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Sonic Scores updates Overture to v5.1.0

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture, the powerful music notation software for Mac OS X and Windows, to v5.1.0.


NOTE: The term instrument definition files, is now referred as Sound Maps.:

  • Improved Library panel to work better with Kontakt and Vienna. There is now a separate button that shows the device/plugin and a button for choosing the plugin's library if more than one is found. Also, when choosing Vienna, all libraries on your computer that Overture has a definition file for, will be shown in the Library popup menu. So now you can choose the Vienna software instrument and what every library and you're ready to drag the instrument on the score.
  • Changed default key stroke command for Notes>Flip>Enharmonic to Ctrl[cmd] e. This is because Apple OS uses Cmd-h.
  • Added more articulations to the Note Palette Articulation button popup menu. Also added a short cut, ctrl[cmd] + shift + 'A' to enable or disable adding a articulations to inserted notes.
  • Added option in Score Panel to raise accidental vertical position in track names.
  • New Score dialog now has a template for a blank page. Simply drag instruments from library panel onto blank page.
  • Added the ability to open old Mac Overture 2 files. This is not complete and only reads in the basic elements, so you may want to wait for complex scores until we complete this within the next few weeks. It can't hurt to try it.
  • Added File>Extract Parts... menu item and matching dialog to extract multiple parts to disk as separate files.
  • Add a Popup menu in the Active Parts panel to copy Page or Layout settings to all parts.
  • Added ability to set part names and the actual track name when extracted. Simply double click on the name field to set part name.
  • Added divisi options in Active Panel to control how tracks sharing multiple instruments are split into separate parts. Double click on the divisi field to change settings.
  • Part extraction now places measures repeat at end of system if they are within two measures of system end.
  • Added a new Expression type in Text Panel for extracted parts to trigger the divisi settings. e.g. solo, unison, a1, a2, etc.
  • Added the ability to edit video hit points by double clicking on them. More editing capabilities are coming soon.
  • Hit points now retain their SMPTE position during edits.
  • Note: If you open files that are saved with this version with previous Overture 5 versions, the hit points will be lost.
  • When choosing to display Time Code above measures and Show film cues in the Score Time Code panel, hit points will be displayed as film cues along a grid. More capabilities coming soon.
  • Added alt[option] click on Solo/Mute in mixer to change all tracks.
  • Added ctrl[cmd] 0 to select All voices in the View popup menu.
  • Added a Revert menu item to File Menu.
  • Added a separate tool for decrescendos in dynamics palette.
  • Added an option to keep plugin windows on top in Preferences Dialog.
  • Added the ability to set replay position by ctrl[cmd] clicking Loop button or alt[option] 'R'. Once set playback will start from this position.
  • Added Mirror margins option in the Score Panel>Active Parts panel.
  • Added a keystroke to set Loop position alt[option] 'L'.
  • Multiple hyphens are now evenly distributed between lyrics. There is a setting for spacing between hyphens in the Lyric Panel.
  • Enabled Note>Redo Pitches menu item. Was accidentally disabled in previous versions.
  • Playback clock for hairpins, dynamics, symbols, etc. is now be determined based on it's position relative to notes.
  • The symbol's playback will snap to closest note. If the position of the symbol is between two notes the playback clock will be half way between.
  • Entering slurs now use the track's slur settings from Sound Maps. Slurs now have x, y offsets found in Engraver>Notes panel settings. The Edit Playback dialog for slurs now has option to set slur type to solid, dashed, or dotted.
  • Improved tuplet placement.
  • Improved "Active Symbol Spacing" symbol collision avoidance. If you have problems with symbols moving around randomly, turn off "Active Symbol Spacing" in Option menu.
  • Improved cross staff beaming placement and notes on opposite side of beam are now correctly centered.
  • Improved accidental spacing by allowing for kerning when there is enough empty space between the accidental and the previous note head.
  • Improved playback page turning. Instead of placing the next page to the very left of view area, it is placed right justified with about an extra measure showing on the next page.
  • Added guitar slide to Guitar Palette and added the added ability to playback using MIDI pitch bend.
  • Improved dragging of guitar bends and added the ability to playback using MIDI pitch bend.
  • Improved MIDI and MusicXML file importing. Overture now handles most passing tones when importing MIDI files.
  • Improved printing of dashed and dotted slurs.
  • Added ability to scale individual staves by using scale tool (Choose by using Selection Button popup menu). Draw a rectangle around the left edge of desired staves.


