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News Archive for September 2010

30th September 2010J1000 releases Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta v2.0

28th September 2010Splurgo Audio releases "Popular Percussion" & "Ultimate Percussion" [ACID|WAV|AIFF]

28th September 2010Future Loops releases "88 Dub FX" [WAV]

28th September 2010Diginoiz releases Piano Resource [MIDI|AIF|ACID|REX|...]

28th September 2010Samplecraze announces 1-2-1 Personal Tutorial Courses

28th September 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Bowed Guitars for Kontakt

28th September 2010CK_Modules releases Pattern Arp

28th September 2010Wusik releases EVE v3.0

28th September 2010Keolab updates Spicy Guitar to 1.1

28th September 2010Martinic updates Combo Model V to v1.0.3

28th September 2010Sugar Bytes updates Guitarist to v1.0.1

27th September 2010AcousticsampleS releases 5 Instruments for its ASPlayer Plug-in

27th September 2010WOK announces "The Complete Pack" Special Offer

27th September 2010Groovepacks releases Freestyle 3 Live Pack

27th September 2010DETUNIZED releases Gra.FX sound pack for Ableton Live

27th September 2010New Prize Added to KVR 10 Celebration: Blue Cat's All Plug-ins Pack from Blue Cat Audio

27th September 2010Overloud releases SpringAge - Spring Reverb

27th September 2010Plughugger releases Pushball Electro for FXpansion Synth Squad

27th September 2010Ableton updates Live to v8.2 and introduces Amp

27th September 2010Ableton and Serato release The Bridge

27th September 2010Homegrown Sounds releases Ammonite

27th September 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1

27th September 2010Fiedler Audio updates Dino Isa Denoiser to v1.4(24)

27th September 2010Universal Audio releases EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in for UAD-2 (and updates UAD Software to v5.7)

27th September 2010CubicAudio releases Cubits Evolution

27th September 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.2

25th September 2010Loopmasters releases "Da Lata - Afro Brasil Parade Vol.1" and "Groove Tech" [WAV|Kontakt|AL|...]

25th September 2010Future Loops releases Vox India - Vol. 1 [WAV]

24th September 2010Necromare Music releases Polyslop

23rd September 2010Zenhiser releases "Ultra Trance Drum Kit 01" and "Ultimate Crashes 01" [WAV]

23rd September 2010Voxengo updates SPAN to v2.2

23rd September 2010Celemony announces Version 1.2 of Melodyne editor, assistant and essential (incl. 64-bit)

23rd September 2010FabFilter releases "Dirty House" and "Ambient" sound sets for Twin

23rd September 2010EastWest announces Hollywood Strings Gold Edition

23rd September 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.0.8

23rd September 2010Best Service releases Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices

23rd September 2010PowerFX announces Premium Sound Library for Soundation Studio

23rd September 2010Impact Soundworks releases Koto Nation: Classical Instruments of Japan for Kontakt

23rd September 2010Ueberschall releases Pop Charts (Elastik Soundbank)

21st September 20109 Soundware releases "Fire Juggler" for Thor

21st September 2010Sounds and Effects releases "Ocarinas and Clay Flutes" for Kontakt and Reason

21st September 2010Diginoiz releases Soulful R&Pop [ACID|AL|REX|...]

21st September 2010H.E. Audio releases Poetic Guitar-8 Strings v1.0

21st September 2010Sound Magic updates Imperial Grand3D to v1.2 and releases "Liang's Pipa" for Kontakt

21st September 2010NUGEN Audio announces VisLM - Loudness Metering solution

21st September 2010Soniccouture releases Xtended Piano for Kontakt Player

21st September 2010Best Service revamps Try-Sound (now supports Mac)

21st September 2010Best Service launches Guitar FireSale on MusicLab's RealGuitar2L, RealStrat and Real LPC

21st September 2010Toontrack Music releases Allen Morgan II Producer Presets for Superior Drummer

20th September 2010Steinberg releases WaveLab 7 (incl. Mac version)

20th September 2010Modartt releases Xylo add-on for Pianoteq (and updates Pianoteq to v3.6.4)

20th September 2010Gen16 launches Digital Vault with Z-Pack, S-Pack Volume 1 and S-Pack Volume 2

20th September 2010SoniqWare updates SG-1 Noise Reduction / Spectral Noise Gate to v1.2

