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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.7


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to v1.0.7. This release introduces SysEx support. The implementation has SysEx coming in via the MIDI In component and going out via the MIDI Out component. There are two new components for translating SysEx messages to and from strings which you can then manipulate or construct to send data back to a device.

As SysEx works in hex there are several new components that help with managing hexadecimal numbers and translating between this and decimal format.

On top of this there are many important fixes and improvements including a fix to the automation rendering problem that was affecting several hosts including Ableton Live and FL Studio.

New Components:

  • SysEx To String
  • String To SysEx
  • Int to Hex
  • Hex to Int
  • Int Shift Left
  • Int Shift Right
  • Int And

Additions and fixes:

  • New SysEx support.
  • Fixed a bug in the Note To Int component that was causing the results to be 1 octave out.
  • Corrected a possible crash situation in the MIDI Out when a selected device is unavailable.
  • MIDI Out device names now align to the right.
  • Fixed a threading problem with float array components that could cause crashes when automating.
  • Fixed the audio stutter that sometimes accompanies changes in preset in exported VSTs via the host interface.
  • Fixed the issue that was preventing automation from recording when rendering in Ableton Live.
  • Fixed a problem with streamboolean types being incorrectly set to stream under certain circumstances.
  • Envelope Control will now allow the process to die when you end the envelope.
  • New option in MIDI to Voices to allow a new voice to be used when replaying an existing note. This prevents clicking when using samples.
  • The preset manager now sends before and after preset change messages when loading presets from file.
  • The Multi Env module has been updated to correct a problem with setting the number of sections when changing preset.
  • Envelopes were letting distorted sound through when no gate connected due to DC value.
  • Envelopes were also not triggering correctly sometimes when used in a host.
  • AHD wasn't peaking at exactly 1 (sometimes just above, sometimes below).
  • Combining envelope modules which hold with differing release rates could sometimes cause the lower release envelope to give negative values.
  • The Routing Matrix was not setting the selected path correctly when changing preset.
  • The De-zipper has been updated to correct potential click problems after changing presets.
  • Many of the knobs in the toolbox modules had their MIDI cc modules connected up incorrectly causing cc automation to fail.
  • The multi env has new polarity options.


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