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News Archive for September 2008

30th September 2008scuzzphut releases scuzzphut6 v2.0

30th September 2008Asseca updates asHost to v1.2.4

30th September 2008Opulent Audio updates bLO-FIsh to v1.8 and DirtyGirl to v1.2

30th September 2008MeldaProduction releases MDrummer 2 Large

30th September 2008Abbey Road Plugins releases the TG Mastering Pack (VST & AU)

30th September 2008Univers Sons launches UVI Sound Source and releases UVI Workstation v1.0.10

30th September 2008SPL announces Analog Code plug-ins (Transient Designer, Vox Ranger, Bass Ranger and Full Ranger)

30th September 2008AQUEST updates AquesTone to v0.7.5.1

30th September 2008Soniccouture releases Tremors - Dubstep Drums & Atmospheric Breaks [REX|WAV|AL|LIVE]

30th September 2008Voxengo updates Crunchessor to v2.3

30th September 2008Meyer Musicmedia releases ES for Albino Techno V.1 (+Free sets for TAL-U-No-62 and TAL-BassLine)

30th September 2008g200kg releases Vocovee Vocoder

29th September 2008MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB 2.0 PreRelease D

29th September 2008Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v1.0.1d (and the Omnisphere Patch Library to v1.0.2)

29th September 2008SoundFonts.it releases Electric Grand EG70

29th September 2008Rocksonics Professional Audio offers Free Rocksonics VST Mastering Plug-ins with any Hardware Purchase

29th September 2008URS updates AU versions of Classic Console Strip Pro to v1.1.1 and 1970, 1975 and 1980 Compressors to v1.1.2

29th September 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.51

29th September 2008Vember Audio updates Surge to v1.5.1a

29th September 2008reFX updates Nexus to v2.0.5 and releases Bigtone 2 and Rauschwerk Expansions

26th September 2008Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone to v1.0.2

26th September 2008Precisionsound releases Angelic Vocal Pads 4 [WAV|SF2|HAL|KON]

26th September 2008Kreativ Sounds updates Abyss Pro-53 Sounds to v1.2

26th September 2008AQUEST releases AquesTone v0.7.5.0

26th September 2008de la Mancha releases boost

26th September 2008Universal Audio releases UAD Powered Plug-Ins Software v5.1 (incl. Moog Multimode Filter for UAD-1)

26th September 2008Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.1.2 (incl. Analog Modelling Kit)

26th September 2008Sonnox updates Windows VST versions Oxford Plug-ins

26th September 2008Prosoniq updates Morph AU to v1.2.1 and OrangeVocoder 10AE AU v3.2.1

26th September 2008Early beta version of Mobius now available for Mac OS X (Standalone only)

26th September 2008All Softube Mac Plug-ins Updated

26th September 2008Stillwell Audio updates all Mac plug-ins to v1.52.03 (+Schwa schOPE to v1.52)

26th September 2008VSamp updated to v3.7.2

26th September 2008Audio Damage releases Rough Rider (Free VST/AU Compressor; Win & Mac)

24th September 2008Cluster Sound releases Minus Clockwork and Quantic House [WAV|REX|Live]

24th September 2008Pro-Sounds release V-iRal InFection for V-Station

24th September 2008NuGen Audio releases Visualizer Audio Unit

24th September 2008Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Delay

24th September 2008Jeroen Breebaart releases Auditor Pro v1.0.4 and Barricade Pro v1.0.2

24th September 2008MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB v2.0 to PreRelease C

23rd September 2008LinPlug releases RMV Drum Addiction for Windows

23rd September 2008SoundFonts.it releases TimeVerb

23rd September 2008Heavyocity Media offers free Expanded Content for Evolve

23rd September 2008NTS Audio updates Virtual Dance Producer (VDP) to v1.3

23rd September 2008Sibelius Software updates Sibelius to v5.2.5

22nd September 2008Cakewalk announces SONAR 8 Producer & SONAR 8 Studio

22nd September 2008Artificial Audio releases Obelisk

22nd September 2008MeldaProduction releases MDrummer 2 Small (alpha version)

22nd September 2008Sugar Bytes launches Crazy Studiopic Competition (20% Discount Available)

22nd September 2008Evopax releases VTM5 Polyphonic EQ

22nd September 2008Lowcoders release KingDubby Dub Delay AU v1.5.2 beta

22nd September 2008Cockos releases REAPER v2.5

22nd September 2008xoxos releases Syng2 Voice Synthesizer

22nd September 2008Syntheway Strings updated to v2.5

22nd September 2008Zynewave updates Podium to v2.0.5

22nd September 2008MUTOOLS pre-releases MU.LAB v2.0

22nd September 2008Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v4.2 b100

