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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.8a


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to v1.0.8a.

Additions and fixes:

  • Triggered Int data was being used at only float precision.
  • Sending sysex was crashing due to a buffer overflow.
  • Fixed a window focus switching problem when using 2 instances of the same exported plugin.
  • Exported .exes had lost PC keyboard MIDI access were also experiencing some graphics slowdowns in 1.0.8.
  • Fixed a cursor problem when using secondary screen.
  • Small fix to the precise counter in the new wave player.
  • The ADSR and AHDSR modules now default to smooth retrigger on, also the ADSR was defaulting to gate on.
  • Changed automation to off by default on the Multi Stage Envelope.
  • Changed the credit in the Stream Power module.

Updated Modules:

  • Wave Player
  • ADSR
  • Multi Stage Envelope
  • Stream Power


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