20th September 2010Subatomic Labs updates Mantis307 to v1.9

20th September 2010Iliadis releases iVF Combo Organ

20th September 2010MeldaProduction releases MMultiBandConvolution and MRhythmizer (and updates all other effects to v3.02)

20th September 2010mathewlane.com updates DrMS to v3.2

20th September 2010Audio Damage updates Axon to v1.1

20th September 2010nashNET updates reViSiT to v1.4.2

20th September 2010AM Music Technology updates Mac AU version of Pro SoloVst to v2.01

20th September 2010WaveMachine Labs announces Drumagog 5 Release Date

20th September 2010DSK Music releases SF2 SoundFont Player

19th September 2010Galbanum releases Synthesism 01 [ACID|AL]

19th September 2010TwistedTools releases Buffeater for Reaktor 5

19th September 2010ROQSTAR ENTERTAINMENT releases Trance Synth Loops [WAV]

19th September 2010Equinox Sounds releases Modern Acoustic Guitar [ACID|WAV|AL]

18th September 2010Zero-G announces "Custom Group Buy" offer through September

18th September 2010Madrona Labs releases Aalto

18th September 2010Sinevibes releases Sinevibes Sample Expansions [WAV|AIFF|AL]

17th September 2010Mildon Studios releases Otobongo

17th September 2010FatLoud releases Flow 2 Hip-Hop and Urban Construction Kits [WAV|AL|ReFill|...]

17th September 2010Smart Loops releases 3 New SL MultiTracks Drum Loop Libraries [ACID|AL]

17th September 2010Prime Loops releases D&B Essentials [WAV|AL|REX2|ReFill|...]

17th September 20107Aliens announces free Sylenthlines soundbank for Sylenth1

16th September 2010VRSonic releases VibeStudio Designer 2.5

15th September 2010Future Loops releases Smokin RNB Guitars [WAV|REX]

15th September 2010Renegade Media Group releases BLAST: Modern Urban Production Tools Vol. 1 and 2 [ACID|REX2|AL|ReFill]

15th September 2010Precisionsound releases Indian Surmandal for Kontakt, HALion & EXS24

15th September 2010Sonokinetic releases Drill - Military Speech SFX Library [WAV]

15th September 2010LiquidSonics releases Reverberate Core and updates Reverberate to v1.610 (incl. RTAS Support)

15th September 2010Sample Logic releases Cinematic Guitars

15th September 2010MOTU updates Digital Performer to v7.21

15th September 2010Voxengo updates Elephant to v3.7

13th September 2010Fsynthz releases RepeeteR - MIDI processor

13th September 2010Tonehammer releases "The Ranch" and "Luminabells" for Kontakt

13th September 2010Soundtrack Loops releases Electric Soul [ACID|AL|...]

13th September 2010Puremagnetik releases Toy Box 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

13th September 2010A.O.M. releases Invisible Limiter

11th September 2010Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v1.0.1

11th September 2010Audio Genetics Lab releases "Magnus Chord Organ" for Kontakt

11th September 2010Future Loops releases Jungle Drum Kits Vol. 1 [WAV]

11th September 2010Diginoiz releases "Urban Holiday Wave" [AL|ACID|...]

11th September 2010Loopmasters releases "Pete Lockett World Percussion" [AL|REX2|ACID|...]

11th September 2010Digital Music Doctor updates "Cubase - Know It All!" for Cubase 5.5

10th September 2010Arturia announces Analog Player Available For Sale

9th September 2010Zenhiser releases "Total Club Beats 01 & 02" and "Total Trance Kicks 01" [WAV]

9th September 2010Minimal System Instruments releases Modular Mastering Rack, Relentless Synth and Moogi v2.0

9th September 2010VirSyn updates iVoxel Vocoder to v1.2 [iOS]

9th September 2010plasticAge music releases MPC Battery I [MPC|Battery|WAV]

9th September 2010Synthogy announces release of Ivory II - Grand Pianos

9th September 2010AM Music Technology releases Pro SoloVst v2.0

9th September 2010Pentacom updates ARPG8R to v0.9.5

9th September 2010discoDSP cancels HighLife Open Source project

9th September 2010Brainworx releases bx_shredspread (and announces dongle-free demo versions of all native plug-ins)

9th September 2010Big Tick releases Zen Universal Presets Manager and updates Rhino and RhinoCM to v2.09

9th September 2010DDMF updates IIEQPro to v2.1

9th September 2010Sonnox introduces Broadcast and Post Plug-in Bundles

9th September 2010Sonoma Wire Works releases HigginsPack DrummerPack for DrumCore

