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MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v2.0 Test D2


MUTOOLS has released "Test D2" of MU.LAB v2.0 for Mac OSX (Universal Binary) and Windows.

Note that this package does not yet include the final graphics and documentation. That will come with the MU.LAB 2 PreRelease. If you have a MU.LAB Unlimited User Key you can unlock this MU.LAB Test version via the main Edit menu -> Enter Unlimited User Key.

MU.LAB 2.0 Test Version History

MU.LAB 2.0 Test D2:

  • Tuned: Optimized window positioning and sizing.
  • Fixed: Test D was unintentionally expiring on september 1.
  • Fixed: Merging sequence parts in composition resulted in a sequence name without proper equal-name-indexing.

MU.LAB 2.0 Test D:

  • New: New windowing system.
  • New: Optimized plugin editor windowing: Plugin editor windows are always floating, but can be hidden, and shown again.
  • New: VST editors now include the Process and Options buttons.
  • New: When running for the first time MU.LAB opens in a full screen window.
  • New: Edit Menu -> Audio File Manager, Sequence Manager, Sample Manager, Multi Sample Manager.
  • New: Sample context menu: "Save Copy As...".
  • New: Merge Sequence Parts function.
  • New: MU.LAB now also reads all locator info in AIFF and WAVE sample files.
  • New: When opening a musession with broken links to audio files, MU.LAB now offers a 'Locate' option.
  • Tuned: The blue focus rectangle is only drawn in the window that has keyboard focus.
  • Tuned: Beautified waveform drawing.
  • Tuned: Log File function now in Help menu.
  • Tuned: Improved protection against buggy VST plugins.
  • Tuned: Faster splash screen appearance.
  • Tuned: Choose VST Program window has a more optimized height.
  • Tuned: Deleting the Audio Output now results in pure silence instead of a 'hanging' audio loop.
  • Tuned: Composer: When lasso-muting tracks, and you lasso outside the existing tracks, muting did not work, now it does.
  • Tuned: Default Sampla/MultiSampla release times are 25 ms instead of 1225 ms.
  • Tuned: Nicer table column titles.
  • Tuned: Revert session now first unloads the current session the reloads the original so to avoid memory overload.
  • Tuned: Default MuSynth patch now has a proper 'Main Envelope'.
  • Tuned: Optimized part/note mouse hover zones.
  • Tuned: OSX: Dropped support for VST plugin editors for VST plugins with version before 2.4. Instead the default MU.LAB plugin editor will be used for such VST plugins.
  • Fixed: On Mixdown or Overload, the audio engine made a erratic sound.
  • Fixed: When in Windowed mode, the Rack Desk didn't react on F1 (=Show/Hide Rack Desk).
  • Fixed: When a part's start was changed + undo, then the part's start always became 1.1.0000 instead of where it was before.
  • Fixed: Alt+hovering start/end of a part now properly shows the gum.
  • Fixed: WIN: Fixed a windowing issue regarding the "Open Session" window on startup.
  • Fixed: When loading a multisample for the 2nd time, then sample locators positions were lost.
  • Fixed: When VST editors were open when quitting mulab, there could be a crash.
  • Fixed: Fixed a gui bug when tooltips were close to the window edge.
  • Fixed: Crash bug when right-click Synthia/Sampla patch browser and choose "Delete Patch" for no patch.
  • Fixed: Possible crash bug when deleting racks and plugs while music is playing.

MU.LAB 2.0 Test C2:

  • Fixed: Several little improvements regarding windowing, especially on OSX.

MU.LAB 2.0 Test C:

