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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v2.0.1


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to version 2.0.1. This update corrects a number of issues introduced in the 2.0 release.

With version 2.0, Outsim made changes to the way that the code stages work. As a result stage(2) is now the default stage, not stage(1). This means that code components may need to be recompiled in order for the code section to work properly. This update now does this automatically on loading files created in 2.0 or earlier.

In addition, for advanced users who make use of the stage commands explicitly any stage(1) references are now automatically changed to stage(2). A dialog will show to inform you if such changes have been made. Note again that this will only happen for files created in 2.0 or earlier. Files saved with 2.0.1 will then be treated as normal.

Outsim discovered that in upgrading their compiler the optimisation settings were not copied across correctly. This was due to a bug in the project conversion process in the compiler software itself. The effect of this was that some processes in SynthMaker were working less efficiently than they should causing some operations to be sluggish and others to use more CPU. A particular example is in the Wave Osc where, when using a 1024 or higher number of points the drawing interaction was decidedly slow. Exported VST and EXE sizes were also affected. This has been corrected now.

Summary of changes:

  • Fix: Code components loaded from schematics created in previous versions are now automatically recompiled.
  • Fix: Starting up from a schematic which uses timers was sometimes causing the toolbox to load slowly.
  • Fix: As the new default stage is 2 references to stage(1) in old schematics are converted to stage(2) on loading.
  • Fix: Compiler optimisations were not being applied causing some operations to be sluggish or use higher cpu.
  • Fix: As a result of the optimisations being applied correctly exported exe and VST sizes have been reduced.
  • Fix: We inadvertently included the wrong version of the PWM module in the 2.0 release, this has now been updated.


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