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Frank Rittberger's Smidy MIDI sequencer now includes VST 3 instrument plugin

Frank Rittberger

Frank Rittberger has added a VST 3 instrument plugin to the newest build of VST 3 host and MIDI sequencer Smidy.

"Smidy plugin" features several instruments based on 4 sets of multisamples and 16 MIDI channels and 16 audio output busses. The plugin can also be used with foreign hosts.

Meanwhile, there is also a big list of Roland's GS SysEx-messages now known to Smidy, completing the most important MIDI standards for external MIDI devices and MIDI files.

Changes in Build January/21/2016:

  • VST 3 SmidyPlugIn included featuring 16 MIDI channels, 16 audio output busses.
  • VST 3 plugin projects added to Smidy's demo project folder.
  • MIDI mode reset by clicking the MIDI mode logo also enabled for VST 3 plugins, then resetting the plugin's parameter states.
  • Last parameter states of VST 3 plugins are now saved/reloaded in project files.
  • VST 3 enhancements now make Nuklear VST 3 plugin and Podolski VST 3 plugin work.
  • VST 3 pitchname support, now showing keynames delivered by the plugin everywhere inside Smidy.
  • Bug fixed everywhere where values of "VST 3 list parameters" could be selected.
  • VST 3 plugins with more then 127 programs are not rejected any more.
  • VST 3 plugin editor window now automatically pops up when user opens VST 3 plugin device.
  • VST 3 plugin's file location can now also be edited afterwards the plugin was made known to Smidy.
  • Common controller CC #7 Main volume can now be made available as MIDI volume track control for VST 3 plugins.
  • Bug fixed for device panel's bypass button when a plugin handles bypass by itself.
  • Adjusting sample buffer size or frequency doesn't reset parameter states of currently open VST 3 plugin devices any more.

Changes in Build November/22/2015:

  • GS implementation completed: 247 GS sysex messages, 64 GS effect types, 770 GS effect parameter definitions added.
  • Bug fixed inside list editor: clicking into an editable cell while editing another one and leaving it with a forbidden value.
  • and following message box could make further cell editing impossible.
  • MIDI monitor: Improved output of received MIDI events and sysex messages at the MIDI input device.
  • Bug fixed amongst INTEGRA-7 sysex messages: Some pan-parameters did not offer selection of R63-value.
  • Bug fixed which crashed Smidy when starting playback of a sequence with very small ticks per quarternote value.
  • Auto scroll while selecting an area in the main workspace: auto scroll also enabled for left and top.
  • General performance improvements.


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