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Cockos releases REAPER v1.18


Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.18.

Changes since v1.12:

  • Added full screen mode (press F11).
  • Looping MIDI file timing fix.
  • Fixed routing bug with sends from empty tracks.
  • Better render dialog default filenames/paths.
  • Launching items from render dialog uses default verb rather than "open".
  • Added support for media file on command line (opens new project with media specified).
  • Fixed MIDI bug relating to restoring pitch state.
  • Launch file/folder buttons are now shown when rendering completes.
  • Track drawing optimizations.
  • UI refresh rate option.
  • Fixed window floating fx size bug.
  • Made looped recording add items more intelligently, both for MIDI overdub and normal.
  • Startup audio init works better with certain audio hardware when system audio samplerate pref and project samplerate config differ.
  • Optimized MIDI device open/closing in prefs.
  • Different cursor for fade out adjustment.
  • Keyboard actions for mute/unmute all, unsolo all, bypass/unbypass/toggle FX.
  • Added "send all notes off" command (F3 by default).
  • Marker navigation: previous marker within 0.5s of marker when playing goes to previous.
  • Reafir: fixed stability/quality on >48khz samplerates.
  • Reaverb: fixes to convolution engine.
  • Save as now has optional "copy with trim" mode.
  • Save as with copy/move now copy/move all takes (not just current takes).
  • Fixed envelope point editing showing dB on fx envelopes.
  • Removed (broken) ability to create notes lower than C0 in MIDI editor.
  • VST blocksize fixes, mainschange behavior switches for uad-1/etc.
  • Alt+shift+c = add measure from loop selection (good for making tempo maps for live content).
  • Rendering to WAV will include BWF info for the rendering start time/etc.
  • Open copy/etc now include BWF info for position (when rendering to wav/etc).
  • MIDI events when routed from multiple sources are now properly sorted before written to file/sent to vst.
  • Volume envelopes can be set to chip attenuation only (+0dB max) mode in prefs/editing behavior.
  • Undo/redo sets project to modified status (art).
  • Fixed start-of-playback issues when recording (going from stopped to recording uses prebuffer settings).
  • Fixed/improved MIDI loop selection looping bug where items outside of loop would sometimes get in.
  • MIDI file reader sets current pitch value on seek/start of new item.
  • VST: changed mainschanged process to make certain VSTi happier (hope this doesn't break too much).
  • Updated akoustic night theme images.


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