22nd September 2008QuikQuak releases Fusion Field v2.0

22nd September 2008Wallander Instruments updates WIVI to v2.03

19th September 2008de la Mancha releases bathtub

19th September 2008Homegrown Sounds releases HGS Wav Recorder

19th September 2008Mu Technologies updates Mu Voice v1.2 Demo - No ILok Required

19th September 2008Jeversi Software releases new version of AirTraffic Control

19th September 2008Puremagnetik releases Kamoni's Electronic Kits for Live 7

19th September 2008Schwa updates schOPE to v1.50

19th September 2008Luxonix updates LFX-1310 to v1.3 and Purity to v1.2.1

19th September 2008Image Line updates Maximus to v1.0.6

19th September 2008Apple releases Pro Applications Update 2008-03 and Final Cut Server Update v1.1.1

19th September 2008Arturia updates Analog Factory to v2.2.1

18th September 2008Reign Design releases Big Hurk! and 1-Time and announces Velvet EQ

18th September 2008d16 Group announces Decimort Bit Crusher

18th September 2008Big Fish Audio releases Urban Contemporary Gospel [AL|REX|ACID|...]

18th September 2008Sanford Sound Design releases Sanford Phaser

17th September 2008Minisoftmusik.de releases UniRetroPro v1.8

17th September 2008Wusikstation updated to v5.4

17th September 2008KResearch updates KR-Reverb FS to v1.2

17th September 2008MellowMuse updates Mellowhead to v1.1

17th September 2008One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.1

16th September 2008MARVIN updates Tromine to v0.21

16th September 2008Waves releases V6 Update 1 (incl. MV2 Dynamics Processor and MV360 Surround Dynamics Processor)

16th September 2008FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.2

16th September 2008Spectrasonics releases updates for Omnisphere's Patch Library and Soundsource Library

16th September 2008de la Mancha releases faderratic

16th September 2008Win 1 of 3 Digital Redux bundles with Time+Space

16th September 2008PowerFX release 3 Refills: eXode Trance, Scandinavian Roots and Hip Drums

16th September 2008Voxengo releases Elephant v3.0

16th September 2008Sonic Reality releases Ultra Sonic Refills for Reason 4

16th September 2008Luxonix updates Purity to v1.2

16th September 2008Polac VST Loaders for Jeskola Buzz updated to v1.

16th September 2008IK Multimedia announces new Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2 Bundles

16th September 2008VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v2.2.1

15th September 2008Spectrasonics releases Omnisphere Power Synth

15th September 2008Camel Audio announces Alchemy and launches Cameleon 5000 Sale (38% Off)

15th September 2008Sony Creative Software releases Vegas Pro v8.1 (Offering 64-Bit Video Editing)

15th September 2008Prosoniq updates morph AU to v1.2 and OrangeVocoder 10AE AU to v3.2

15th September 2008Renoise v2.0 announced (Beta available)

15th September 2008One Small Clue releases Poise Percussion Sampler v1.0

15th September 2008de la Mancha releases psymon

15th September 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-U-No-62 to v1.5 and TAL-BassLine to v1.2.2

15th September 2008Vir2 Instruments updates BASiS to v1.1

15th September 2008Audio Damage releases Automaton cellular automata plug-in

15th September 2008Arturia releases Analog Factory v2.2

12th September 2008Schwa releases TinMan; Stillwell Audio releases The Rocket Compressor and updates All Other Plug-ins

12th September 2008Homegrown Sounds releases SoundScaper

12th September 2008H. G. Fortune updates The Dreammachine to v1.1

12th September 2008RetroWare releases micronAU

12th September 2008Sony Creative Software updates Vegas Pro to v8.0c

12th September 2008Blue Sound Studios & GotchaNoddin.com release Club Bangin Kicks Vol.1 [KON|EXS|HAL|...]

12th September 2008Steinberg updates Nuendo to v4.2.2

12th September 2008EastWest launches PLAY "Buy One Get one Free" Worldwide Promotion

12th September 2008Best Service releases Xsample Chamber Ensemble

12th September 2008NoiseWorkx releases Abstracts expansion for Tone2's Firebird+

12th September 2008Puremagnetik releases Blip for Live, Kontakt and Logic

12th September 2008Abbey Road Plugins updates Brilliance Pack to v1.0.6

12th September 2008Line6 updates GearBox Installer for Mac to v3.64.1

12th September 2008Steinberg updates Cubase to v4.5.2

12th September 2008MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.43

10th September 2008Image Line releases Ogun (get it free in the IL Yardsale)

10th September 2008Image Line updates FL Studio to v8.0.2

10th September 2008VRSonic releases HeadSpace Room

10th September 2008SoundFonts.it releases Die Funky Maschine ZD6

10th September 2008Ugo updates Disturbance and Metallurgy and unbundles Dualism and Tunguska

