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Cockos releases REAPER v1.12


Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.12.

Changes since v1.09:

  • Project option to use recording format for item open copy/apply fx/reverse.
  • Fixed cut tracks for track context menu.
  • Better locking for midi inputs (should be more stable when starting/stopping them).
  • Updated version of majortom compressor that uses 30% less CPU.
  • Redid envelope UI so that you have the "current" envelope, that many of the controls (i.e. delete, ctrl+a, cut/paste, etc work on).
  • Current envelope shows centerline.
  • Option for auto-selecting added envelopes.
  • Option in prefs to not overlap envelopes (with configurable minimum sizes).
  • Envelope point multi-select, multi editing, etc.
  • Marquee selection works on current envelope for selecting points.
  • You can now cut tracks using ctrl+x when the focus is on the track control panels, and copy them using ctrl+c, etc.
  • Blocksize and latency display in audio status menu item.
  • When in alt+space loop skip mode, main transport shows "Playing/loopskip".
  • Fixed seeking bug in ogg reader.
  • Fixed bug where "autodock fx windows" would prevent you from undocking fx windows.
  • Fixed one-fx-window-mode for master track fx too.
  • FX window shows PDC for effects along with CPU use.
  • Reaverb: resetting playback resets latency properly.
  • Made so cleaning peak values also clears RMS accumulator.
  • Corrected loop selection nudging action labels.
  • Updated peaks display to switch to waveform farther out.
  • Better down-sampling for waveform views, more accurate positioning.
  • Sources now show zoomed in waveforms even when they lack peaks.
  • Options in media item properties to choose new source files, and rename source files.
  • Better save w/ move files handling of peaks.
  • Vis plugins: support for plugins getting project title.
  • Bundled some new icon sets/color themes, removed some old color themes.
  • Included a bunch of sstillwell's JS effects.
  • Zoom in now can go as high as 1mpix/s.


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