  • Fixed Mac crashes with Magic mouse in Track/Graphic data view.
  • Fixed bug that prevented MIDI devices from being enabled on some Mac computers.
  • Fixed Mac printing of ledger lines and a few symbols when using hand the written font.
  • Fixed problem when switching to Data view the first time.
  • Measure position was always defaulting to measure one.
  • Fixed incorrect tuplet number alignment on complex tuplet combinations.
  • Fixed pasting tuplet problems. There are still a few remaining bugs with pasting that includes tuplets that will be addresses later.
  • Fixed crashes when inserting certain triplet using Notes>Notate As>Triplet.
  • Fixed problem of dragging notes in Data view hybrid staff while showing tempo below.
  • Fixed undo bug on MIDI devices that undoing an instrument change (Program Change), the sound was not reverted to original sound. After playback it was OK.
  • Fixed problem with not being able to set line thickness on rounded rectangles and ovals.
  • Fixed Mac printing problem with text in italic font.
  • Corrected a few problems that caused the score to move around while inputting symbols.
  • Corrected improper Text font size scaling problems when zooming and printing.
  • Fixed problem with piano pedal markings. The bump was displayed improperly. Also Alt[option] click anywhere along the horizontal line to add a new bump. Playback of pedal markings has been improved.
  • Selected notes now stay selected after changing duration, changing pitch, adding dots, etc. with keyboard.
  • Fixed a few MIDI file importing crashes.
  • Fixed some MusicXML crashes and a problem creating dashed slurs instead of solid.
  • Fixed random crashes when clicking on symbols. Sorry about that glitch in previous update.
  • Fixed Measure Number problem that intervals was always being set to one.
  • Changed Marimba settings to have a grand staff in sound map files.
  • Fixed a problem with Set Tempo. Tempos were being stored in random clock positions within the measure. The clock position for the inserted tempo is now set to the logical clock at the cursor position.
  • Fixed a problem calculating SMPTE position in Score Panel>Time Code.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Video Hit marker settings not to be saved with file.
  • Fixed problem with note heads remaining percussive when switching from percussion tracks to normal tracks in the Track Inspector.
  • Fixed problem of inserting rests incorrectly when converting a group of notes to a tuplet. (Ex 6 sixteenths into 6 in the time of 4).
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling problem in Graphic View and Linear view.
  • Fixed problem that caused note heads sharing a stem to become selected when dragging a note head.
  • Fixed a few problems with entering symbols from the Guitar Palette and a problem in the Barre dialog.
  • Fixed problem that caused reading in text that was multi-line to be displayed as single line text.
  • Fixed a problem when that had in the wrong font for Del Segnos, codas, etc.
  • Fixed problem where meter warnings were not drawn on bottom staff on piano tracks.
  • The Chord panel not show a quarter note for interval.
  • Fixed Multi-Rest printing problem when using Aloisen Groove font. You can now double click on a Multi-Rest to edit its parameters.
  • Fixed small problem with displaying and dragging Hollywood lines.
  • Fixed some instrument transpositions defaults like baritone saxophones. You can now change the default clef from treble to bass for instruments in the Inspector panel and settings work properly.
  • When entering multiple tracks from the library panel, the appropriate number of Active Parts are added.
  • Changed Active Parts staff point size field to an edit field and added the ability to set all parts size by holding down ctrl[cmd] key while dragging the field's value.
  • Removed inspector icon of effects is channel strips. You now can open the effect window using it's popup menu or ctrl[cmd] click the name.
  • The play head during playback no longer gets lost under panel at left of Linear View.
  • Fixed problem that caused Overture to consume almost 1 GB of memory. It's now about 250MB, most of that being used by the internal sounds.


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