10th September 2008b.serrano updates Artemis, Hades XT, Pulsar 4, SAM 2, Osiris 2, Osiris XT, Cosmos 2, Adonis, Adonis Pro

10th September 2008MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.42

10th September 2008Muse Research and Applied Acoustics Systems launch Half Price Plug-ins offer for Receptor Owners

9th September 2008Eiosis updates E²Transienter to v1.05

9th September 2008Agitated State releases MenuMagic v1.1 beta

9th September 2008Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.8.5

9th September 2008djDecks updated to v0.90

9th September 2008WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.11

9th September 2008Image Line updates Maximus to v1.0.5

9th September 2008Farview Recording releases UltraDrums in Gog and Wav Formats

8th September 2008Wallander Instruments updates WIVI

8th September 2008Human Touch Technology launches Darbukator series of Percussion Plug-ins

8th September 2008NTS Audio releases Intelligent Loop Generator plug-ins

8th September 2008Odo Synths sets 38911 bytes, Double Six, Six and Unknown 64 Pro Free

8th September 2008Audiobits updates 6-Tron to v1.2

8th September 2008Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.8

8th September 2008QuikQuak updates Glass Viper to v1.10

8th September 2008SPC Plugins updates Wobbulator to v2.3

8th September 2008MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.4.1

6th September 2008Sugar Bytes updates Effectrix to v1.2

6th September 2008Kong Audio updates Chinee Guzheng to v1.53

6th September 2008Image Line updates DrumSynth Live to v1.1.2

5th September 2008H. G. Fortune releases The Dreammachine

5th September 2008RML Labs releases SAWStudio / SAWStudioLite v4.3 and SAWStudioBasic v1.7

5th September 2008Vember Audio releases Surge v1.5.1 beta for Mac AU

5th September 2008Aradaz Amp 2 Green updated to v1.3.5

5th September 2008discoDSP releases Discovery R3 for Win, Mac and Linux

4th September 2008Rosegarden updated to v1.7.2

4th September 2008Submersible Music releases KitCore and KitCore Deluxe v2.0

4th September 2008Steinberg ships MR816 CSX/X and CC121 Advanced Integration Hardware

4th September 2008xoxos releases Phase Seq

4th September 2008Wallander Instruments updates Mac version of WIVI

4th September 2008Native Instruments launches Guitar Rig Hero video contest

4th September 2008MHC Synthesizers and Effects adds Electronic Kits to Drum Plugin Bundle

4th September 2008IK Multimedia announces Master Your Room Promotion (buy ARC System, get T-RackS free)

4th September 2008Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst CM Edition free with Computer Music Magazine (CM 130)

4th September 2008Antares Audio Technologies updates Auto-Tune Evo to v6.0.5 (Win VST and Mac/Win TDM)

4th September 2008Sensomusic announces Usine 4.0

3rd September 2008SoundHack releases Delay Trio

3rd September 2008Alphakanal updates Automat to v1.0.1

3rd September 2008Access Music updates Virus TI OS to v2.7.3

2nd September 2008de la Mancha releases erratic 2

2nd September 2008Native Instruments releases Kore Electronic Experience

2nd September 2008Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio 5

2nd September 2008Native Instruments introduces Kore 2 Software Edition and pricing changes

2nd September 2008ModernBeats releases Xtreme Synth Loops [ACID]

2nd September 2008One Small Clue releases Poise v0.8 beta 6

2nd September 2008vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 Beta 18

2nd September 2008Swar Systems updates SwarPlug to v1.4.2 and SwarShala to v3.1

2nd September 2008MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v2.0 Test D2

1st September 2008Universal Audio releases UAD-2 PCIE DSP Accelerator Cards and V5.0 Powered Plug-In Software

1st September 2008Le Lotus Bleu releases Oscarized One & Two for impOSCar

1st September 2008Peace Love Productions releases Universal Hip Hop Instrumentals [ACID|AL|SF2]

1st September 2008Splurgo releases Electro Beatz II [ACID|AL]

1st September 2008FASoft releases n-Track Studio v6.0

1st September 2008Tekky Synths releases sYnYx v2.0o

1st September 2008Aradaz releases Our Cabinet Simulator v1.0.5

1st September 2008Auricula Software updates Ear Training Plug-ins to v1.0.2

1st September 2008LennarDigital updates Sylenth1 to v2.01

1st September 2008SoundFonts.it releases Type4 Spring Reverb

1st September 2008HyperSynth releases enhanced version of HyperSID HW Unit

1st September 2008Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v1.2

1st September 2008MOTU updates Digital Performer to v6.01

1st September 2008Koblo Studio for Mac updated to v0.1 a2248

1st September 2008Cockos updates REAPER to v2.46

1st September 2008Softube updates Spring Reverb to v1.0.1 (Win) / v1.0.2 (Mac)

1st September 2008Future Audio Workshop updates Circle to v1.0.4

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