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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.60


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.60.

Automation items:

  • add option to disable envelope outside of automation items (automation-item-only mode).
  • support preview in media explorer.
  • support various context menu actions from media explorer.
  • fix potential hang when populating submenus.
  • add automation item double-click mouse modifier to load saved automation item.


  • add display settings option to rectify peaks/waveforms.
  • add display settings option square-root-scale peaks.

Spectral editing:

  • clear spectral edit selection on item click.
  • separate controls for fade in/out/low/high rather than just time/frequency.
  • shift+drag of edge adjusts fade of that edge.


  • add option to always create new automation item when writing automation (always enabled in automation-item-only mode).
  • change bezier curve smoothness calculation so that curves are less sensitive to changes in surrounding points (existing projects are unaffected).
  • add theme color for unselected automation item.
  • fix activating receive envelopes from envelope dialog.
  • fix end point behavior of action to insert four points at time selection.
  • generally restrict mute envelope points to on or off state.
  • respect "ignore mousewheel on track panel faders" for envelope control panels.
  • show move guides for automation item edits.
  • in automation-item-only mode, chase previous automation item value on seek.


  • improve hardware send behavior when soloed track sending to another soloed track.
  • improve solo-in-place behavior for receives on folder tracks.
  • improve solo-in-place behavior when both sides of a send are soloed.
  • add option for unsoloed master/parent send when a soloed-in-place track sends to another soloed track.


  • fix ID collision in quick-add FX/FX chains menu.
  • allow VST plug-ins to override escape key, spacebar via effEditKeyDown.

MIDI editor:

  • add actions to navigate by channel, voice, staff.
  • obey mouse modifier setting to select/deselect other notes when inserting note on single click.

Pitch shifter/timestretch:

  • add new menu system for parameter modes.
  • add Rubber Band Library.
  • support loading extrashifter.dll/.dylib for developers.


  • improve behavior of fade shape setting via SetMediaItemInfo_Value () with C_FADEINSHAPE, etc.
  • add GetUnderrunTime () API.

Take FX:

  • improve handling of PDC changes.
  • improve handling of PDC with master playspeed envelopes.


  • prevent storing many duplicate empty state blocks in history.
  • support more efficient encoding of track configurations in history (new undo histories will not be loadable by 5.50 or earlier).

Mouse modifiers:

  • fix actions to set default mouse modifiers for newly-added contexts.


  • move various solo/mute options to Audio, Mute/Solo tab.


  • optimize parameter updates.


  • show correct tooltip when track muted due to envelope.


  • improve support for application/user paths with non-Latin characters.


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