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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.1.1


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to v1.1.1. More fixes and enhancements form the core of this release, plus some long standing issues have been dealt with. A couple of problems were introduced in the last release, one in particular relating to using external MIDI devices, and these have now been fixed in 1.1.1. Also in this release is some improved behaviour for loading exported exes and a new Preset String component.

New Components:

  • Preset String.

Updated Modules:

  • Multi Stage Env.

Additions and Fixes:

  • Added new triggered FFT and iFFT components plus converters for complex to magnitude and phase.
  • Fixed crashes caused by using external MIDI controllers and switching between schematics.
  • Corrected a problem that was causing crashes in some hosts, Wavelab in particular.
  • Cured a memory leak in the Decibel component.
  • Infinite loops were occurring in some schematics using streams and feedback loops.
  • The Multi Env module has been updated - it's neater and uses much less cpu (thanks exonerate!).
  • Voice stealing when using the fast release method was causing problems when repeatedly hitting the same note.
  • In exported VSTs, pressing the space bar would allow you to move GUI.
  • Make module should be much faster now when the selection has links to other parts of the schematic.
  • The Multiplexer no longer leaves a DC value when used with audio streams and switching while audio is running.
  • New PresetString component.
  • Fixed a crash when undoing delete/drop/make module commands where modules with properties are involved.
  • Fixed a problem when undoing delete/drop/make module where wireless links are not reinstated.
  • Admin privileges are now automatically requested on Vista machines.
  • Fixed the long standing bug which causes crashes when opening files directly from a download.
  • Fixed a bug in the superseded Mono to Graph component that was causing crashes when loading some older schematics.
  • Corrected a problem with the Multi Stage Env - when zoomed, points close together were very difficult to grab correctly with the mouse.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing crashes and hangs with closing Direct Sound on application exit or when exiting an exported exe.
  • Exported exes were sometimes not showing in the taskbar in XP or on older PCs.
  • Exported exes now appear immediately and provide much better feedback on loading progress, as such the loading screen option is no longer needed.


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