  • New: Control+Tab focuses the next open window, which is handy to toggle between the various plug editors.
  • Tuned: Removed the separate Tools menu, Add A Sample is in File menu.
  • Tuned: Previously hidden diagnostic function "Monitor MIDI Input Notes" now available via Help menu.
  • Tuned: Audio Lab: XFade Loop Selection now expressed in percentage instead of samples.
  • Tuned: MultiSample map editor now defaults to C3 for an empty map.
  • Tuned: Sometimes when an alert pops up the window you were working with moved behind the main window.
  • Tuned: MPA: When doing an Auto Arrange while using embedded editors, the embedded editors will be removed (if you click 'OK' on the question alert).
  • Tuned: MPA: When editing connection properties, the window doesn't move to the background anymore.
  • Tuned: MultiSample editor: When double-clicking or clicking the edit icon but no multisample yet, a new one is automatically created.
  • Tuned: When creating new multisample zones, loop mode defaulted to 'forward', now to 'none'.
  • Tuned: When loading MultiSampla patches, mu.lab filters out any duplicate multisamples.
  • Tuned: Shift+Control+S (Windows) / Shift+Command+S (OSX) = Save Session As.
  • Tuned: When saving a session to an existing file, but then choosing"Overwrite?" -> "No" caused a redundant "Couldn't save session" alert.
  • Tuned: Friendly limited the vertical zoom in/out ranges in Composer and Note Editor.
  • Tuned: Improved Color Picker.
  • Tuned: Fine tuned the Split parts function.
  • Tuned: When importing MIDI files, you can choose whether to put it in a new composition or merge it into the focused composition.
  • Tuned: The MPA also works in a floating window now.
  • Tuned: Tutorials are not included in the package, they're accessed via www.
  • Tuned: Improved VST editor windowing both on OSX and Windows.
  • Tuned: Windows: Improved behavior when using network file paths.
  • Fixed: When quitting MU.LAB, there could be some problems with open VST plugin editors, depending on which VST plugin.
  • Fixed: Audio bug which could cause artifacts under some special conditions.
  • Fixed: When opening a session on startup, the main window didn't show the session name.
  • Fixed: Some plugin menu options weren't working (e.g. Put Into Rack) when called from the plugin editor options button.
  • Fixed: When dropping a MIDI file onto Composer, Composer wasn't redrawn.
  • Fixed: When dropping a MIDI file onto Composer, also any tempo events are imported.
  • Fixed: When saving multisample patches, the samples where not saved with the patch.
  • Fixed: Loading individual patch files for mu.lab plugs could create extra metronome sound sources.
  • Fixed: MPA: When deleting connections to/from a synth plug, it could be that there hanging notes when reconnecting that synth plug.
  • Fixed: Rack editors can again be embedded in the MPA.
  • Fixed: MPA: When a plug editor is embedded, plug name was not visible.
  • Fixed: When opening a session immediately on startup, and that session had broken sample-references, then mulab crashed on locating that sample.
  • Fixed: Main window position could slightly offset from last manual position.
  • Fixed: In some case, audio clicks could occur in the audio, not caused by cpu overload.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that could hide the "Create Locator" menu option.
  • Fixed: When loading a session in SOS mode and when skipping VSTs, loading failed.
  • Fixed: MuSynth: Plugging in e.g. a MuVerb between voice in and out (which is not supported) doesn't cause a crash anymore.
  • Fixed: Fixed some bug in the equal name indexing system.

MU.LAB 2.0 Test B:

  • Tuned: MuSession files now include the MU.LAB application name + version so it's quite easy to check with which version a MuSession file was made.
  • Tuned: Improved defaults for the main window position and size in case mulab.txt doesn't contain proper values.
  • Fixed: Popup menus should have improved multi monitor support.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue when using dots in folder/file names.
  • Fixed: Some Meta Parameter automating error.
  • Fixed: Possible crash bug when selecting parts without a proper target.
  • Fixed: Deleting a MultiSampla zone via context menu didn't redraw the editor.
  • Fixed: Pre/Post fader handle didn't work.
  • Fixed: Mixdown To Sample => Sample did play but didn't show up in sample editor.
  • Fixed: OSX: Nasty crash bug.
  • Fixed: OSX: Each time the main window was resized, it also grew vertically.
  • Fixed: Windows: When window was maximized, it became non-maximized after alert/dialog.
  • Fixed: Fixed a possible crash bug related to loading/saving samples in session files and in patch files.

