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A.O.M. updates their plug-ins to v1.9.4


A.O.M. has updated all their plug-ins to version 1.9.4.

Bug Fixes:

  • [tranQuilizr, Invisible Limiter G2] Bug-fix: possible high CPU load and large memory consumption when more than 30 instances in a same project. -- fixed.
  • [tranQuilizr] Bug-fix: very short (1-2ms) pop noise infrequently appears on the head of rendered waveform. -- fixed.
  • [Windows, VST3] Bug-fix: black window when one tries to open already-opened plugin window in Samplitude. -- fixed. We have adjusted our GUI to follow up problematic behavior; Samplitude starts to reinitialize plugin's GUI when plugin window is already opened, but it does not call VST3's attached() callback. As the result, plugin's internal GUI component is left unattached to window handle, therefore black window appears.
  • [Mac Installer] Possible failure of installation during downgrading overwrite installation. -- fixed.


  • [All Plugins] Remove tooltip from status bar and add manual-open button. This reduces flickering impression of GUI caused by the tooltip.
  • [Mac OS X] Exclude Mac 32-bit plugins.


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