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NAMM 2019Modartt releases C. Bechstein Digital Grand for Pianoteq (updated to v6.4.0)


Modartt has announced the release of C. Bechstein Digital Grand for Pianoteq. This physically modelled virtual instrument is authorized by Bechstein and is available as an instrument pack for Pianoteq 6. Also, Pianoteq has been updated to v6.4.0.

This physical model of C. Bechstein Digital Grand is originally derived from a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano, captured by the Teldex Recording studio in Berlin.

By being physically modelled, this virtual instrument offers several important advantages: a file size of less than 2 MB (Megabyte), superior playability, natural resonances, and access to unique physical parameters to shape the sound to your preference.

This physically modelled virtual instrument for Pianoteq 6 is authorized by Bechstein and captures the brilliant and powerful sound of the C. Bechstein D 282 with its singing, richly coloured voice, suitable for many different music genres.

Claude Debussy once said: "Piano music should only be written for the Bechstein". Franz Liszt, Edvard Grieg, Alexander Scriabin, Maurice Ravel and Béla Bartók also composed on Bechstein pianos. More recently, Bechstein pianos were featured in recordings by The Beatles, Queen, Bob Dylan, and Elton John.

The C. Bechstein Digital Grand is available as an instrument pack (€49/$59) for evaluation in the latest update 6.4 of Pianoteq and in the free trial version.

Changes in Pianoteq 6.4.0:

  • New instrument: the C. Bechstein Digital Grand.
  • Revoicing of grand pianos Steinway D, Steinway B and K2.
  • The VST3 plugin is now able to take into account the "tuning" parameter of VST3 note events (useful for users of alternative tunings in Dorico).
  • When navigating in the MIDI sequence, Pianoteq will restore the position of the pedals.
  • SysEx messages are now kept in MIDI files when saving (instead of being removed).
  • The metronome tic toc sound has been slightly changed.
  • The tempo / time signature of the metronome is now embedded in MIDI files recorded with Pianoteq.
  • When using external reverb impulses, Pianoteq will store (if possible) the path of the WAV file relative to the Pianoteq presets folder, or to the user home folder.


Discussion: Active
22 January 2019 at 3:52pm

C. Bechstein Digital Grand, 6.4.0 and all are new, but Petrof piano was released months ago. You sure you put an emphasis on the right thing?

Ben [KVR]
Ben [KVR]
22 January 2019 at 4:02pm

D'oh. Fixed.

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