MU.LAB 2.0:

  • New: Sampler component featuring forward, backward and alternate looping, using an unlimited number of sample locators.
  • New: Integrated synths 'Synthia', 'Sampla' and 'MultiSampla'.
  • New: Plugin: Audio Level Limiter.
  • New: Plugin: Audio Balancer 1 In 2 Out.
  • New: Audio File context function: Show File Path.
  • New: Events in the sequence editor get the same color as the part. Events that are outside the part region are drawn as muted.
  • New: Audio Files can now have as many locators as you want. Each audio part can start at any of these locators.
  • New: Support for drag-dropping audio/midi files from OS into MU.LAB.
  • New: You can now set the Library Folder via the main Edit menu.
  • New: Both the Oscillator and the Sampler support Pitch Bend; Pitch Bend events are interpolated for a smooth pitching effect.
  • New: Each MUX and MuSynth connection cable now has extra properties. Double-click or right-click a plugin jack to edit a connection's properties.
  • New: Mixdown: Option to mixdown to 32 bit, option to mixdown to an new sample, options to define start & end positions, option to re-use the result into the current composition.
  • New: Preference: UseUnfoldedContextMenus. Editable in Settings/MULAB.Txt.
  • New: Plugins now use a Smart Bypass algorithm so that they consume almost no cpu when they're inactive.
  • New: The very default 'New Session' now includes a Master Rack.
  • New: The Rack Desk can now be used in docked mode or in windowed mode.
  • New: The Modular Plugin Area now always works in a separate window.
  • New: In the modular editor, you can now reconnect existing connections.
  • New: When choosing a Target for a part, you now also have the option "New Plug-In In New Rack", which shortcuts some intermediate steps.
  • New: Improved WFT Oscillator Fatness: Up to fatness value 12 resulting in a really fat super-osc. + improved algorithm. + stereo spread + extreme detunes up to an octave ;).
  • New: Compositions can now have as many locators as you want, and can be used as cue-points.
  • New: Metronome can now use any synth plugin to make its sound. Right-click the metronome button in the Transport Panel. By default it uses /Data/Metronome.MuSynth.
  • New: Composer and Sequence Editor now show detailed mouse location info in the toolbox.
  • New: You can re-arrange the Racks by shift-clicking the Rack name and drag it to the left or right.
  • New: All synths now support MIDI Sustain Pedal.
  • Tuned: Composer: When drawing a new part, but choosing an existing audio file/sequence, then the 'usual' target for that audio file/sequence is used (was: the focused target).
  • Tuned: Support for VST plugins with up to 256 inputs / outputs (was 32).
  • Tuned: You can map MIDI controllers to plugin parameters in 2 ways: 'Global' or 'Focus'. The first being always active, the latter only when this plugin is focused
  • Tuned: Improved the Map MIDI Controller dialog.
  • Tuned: When using a Send in a Rack, right-clicking the little send knob at the right also pops up a context menu with "Map MIDI Controller".
  • Tuned: The Rack Panner now has its own context menu for e.g. mapping a MIDI controller.
  • Tuned: When you try to plug in a VST plugin that cannot be found (because the plug file was moved or deleted), it is automatically disabled in the plugin database.
  • Tuned: Support for VST plugs that send events to host during their 'processEvents' function.
  • Tuned: Modular Editor now also reacts on mousewheel for scrolling.
  • Tuned: On "Auto Collapse Expand" the relevant rack immediately is auto expanded, all others collapsed.
  • Tuned: Windows: The first ASIO setup defaults to "No Driver" instead of the first driver in the list, which is a more safe strategy.
  • Tuned: When proposing to "Recover from AutoSaved.MuSession", you can also choose to just delete that file.
  • Tuned: When inserting a new MuSynth or Mux, they auto set up a minimum default patch.
  • Tuned: Note Editor: Pencil draws 'per cell' instead of 'quantized'.
  • Tuned: Sequence Editor now uses the part time instead of the sequence time.
  • Tuned: Composer and Note Editor: Improved mouse tool behaviour:
    • Hold [Ctrl] to temporary switch between Arrow and Pencil.
    • Press [T] or mid-click with mouse quickly switches between Arrow and Pencil.
    • Clear visual feedback when holding [Alt] for the alternate mouse tool behaviour (e.g. erase, monitor, ...).
  • Tuned: Note Editor: When changing the start/end of a note when multiple notes are selected, then you can still choose to apply the change to only that single note.
  • Tuned: You could use the new "OpenFilesInSosMode" in Settings/Mulab.txt to diagnose VST plugin loading problems.
