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Cockos releases REAPER v2.2


Cockos has released version 2.2 of REAPER.

Changes since v2.146:

  • Now includes the new elastique 2.0.
  • Improved looped recording/playback precision.
  • Better looping midi item precision when item length is not a multiple of sample length.
  • MIDI overdub/replace: auto-insert of new items defaults to shorter items.
  • MIDI channel rewriting in sends/hw outs no longer corrupts system realtime/exclusive messages.
  • Looped midi input recording latency fix.
  • Fixed bug resulting in excessive splits when recording using non-overdub/replace to in-project midi items.
  • Rewire slave mode: better samplerate detection/switching.
  • Re-added an old fix for Drumatic3 giving invalid samples (requires extra mainschange cycle on load).
  • Control surfaces: better updating of mute state on csurf track mute change.
  • Better drag&drop support dragging files to some plug-ins (Battery3 for example).
  • Floating FX windows now size themselves to current FX size (but remember their old positions).
  • Option (prefs/buffering/advanced) to disable mmap'd peakfiles (to conserve address space).
  • Changed default reginfo filenames for hopefully better Vista compatibility.
  • CPU meter: can now show RT CPU+graph (to show CPU use used by main audio thread).
  • VST: performance fix for many plug-ins.
  • VST: better mouse/keyboard activation for plugins like Kontakt 3.
  • VST: better handling of resizing UIs when docked/undocked/floating.
  • Dev: new APIs for getting/setting track and track send parameters.
  • Dev: new APIs for manipulating track media items/takes/etc.
  • Dev: API to query BWF info from .wav files.
  • Dev: control surfaces can register themselves behind the scenes to get change notifications.
  • Dev: cleanup of documentation and headers.
  • Dev: easy lookup of command IDs via action list (doubleclick "filter" label).
  • CPU meter: fixed remembering of graph/label visibility (t=19664).
  • Better media item edge snapping with grid at distance, and other items/loop points (t=19704).
  • Fixed a peak bug when using section sources that exceed the source media (t=19010).
  • Clear peak cache when toggling items loop source/loop section from the action list.
  • Improved internal project parsing behavior to better handle corrupted projects.
  • Undo system: much faster loading of big state changes (such as reordering tracks with big plug-ins).
  • Added actions to set selected items playrate to 1.0, item pitch to +0.
  • Fixed duplicated tracks getting the same GUID.
  • Creating sending via the mixer scrolls to the source track when complete.
  • MIDI items: fixed loop indicator rounding issues.
  • Fixed stem rendering filename selection issue causing random invalid filenames.
  • Dev: added API to load/save configuration in undo system and project.
  • Dev: updated undo system to use copies of strings for more dynamic labels.
  • Dev: added GetTrackGUID().
  • Fixed open copy/reverse item giving bad results when switching away during render.
  • Fix for control surface plug-ins reading incorrect config with no input set.
  • JS/ReaNinjam/reaper_ogg now use new plug-in APIs to share code.
  • AIFC support, for PCM and floating point samples.
  • Dev: plug-in API updates.
  • Dev: plug-ins can register API functions.
  • Dev: plug-ins can now be notified of actions, can register named action IDs.
  • Dev: a new smaller API for adding file read support.
  • Dev: context menu HMENU retrieval.
  • Dev: Undo_BeginBlock/Undo_EndBlock() for condensing undo changes of multiple actions.
  • Dev: GetTrackInfo now can query mute/solo/recarm state of tracks.


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