as part of UAD Software v8.7

3rd August 2016Synthmorph releases Zebralette MARS for u-he Zebra and Zebralette

3rd August 2016AAS releases Cinematix sound bank for the Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player plug-ins

3rd August 2016Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player and Pro - Audio player and sample manager to v0.7.6b for Windows

3rd August 2016Save 88% on Sonivox Eighty Eight Grand Piano at Plugin Boutique

3rd August 2016Air updates Creative FX Collection AU/VST

3rd August 2016VSTBuzz: 75% off “Master Brass Bundle” by Auddict

3rd August 2016Sonic Sirius releases free Soundbank Vol.4 by CHE for Access Virus TI Snow

3rd August 2016Samba Godschynski launches "Herr Mueller's DX7 On-line" - JavaScript DX7 + Voice Database and Editor

3rd August 2016Precisionsound releases Bulgarian Tupans for Kontakt

3rd August 2016Digital Brain releases vPlayer - Free Simple VST/AU Host for Mac & Win

2nd August 2016Vienna Symphonic Library updates Vienna Ensemble Pro to V6

2nd August 2016KV331 Audio Summer Sale: 35% off SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player

2nd August 2016SubBass & AKAI launch MPC Training Centre

2nd August 2016Skrivarna Software updates Fakebook Pro sheet music reader with new song and chord editor

2nd August 2016iZotope Back to Studio Sale - Up to 50% off mixing and mastering software

2nd August 2016Igor Vasiliev updates SoundScaper to v1.7 - Experimental Sound Mini Lab for iPad

2nd August 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases 'Astral Tech - Magic Fullon' For Ableton Live

2nd August 2016Volko Audio Summer Sale: 25% Discount

2nd August 2016HoRNet 50% Summer Sale

2nd August 2016Zentralmassiv Sound Sale: Up to 40% off on EDM preset packs for Melda MPowerSynth

2nd August 2016New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.02

1st August 2016VintageSynthPads releases "The Vintage Juno" for TAL-U-NO-LX

1st August 2016Zenhiser releases "Luminous" Sample Pack

1st August 2016Plugin Alliance Offer: Unfiltered Audio Indent Plug-in Free Until August 15th

1st August 2016Loopmasters releases "Flashmob - Raw Technique" Sample Pack

1st August 2016Native Instruments announces Komplete 11, Komplete 11 Ultimate, and Komplete 11 Select

1st August 2016Dream Audio Tools releases Indie Dobro Resonator Guitar for Kontakt

1st August 2016Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Sitardelic" for Kontakt

1st August 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for Softube Modular

1st August 2016Akai Offer: All MPC Touch & Advance owners get Eventide Black Hole Free (a $199.99 value)

1st August 2016Strezov Sampling Summer Sale: Up to 40% off selected products and bundles

1st August 2016Acousticsamples Summer Sale: 30-50%+ Off

1st August 2016Audified releases second generation of tube simulating STA Effects - incl. STA Delay Plug-in

1st August 2016e-instruments releases Session Keys Electric S Electric Piano Instrument for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

1st August 2016Particular-Sound releases Rize Up Vol. 1.5 and Abstract Grooves 3.5 for Kontakt

1st August 2016Beatskillz updates That Thing to v1.2

1st August 2016AudioThing Summer Sale: 25% discount on all products

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