Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.863.

Changes since v1.859:

  • MIDI prefs: fixed bad right click menu statuses in certain instances.
  • VST: updated idle processing behavior, VST 2.3 startprocess/stopprocess support.
  • Missing FX warning dialog shows you the tracks that the missing FX are on.
  • You can now import REAPER projects, ninjam logs, and EDLs via add track template menu to add project to project.
  • Fixed issue with fx automation when stopped and always run FX is on.
  • ReaStream: stream audio/MIDI between instances of REAPER on different machines via LAN.
  • Option to show overlapping items in separate lanes (options menu).
  • Updated formatting of measures/beats timings (less leading zeros).
  • MIDI editor: ruler time display lengths vary based on zoom level.
  • MIDI editor: reduced "end of MIDI" line width.
  • Fixed potential for crash when undoing MIDI editor opening.
  • Fixed reaeq bug showing wrong tab on init.
  • MIDI editor better preserves overlapping notes.
  • You can now set any instance of any effect to a mode where it takes all keyboard input.
  • Undo history now autoscrolls on undo/redo/etc.


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