  • Tuned: Audio Lab extended.
  • Tuned: Much richer oscillator waveform editing.
  • Tuned: Popup menus: Pressing the first character(s) of an option chooses that option. Can be used to speedup workflow.
  • Tuned: Enhanced Oscillator Editor.
  • Tuned: When a MuSynth or Mux patch uses meta parameters and you tweak some parameter that is linked to such meta parameter, then the meta parameter is updated too!.
  • Tuned: Doing "New" in the MuSynth Deep Editor now also provides default connections.
  • Tuned: Audio files are still displayed with high precision when zoomed in on sample level.
  • Tuned: The Sequence loop is now defined by the Part, not anymore by the Sequence.
  • Tuned: Clicking a Rack name simply selects the rack; to edit the name: doubleclick or rightclick.
  • Tuned: Pressing the Delete key in the Rack Desk deletes the focused Rack or Rack plug.
  • Tuned: Edit menu: now neatly shows Undo/Redo info, also when there is no undo/redo possible.
  • Tuned: More efficient Undo/Redo system.
  • Tuned: MuSynth: Faster patch loading!.
  • Tuned: When doing a mixdown, and no parts are selected but the composition loop is active, only the loop region will be mixed down.
  • Tuned: When the CPU Overload is on, also pressing the spacebar will reset the CPU Overload state.
  • Tuned: When opening a session with a VST that is not yet in the database, MU.LAB will now give the possibility to locate that VST plug while loading the session.
  • Tuned: Fine tuned the Part Color box layout in the Part Property Panel.
  • Tuned: The CPU meter has been further Fine tuned You can now also see the CPU weight of the focused plugin.
  • Tuned: When exchanging sessions between people, MU.LAB makes sure the plugin editor windows are visible in case of different screen configurations.
  • Tuned: Splitting Parts now is exclusively done via the Part context menu, and includes a popup dialog where you can finetune the split position; The splitter tool has been removed.
  • Tuned: Paste Parts now also uses a popup dialog where you can finetune the paste position.
  • Tuned: In the Event List Editor, MIDI controllers are shown with their proper controller name.
  • Tuned: The Mixer Strip in the MPA now works exactly the same as the Rack mixer strip.
  • Tuned: Modular Editor: improved Auto-Arrange function in certain more complex situations.
  • Tuned: Improved MuVerb and several other effect algorithms.
  • Tuned: Composer & Sequence Editor: Zooming In/Out time-wise now centers on the mouse cursor instead of middle. This is more user-friendly.
  • Tuned: MuSynth: Optimized voicing system => Much less memory usage (especially when using a larger audio buffer size).
  • Tuned: Windows: Improved plugin editor window behaviour.
  • Tuned: All popup menus: pressing the first character(s) of an option now also explicitly chooses that option i.e. this can work as a little shortcut.
  • Tuned: Improved default metronome sound.
  • Tuned: Improved Auto-Normalize for very silent audio recordings.
  • Tuned: List Editor: When double-clicking a note value to edit it, it's properly edited as a note value instead of a numeric value.
  • Tuned: List Editor: Improved editing of parameter values.
  • Tuned: Resizing the Rack Desk window now neatly sticks to the proper height.
  • Fixed: The Part Color Palette now is properly memorized and stored in the MuSession file.
  • Fixed: It was possible but not intended to move a Part's start point before 1.1.0000.
  • Fixed: VST plugin editors which dynamically resize the editor window now properly work.
  • Fixed: Fixed a memory leak in the Event List Editor.
  • Fixed: Some fixes in the skin system.
  • Fixed: When you try to embed an editor in the modular editor, but there is 'nothing to edit', this message won't come again and again anymore.
  • Fixed: Fixed a little memory leak when showing the "About MU.LAB" splash screen.
  • Fixed: When doing Audio Part -> Play Entire File, part was not redrawn.
  • Fixed: When undoing/redoing an edit on an audio file, the composer was not properly redrawn.
  • Fixed: Delete audio file + undo => possible crash.
  • Fixed: When pasting parts, new tracks are created when necessary.
  • Fixed: Composer: Alt/Cntrl + Mouse Wheel didn't properly scroll/zoom.
  • Fixed: Noise Generator only generated unipolar noise, now it properly generates bipolar noise.
  • Fixed: When mapping a MIDI CC to a plugin parameter, the 'Listen To Midi' button was not redrawn when it was toggled.
  • More Library Presets for MuSynth and MUX.
  • And many other important fixes and fine tunings which are too detailed/technical to be listed here.


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