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Outsim updates Synthmaker to v2.0.4


Outsim has updated Synthmaker to version 2.0.4.

This release addresses some issues with the recent changes to the trigger system that can occur in some special circumstances. Some people found that the new system was switched off. To check this you can hold SHIFT+CTRL+ALT then press T and the resulting dialog box will allow you to switch between the new system and the old system.

There are some improvements and fixes for exported exes including the use of Direct Sound In and access to multiple inputs and outputs. On top of this there are a number of other small fixes.

Details of changes:

  • Fix: bug which caused chained Rotate components to produce a different result when a module wasn't selected.
  • Fix: bug in the new trigger system changes that caused some unexpected results to occur in a narrow set of circumstances.
  • Fix: switching the new trigger changes off didn't change the Switch components back correctly.
  • Fix: problem with multiple thread handling in the new frozen link system that caused frozen links to appear when they shouldn't.
  • Fix: exported exes with more than 2 mono ins or outs were ignoring those additional connectors.
  • Fix: multiple boolean outputs transmitted wirelessly to the same input were not combining correctly.
  • Fix: the Trigger Div component wasn't updating when linking or unlinking a value to the divisor input.
  • Fix: the toolbox page was not resetting back to the first when typing in the search box.
  • Fix: template connectors are now assumed to be Mono in a module that is exported as exe.
  • Fix: when a module output is not connected to anything internally it wasn't reverting to a template connector after loading or copy and paste.
  • Fix: if you had mono inputs but no mono outputs on an exported exe the required DS or ASIO out wasn't being created and no data was flowing.
  • New: direct sound in is now available in exported exes.


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