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Superbooth 2022Bitwig Studio updated to beta version 4.3 - 'Space and Tone'


The Space and tone update for Bitwig has been announced, bringing the software to version 4.3 (beta), with a convolution device for real and imagined spaces, a new delay and some new and updated components for Polymer and the Grid.

New Convolution Device

Convolution comes ready-made with 270 impulse responses, ranging from 12th-century cathedrals and legendary studio effects to more abstract 'environments'. Using the impulse of a room or hall creates a realistic reverb, however Bitwig's Convolution and content offers much more. You can easily adjust color and tone, or draw your own envelope to reshape the impulse itself. You can also drag and drop anything onto Convolution and see what impossible space you land in.


Delay+ is Bitwig's latest enhanced audio effect. By balancing familiar controls along with a few thoughtful new ones, Delay+ can either add a little character or fully transform your sound. Set the delay in seconds or beats, then nudge each channel a few milliseconds for instant stereo. Pick from five 'Blur' options to go from a lightly animated feedback to a full, blown-out reverb. A Ducking control keeps things under control by quieting your delay cloud when strong signals arrive. Bitwig's nested structure allows you to drop a Pitch Shifter, or Flanger+, or any VST plug-in into the feedback loop.

Polymer Overhaul and New The Grid modules

For Bitwig 4.3, two new analog-inspired modules have been added. Union is an oscillator that blends three waveshapes into one, drifting output. And for filtering, the Low-pass MG imitates both the Moog classic filter and mix buss.

Other modules have also been updated. The Low-pass SK filter is now Sallen-Key, with 16 modes available. The Comb filter has gained a damping. ADSR and two other envelopes now have added modes for Digital precision, or Analog simplicity and feel. All filters get a Q Limit to rein in their resonance, and all oscillators have more phase mod range for more brittle, digital sounds. So, whether starting a sound in Polymer or growing a patch in The Grid, new sounds are at hand.

Additional new features:

  • FX tracks now have sends of their own. Direct feedback routings are available — and clearly labelled.
  • ADSR module with added "bias" out port for a bipolar signal that centres around sustain. Comments can be freely added to tracks, layers, Arranger cue markers, and Launcher scenes — in any language.
  • Linux installers are now Flatpak files, and Bitwig Studio is supporting PipeWire, a new audio system available on Linux. View the full changelog here.

Bitwig Studio 4.3 is now in beta and can be tested by anyone with a Bitwig Studio license and an active Upgrade Plan. All of the updates to Polymer, as well as the new comments functionality, are also available to Bitwig Studio 16-Track customers. The official release is planned for Q2 this year.






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