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News Archive for August 2022

31st August 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in September 2022

31st August 2022S&E Labor Day Deal - 50% Off The Reggae Guitar

31st August 2022Samplicity announces Berlin Studio acoustics plugin

31st August 2022PinkNoise Studio / Kontaktbanks "End of Summer" sale - 34-67% off

31st August 2022ANWIDA Soft Stereoid Week - Stereo Enhancer Plugins 58% Off

30th August 2022Arturia release Dist COLDFIRE - Dual Distortion Reactor

30th August 2022UnitedPlugins Transmutator Side-chain Morphing Tool - 50% Off

30th August 2022Xhun Audio announces ModFlorus Chorus / Flanger Unit (SnapLab Collection)

29th August 2022Baby Audio releases IHNY-2 - Parallel Compressor

29th August 2022Samples From Mars releases "MR10 From Mars" - Drum Sample Pack

29th August 2022D16 Group releases Phoscyon 2 (introducing AAX, VST3 and Apple Silicon support)

29th August 2022Sounds of Revolution releases Grooving Particles Sample Pack

29th August 2022MeldaProduction releases V16 of all MeldaPlugins

28th August 2022OCTO8R releases free "Face Melt" presets for bx_oberhausen and "Simple And Plain" MIDI melodies

27th August 2022Techivation updates T-Warmer to v1.1.0

27th August 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrumEnhancer, MHarmonizerMB, MReverb and MLimiterX

26th August 2022Black Octopus Sound releases Hyperbits - Ultimate Guitar Toolkit

26th August 2022Acoustica Mixcraft Fall 2022 Sales Event

26th August 2022Lese updates Transfer to v1.2 - The Reflections Update

26th August 2022UVI offers 60% off Drum Designer - this weekend only

26th August 2022Vicious Antelope releases Prog Rock Bundle with 300 Diva patches

26th August 2022Revealed Recordings releases Drums Vol. 6

26th August 2022Homegrown Sounds updates Batch xFader to v1.1 adding batch creation of single cycle loops

26th August 2022W. A. Production releases "Sounds Of Ibiza Bundle" with 90% discount

26th August 2022Patent Sounds releases free "Essential Keys" MIDI kit

26th August 2022ModeAudio releases 'Foreshadow - Ambient Loops & Samples'

26th August 2022Fuse Audio Labs Weekend Sale - Get 50% Off

26th August 2022A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.15.2

25th August 2022Behind the Score announce 40% discount on all courses

25th August 2022UVI release "Walker 2" with intro and upgrade offers

25th August 2022Spitfire Audio releases Mercury - a collaboration with Chas Smith

25th August 2022Thaloops releases Foundation - Hip Hop Loops and Samples

25th August 20228 of the best Minimoog VST emulations

24th August 2022Luftrum releases Vangelis for Omnisphere

24th August 2022Today is the last day to enter to win an iconic Minimoog

24th August 2022Resonance Sound Giveaway 2022 - Yum Audio Plugin Bundles and more

24th August 2022AngelicVibes releases "Perfect Dance Vocals" Vocal Pack

24th August 2022ZAK Sound releases version 2 of Infinite Space Piano

24th August 2022Verbum Entropic Hall by UnitedPlugins discounted - 50% off

24th August 2022baltic audio releases "Trance Melody Loops Bundle (Vols 1-3)"

24th August 2022Sample Logic releases "Synth AI" for Kontakt

24th August 2022Spectral Plugins adopts OCS-45 Cassette Simulation and lowers price to $15

23rd August 2022IK 4-for-all: Buy 1, Get 4 on a selection of software and hardware

23rd August 2022MAAT Labs DR1 Bundle 25% Off

23rd August 2022Photosounder updated to v1.11.1

23rd August 2022XILS-lab XILS 3 LE Flash Sale - €15

23rd August 2022XILS-lab updates XILS 3 LE to v2.6.1

23rd August 2022GSi releases Echo B2 - Simulation of a Binson Echorec B2

23rd August 2022HoRNet updates VU Meter MK4 to v4.2.2

22nd August 2022Splash Sound Autumn Sale: Up to 90% off on all libraries for Kontakt

22nd August 2022Zenhiser releases "Flicker - Techno" Sample Pack

22nd August 2022Bela D Media. Voices for Kontakt. Save 50%

22nd August 2022NatLife Sounds releases Cyber Sound for Korg Opsix

22nd August 2022Sancho Sound Design releases Thera Vol 1 for Omnisphere

22nd August 2022Thenatan Limited Sale - Entire VST Plugins $10 ( Ends Aug 31 )

22nd August 2022iZotope announce Ozone and RX deals: Buy now and get a free upgrade to Ozone 10 and RX 10 upon release

22nd August 2022discoDSP updates OB-Xd Oberheim based synth for iOS to v1.12

22nd August 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Revealed Serum Ultimate Plucks Vol. 3" for Serum

21st August 2022WIMSS updates WoodSynth to v2.6 with Wavetable support

21st August 2022Doom Plugs Bratwurst Fuzz now available in CLAP format

21st August 2022Digital Brain Instruments Summer Sale - Sound Design All-In Bundle 75% Off

