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DMG Audio updates EQuality to v1.10

DMG Audio

DMG Audio has updated EQuality to version 1.10.

Changes since v1.08:

  • Efficiency improvements.
  • Fix loading issue with Logic 9.
  • Fix bug whereby wrong UI mode was loaded.
  • Change grouping colours.
  • Increase visibility of 0dB on meters.
  • Fix RTAS automation and enable shortcuts.
  • Graph grid brightness preference.
  • Ctrl/Apple+Shift-click on frequency text boxes to show note values.
  • Pagetable enhancements for C24 / ProControl.
  • Fix Digital+ / Mid modes for RTAS.
  • Support for PT9 latency compensation.
  • Fix redraw issue on some macs.
  • Support for Digi ICON/D-Control control surfaces.
  • Fix AU Validation.
  • Improve RTAS UI handling.
  • Improve display of text boxes for RTAS/Mac.
  • Fix AudioSuite handling.
  • Fix processing of long offline blocks.
  • Fix special peaks bug.
  • Fix 64bit UI handling.
  • Fix RTAS sample rate issue.
  • Sliders have text boxes for display/entry.
  • VST2.4 mono version, for convenience.
  • Fix range=0 bug.
  • Double-click sliders/knobs to reset to default.
  • Button added to Setup to save state as default.
  • Mousewheel adjusts Q for all bands.
  • Autolisten uses q=12 pref.
  • Alt-dblclick on the graph resets a band to default.
  • Alt-drag Range/Shift will not change value without affecting bands.


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