9th September 2010Mildon Studios releases Vocal Spread

9th September 2010H.E. Audio releases Poetic Guitar-Landscape

9th September 2010Imperfect Samples releases Imperfect Samples Player

9th September 2010Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix Plug-in and a New "Energy Pack" Bundle

9th September 2010MOTU releases the MasterWorks Collection

9th September 2010massivesynth.com releases Waveforms Volume 1 for Massive

9th September 2010IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality ship DrummerTracks for AmpliTube

9th September 2010HG Fortune releases Alphatron Synthesizer

9th September 2010Ueberschall releases Club R&B (Elastik Soundbank)

9th September 2010New Sonic Arts updates Granite to v1.1 (incl. x64)

7th September 2010Loop & Sound releases Eternity VA Synth

7th September 2010Sample Magic releases Organic House [REX|WAV|AL|...]

7th September 2010Sonoris Audio Engineering releases Parallel Equalizer and Mastering Equalizer plug-ins

6th September 2010NTS Audio updates Minimaler Pro to v1.3

6th September 2010Audiocation releases AC1 Compressor

6th September 2010acid.milch&honig releases stylobox v1.0 and transistor drums v2.0c

6th September 2010The Lower Rhythm releases Signals v2.0

6th September 2010EastWest announces the TeraPack Trial Program

6th September 2010Culture Electronic releases "Gladiator Dance Sounds Vol 1 & 2" and "Vanguard Trance World"

6th September 2010Loomer updates Sequent to v1.1.2 (incl. Mac & Win 64-bit)

6th September 2010eaReckon releases ANALOG87 Series

6th September 2010Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.6.3 (Win only)

6th September 2010NUSofting updates EMM Knagalis to v1.40 (incl. Mac AU/VST)

6th September 2010WOK releases dTUNE - Soft Detuner

6th September 2010Plughugger releases Bassbox for impOSCar

6th September 2010KVR Ten Winners for July & August Announced

6th September 2010Sugar Bytes releases Guitarist

6th September 2010CFA-Sound releases E-Play Divorce

6th September 2010SONiVOX unveils Vocalizer Vocal Production Synthesizer

6th September 2010Ableton announces "University of Ableton"

6th September 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.0.7

6th September 2010CK_Modules releases X-Jupitae and Multi-FX

6th September 2010Vienna Symphonic Library release Vienna Instruments PRO

6th September 2010Hello Robot releases Rocket Punch and BiT BOX

6th September 2010DSK Music releases DSK Guitars (Acoustic/Nylon/Steel) and DSK Darkness Theory v3.0

4th September 2010Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.1.1

4th September 2010Native Instruments releases Komplete 7 and Komplete 7 Elements

4th September 2010Native Instruments releases Five New Instruments and Effects

4th September 2010Meyer Musicmedia releases Synth Pack Massive Bass Drum 1

4th September 2010Daniel Stawczyk (Status) releases RAW for Toxic Biohazard

4th September 2010Soundsdivine releases Electromania for Oddity

3rd September 2010MeldaProduction releases MMultiBandFreqShifter, MFreqShifter and MFreeformAnalogEq (and updates all effect plug-ins to v3.01)

3rd September 2010DSK Music releases TechSynth

2nd September 2010Splurgo Audio releases Cajon Loops [WAV|AIF]

2nd September 2010Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE to v1.3

2nd September 2010Tonehammer release Requiem Pro for Kontakt

2nd September 2010macProVideo.com releases Reason 5 & Record 1.5 Video Tutorials

2nd September 2010Fsynthz releases Clavdium Additive Synth

2nd September 2010AudioSpillage updates DrumSpillage to v1.1

2nd September 2010Nassen updates RaX'n'TraX to v1.4.9

2nd September 2010Sonic Reality releases Neil Peart Drums Vol. 1: The Kit

2nd September 2010HyperSynth releases SIDizer

2nd September 2010Kuassa updates Amplifikation One to v1.1

2nd September 2010Zynewave updates Podium to v2.36 and Podium Free to v2.34

2nd September 2010Audiffex releases Gallien-Krueger Amplification v2.0

2nd September 2010Plektron updates Guitar Amp to v1.11

1st September 2010Peavey Electronics and Agile Partners announce release of AmpKit, AmpKit+ and AmpKit LiNK Electric Guitar Interface for iOS