21st August 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MXXX, MLimiterMB, MReverbMB and MDistortionMB

21st August 2022Cinematique Instruments releases Mountain Dulcimer for Kontakt and reduces the prices of Marble, Zilhoutte, and Interval

20th August 2022Vegas Audio Deal: 15% Off "Drumslot" for Win & Mac

20th August 2022AURA Plugins acquires Mystery Islands Music and updates Access Virus Editor to v3.0.0 build 9019

20th August 2022Sound Magic releases Supreme Drums Orange - Hybrid Modeling Drums for Windows

19th August 2022Aurally Sound updates Song Master to v1.8

19th August 2022Rast Sound releases 'India Vocals 2' for Kontakt with intro offer

19th August 2022Soundtrack Loops releases LoFi Jazz Loops & MIDI with 50% off discount

19th August 2022Tripinlab Sound Trajectory about 25% Off

19th August 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.5

18th August 2022Homegrown Sounds releases Input Monitor - free Mac app for monitoring soundcard inputs without a DAW

18th August 2022Harrison Consoles releases Mixbus v8 with Clip Launching, Bundled Content, Mixer Scenes, native Mac M1 Support, and more

18th August 2022Cherry Audio releases Elka-X Synthesizer

18th August 2022UVI offers 40% off IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 through August 22nd, 2022

18th August 2022RJ Studios releases True MidSide v1.3.0 - Stereo separation plugin with new Ring Suppression option

18th August 2022Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.42 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

18th August 2022ModeAudio releases 'Fluorescence - Italo Disco Loops'

17th August 2022New Loops releases Vital Ascendant (Vital Content Pack) with 30% off intro offer

17th August 2022baltic audio releases "Spire Essentials Vol 15 - Synthwave"

17th August 2022The MIDI Association announces MIDI 2.0 Development Tools

17th August 2022UnitedPlugins releases "TrapTune" Automatic-Tuning Multi-Effect Plug-in with a 76% discount

17th August 2022Karoryfer updates "Nanfo" West African instrument library for Sforzando with seven new instruments

16th August 2022Man Makes Noise releases Transmissions for Omnisphere 2

16th August 2022Softube announce '15 under $50' sale

16th August 2022Igor Vasiliev updates SoundSaw - The Art of Sound Destruction App to v1.3 for iOS and macOS

16th August 2022HoRNet End of summer sale - up to 60% of plug-ins and bundles

15th August 2022Initial Audio updates Sektor to v1.6.3

15th August 2022Nektar launches Widiflex and Widiflex USB - Wireless MIDI solutions

15th August 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Tech House Vol. 2" for Serum

14th August 2022Full Bucket Music releases free Frequency Shifter v2.0.0 for Mac & Win

14th August 2022Sugar Audio updates Admiralizor and Sawrizor synthesizers to v1.4.0

14th August 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPowerSynth, MRingModulatorMB, MFreeformEqualizer and MAutopanMB

13th August 2022Oblivion Sound Lab Winter Sale - Up To 40% Off

12th August 2022Kuassa End of Summer Sale - 50% Off All Plug-ins

12th August 2022Nocturne Sounds Flash Sale - 30% Off

12th August 2022Applied Computer Music Technologies updates ACM-SA Plug-ins to v3.1.1 - Adds CLAP support

12th August 2022Patchbanks Summer Heat Sample Sale - Save Up To 65% On Select Items

12th August 2022GSi releases Genuine Sounds Vol. I - Piano Edition (VST & AU)

12th August 2022W. A. Production releases "Summer Sounds Mega Pack" with 90% discount

12th August 2022Orchestral Tools announce sale on the Tom Holkenborg bundle

12th August 2022LiquidSonics and Reverb Foundry join forces

12th August 2022The Unfinished 10th Anniversary Summer Sale

12th August 2022Homegrown Sounds releases "Batch xFader" tool for automatically creating & crossfading sample loops

11th August 2022ReChord is now 40% off

11th August 2022Numerical Audio Summer Sale - 50% off all Instruments & Effects

11th August 2022Sonora Cinematic and Gothic Instruments Up To 50% Off

11th August 2022Soundiron Summer Sale - Save up to 35% Storewide

11th August 2022Eplex7 DSP: 50% off on Kick + drums + bass bundle - Time-limited availability

11th August 2022Sound Magic releases "Electric Guitar T Lite" and updates "Legendary Hu" to v1.3

10th August 2022Bela D Media Buy 1 + Get 1 Free

10th August 2022discoDSP updates "Discovery" Nord Lead 2 based synth to v5.0

10th August 2022Antares Audio offer free Choir Plug-In when signing up for 14-day Auto-Tune Unlimited trial

10th August 2022IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube TONEX

10th August 2022HoRNet updates free RhyGenerator One to v1.1.0

10th August 2022Studio Major7th updates SSG7 V to v1.4.0 for Windows

10th August 2022Cool WAV releases free Pneumatic Vol 1 presets for RF Pneuma

10th August 2022Heavyocity releases "Vocalise 3" - An emotional, atmospheric, and intimate vocal library for Kontakt Player

