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Homegrown Sounds

Homegrown Sounds adds 4 Kontakt Instruments to the Circular Group Buy

Homegrown Sounds has added 4 Kontakt Instruments to the Circular Group Buy.

The Circular Group Buy, which has 15 Levels, now includes a Kontakt Instrument for every level, or Bonus Product (which could be a Kontakt Instrument). The new addition of 4 instruments brings the total up to 10 specifically being developed for this Group Buy. There are also 5 Bonus Product Levels which allow choosing free bonus products. These can be selected from a list of 50+ products from the back catalogue. At the time of writing 2 Bonus Products have been achieved as well as Circular the initial Kontakt Instrument that started off the Group Buy.


This instrument has up to 16 steps and 8 lanes of sequencing designed to chop up the underlying loops in real-time with control over Bank, Waveform, Slice and Mode(different time stretch algorithms and Reverse) as well as Volume, Timestretch and Tune. It is designed to be automated via the DAW and so every knob and slider as well as the enable Step buttons can be recorded as automation data, an endless journey of exploration.

It has Randomizers for every Row and Column as well as Global Randomizers, the ability to edit an entire row by using ALT/OPTION key when editing a Knob, individual Row shift left/Right buttons as well as Global Shift. There is also a copy/paste for each column.

Mosaic Bass uses the 600+ Bass loops created for the Group Buy as it's loop source which were recorded using a Precision Jazz and a Fretless Bass. The WAVs are also available as a separate download for use in any DAW or sampler with correctly embedded loop data. In a Later level Mosaic Guitar will be available once it is reached.


Loop Chainer

This instrument is more related to ReaniBass(Level 5) and is an answer to the fact that ReaniBass is a wild animal capable of generating extreme landscapes, but not so good at exposing the underlying Loops. Loop Chainer aims to be the antidotes and takes a more straightforward approach to the Sequencing having a top down, always synced set of Sequencers. It also has 12 different Sequencer variations which can be switched on the fly using the red octave displayed on the Kontakt Keyboard(which can be placed on any Octave).

Although it can also sound as wild as Reanimator and comes with a bunch of Global randomizers which range from sensible to extreme. As with Mosaic there is a version for the Bass loops as well as one for the Guitar Loops in a later level.

It is still being developed over the next few days and so this is a development video showing its current capabilities.


Other instruments being developed throughout the Group Buy include a Sequenced Synth, a MIDI Based Instrument and for the last level a Drum Machine.

Price: $19.99 to join and all reached levels are available immediately.

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