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Outsim releases SynthMaker v2.0


Outsim has announced the release of version 2.0 of SynthMaker.

The headline feature in version 2.0 is Multi Sample Support. For a long time creating sample based products in SynthMaker has been an intricate and time consuming process. The new Multi Sample modules change all of this and make the process a breeze.

In addition to Multi Sample support we have a fresher look, a refined filter bar, a host of small changes and enhancements under the hood and a collection of new modules and primitives to make life easier. There are enhancements to the Exe export, new code component functions, support for Wiimote input and some big improvements to host compatibility, particularly in Steinberg Cubase. There are other changes too.

There is a new product structure including a FREE version which has no time restrictions. There are other limitations of course but they are generous in allowing you to explore the software fully before deciding to buy. When you make that decision you can choose between the slightly limited Enterprise or the all singing, all dancing Professional Edition. All Standard and Personal edition users who upgrade will move to the Professional edition.

FREE Version Limitations: The FREE version is limited to schematics with 10000 components or less. ASIO and EXE export are disabled and VST plug-ins created with this version will generate a periodic soft hissing sound. Apart from this the FREE version is fully function with no time limitations.


  • Enterprise: £95 / $149* / €115*
  • Professional: £195 / $295* / €230*
  • Upgrade from Enterprise: £105 / $165* / €125*
  • Upgrade from Version 1**: £20 / $31* / €25*

* estimated conversion from British Pounds. ** all version 1 upgrades are to the Professional edition.

Summary of changes

Key features:

  • Multi Sample Handling.
  • Improved Compatibility with VST Hosts.
  • Enhanced Exe Export.
  • Refined Voice Management.
  • New Code Component Functions.
  • Wiimote and Nunchuk Support.
  • Direct Sound In.

In addition to a host of other smaller core changes we have the following:

  • Fix: crashing and hanging when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase and some other hosts.
  • Fix: problem with plugin GUI not initialising correctly in Samplitude and some other hosts.
  • New: option to say whether default audio is selected automatically on launch.
  • New: option to show or hide the MIDI/Audio menu.
  • New: option to show or hide the right-click menu.
  • New: option to exit on ESC key press.
  • New: the about box option has been removed.
  • New: component reference is fully up to date with primitives and modules together in alphabetical order.
  • New: the Developer Mode option has been discontinued.
  • New: string to string array component, provides a way of making string arrays which contain commas in the individual elements.
  • New: functions for the Code component, pow, exp, abs, sqrt, sign.
  • Fix: search was not identifying matching words in module help text which had capitals in them.
  • Fix: when using a gate the envelope modules now wait for the gate to signal note off instead of the MIDI note off.
  • Fix: the ASIO driver now resets automatically after changes are made in the ASIO settings.
  • Fix: the MIDI In Select and MIDI Out Select modules no longer change with preset changes.
  • New: option to run in background for the Shell Execute component (the default is now to wait for completion).
  • Fix: there were issues with single sample delays which resulted in the delay being off by one sample under certain conditions.
  • Fix: the Signal Analyser wasn't setting the type sometimes on re-load.
  • Fix: when zooming fully out using the mouse wheel the zoom level was getting stuck preventing you from zooming back out.
  • Fix: the Bool to True and Bool to False components were not setting state until after sending the trigger out which causing problems when used in feedback loops.
  • New: sample rate for Direct Sound is no longer fixed at 44100.
  • Fix: small issue with flickering connectors when pasting in the Code Component.
  • Fix: when deleting a module containing either Direct Sound Out or ASIO In/Out the toolbox was not being updated to allow you to add a new one.
  • Fix: ASIO now updates as you change settings where before you would have needed to turn it off and back on again.
  • Fix: possible crash when adding a module containing the Wave Array Read to the toolbox.
  • Fix: there was an issue with the compression when saving very small schematics that caused the file to be unreadable.
  • New: enhanced update check.
  • New: small refinements to application appearance.
  • New: more compact filter bar with fewer groups but at a higher level.
  • New: the MIDI to Voices now defaults to starting a new voice for each note.
  • New: the 'Using Samples' input to the MIDI to Voices has been renamed and allows you to select between reusing the same voice for the same note or starting a new one (default).
  • New: option on the MIDI to Voices to specify whether repeating the same note creates new voices or just has one instance when MIDI Sustain is on.
  • Fix: problem with not sending the complete sequence of stages when a note passes from on to off in the same audio frame.
  • New: updated MIDI to Poly module to reflect changes made to the primitives.

New Primitives:

  • MIDI to Multi Voice.
  • SFZ Parser.
  • Audio Devices.
  • Audio Select.
  • Set Sample Rate.
  • Exe Quit.
  • Exe Zoom.
  • Open ASIO Settings.
  • After Duplicate.
  • Audio Devices.
  • Audio Select.
  • Direct Sound In.
  • Exe Zoom.
  • Exe Quit.
  • Float Array Abs.
  • Float Array Subtract.
  • Float Queue.
  • Hex To String.
  • Int Stack.
  • Int Queue.
  • Max Float Array.
  • Mono to Graph (dual, quad and oct).
  • Set Sample Rate.
  • String Stack.
  • String To Hex.
  • String Queue.
  • Subtract from Float Array.
  • Wii Nunchuk.
  • Wiimote.
  • Wiimote IR.
  • XBox360.
  • Trigger Blocker for String, Int and Bool.

New Modules:

  • Audio Selector.
  • Auto Correlation.
  • Bool Changed.
  • Clipper.
  • Cross Correlation.
  • De-threader.
  • Dual Scope.
  • FM De-modulator.
  • FM Modulator.
  • FFT Display.
  • Float Changed.
  • Hysteresis Gate.
  • Int Changed.
  • Inverse Kinematics.
  • Key Pad.
  • LED Green.
  • LED Red.
  • LED Yellow.
  • LED Knob.
  • Mono Boolean Readout.
  • Phase Invert.
  • PID.
  • PWM.
  • Running Average.
  • Sample Rate Selector.
  • Storage Scope.
  • Stream Abs.
  • String Changed.
  • Trigger Counter.
  • Trigger Delay.
  • Trigger Pulse.
  • Multi Sample.
  • Multi Sample Advanced.
  • Display Window.
  • Audio Menu.


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