10th August 2022ZAK Sound sets "Azure Lake" plugin free

9th August 2022S&E releases "The Mandolin Ukulele Bundle" with intro price

9th August 2022UnitedPlugins releases United Guitar Essentials bundle - 3 plugins for €69

9th August 2022baltic audio releases "Trance Melody Loops Vol 3"

8th August 2022Zenhiser releases "Modern Techno" Sample Pack

8th August 2022Sampleson releases MetaPiano - 60MB modeled Grand Piano

8th August 2022W.A Production Helper Series 2 free with any purchase at Loot Audio

8th August 2022Tom Wolfe Summer Of Sound Sale: Up to 50% off presets for Omnisphere, Pigments and Diva

8th August 2022Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v4.5.1

8th August 2022Glitchedtones releases Mainstage Hybrid Trap - Serum Presets & Construction Kits

8th August 2022Rast Sound releases 'Master Tanbur' for Kontakt with intro offer

8th August 2022Harrison Consoles updates Mixbus32C to v8.1 - Mixer Scenes, Clip Launching, Native M1

8th August 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrummer, MTremoloMB, MChorusMB and MSaturatorMB

8th August 2022Nembrini Audio releases JMP Pro Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

8th August 2022Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Ultimate Big Room Leads Vol. 3

7th August 2022FluffyAudio releases free Khim for Kontakt 5 and launches Summer Sale with discounts up to 50%

7th August 2022Thomas Mundt updates free LUveler to v1.09 for Windows and Linux

6th August 2022Lese releases Codec - Free Modern Degradation AU / VST3 Plugin

5th August 2022Tone2 Audio updates Nemesis to v2.4

5th August 2022Ample Sound releases Ample China Erhu with Summer Sale

5th August 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.4.7

5th August 2022Techivation releases T-Warmer Plug-in

5th August 2022Excite Audio updates Lifeline Expanse & Console with Apple Silicon Support

4th August 2022Homegrown Sounds releases Hydra Stack for Kontakt utilising Hydrasynth samples

4th August 2022Barcode Industries Announce Student Discount for All - 40% Off Any Purchase

4th August 2022A.O.M. releases "Invisible Limiter G3" and updates plugins to v1.15.0

4th August 2022Surge Synth Team updates free Surge XT to v1.1 - CLAP support and more

4th August 2022Plughugger releases “World of Darkness” for u-he Repro

4th August 2022Plughugger offer: 50% off World of Darkness for u-he Repro

3rd August 2022Deadline Entertainment Heat Stroke Deal - Save 33% on Iguana Karma Edition for Kontakt Player

3rd August 2022ZAK Sound releases "Sierras Altas" - Cinematic Plugin with Intro Offer

3rd August 2022Dream Audio Tools Discount on Discount summer sale: All Bundles 50% Off for a limited time

2nd August 2022Alonso Sound celebrates 15 Year Anniversary with 50% off all sounds

2nd August 2022Akunull updates Fang Synth to v1.6 for Android

2nd August 2022Eventide releases Misha - Interval-based Instrument & Sequencer for Eurorack

2nd August 2022baltic audio releases "Slap House Bass Loops Vol 4"

2nd August 2022Spectral Plugins Pancz Multiband Transient Shaper $45 "re-intro discount"

2nd August 2022Hideaway Studio Kontakt Instruments now 50% off at Loot Audio

2nd August 2022HoRNet plugins up to 75% off

2nd August 2022Spitfire Audio announce 'Bridgerton' scoring competition

2nd August 2022Spitfire Audio announce summer sale with up to 65% in savings

2nd August 2022Spectral Plugins adopts Pancz multiband transient shaper and lowers price

2nd August 2022Cool WAV releases free "Simple Console" Plugin for Windows VST3

2nd August 2022Synchro Arts VocAlign Summer Sale - Up to 50% Off

2nd August 2022Luftrum releases Xenon for u-he Diva

1st August 2022Zenhiser releases "Strobe - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

1st August 2022VI Labs Summer Sale - Up To 40% Off

1st August 2022AcousticSamples Summer Sale - Up To 55% Off

1st August 2022RJ Studios updates "Pristine Peaks" - Ultra-low Distortion Peak Limiter to v1.1.0 - New features and enhancements

1st August 2022UVI Summer Sale: 25% off storewide through August 15th 2022

1st August 2022Waves Audio releases Waves Harmony Plugin

1st August 2022MusicLab releases version 6 of Real Instrument Series

1st August 2022Igor Vasiliev updates AltiSpace 2 - Advanced Convolution Reverb App to v1.3 for iOS and macOS

1st August 2022Initial Audio updates "Heat Up" to v3.5.0

1st August 2022Flandersh Tech updates Stepocea Windows VST3 synth to v1.5

1st August 2022Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.9.8 for Mac

1st August 2022Crocus Soundware releases "Liminal: Chamber String Textures Volume 2" for Kontakt - 40% off Intro Offer

1st August 2022Revealed Recordings releases Top Loops Vol. 8