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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.9.4

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth to v2.9.4, a bug-fix release.


  • Fixed Bug 0098 Signal flow object mode cannot be changed in Mac Sierra.
  • Fixed Bug 0099 Detune save default not being loaded for new plugin track.
  • Fixed Bug 0100 LFO ADSR Release phase frequency not modulating.
  • Fixed Bug 0103 Solidtrax Preset button stops working after select a modulation.
  • Fixed Bug 0126 Timing is off at note start if modulate LFO Period with Envelope.
  • Fixed Bug 0127 Highlight modulation slat when mouse is over target dial.
  • Fixed Bug 0129 Modulator list should show if each is used or not used.
  • Fixed Bug 0130 Noise volume does not follow note velocity.
  • Fixed Bug 0132 Mulab CPU goes up after last note if master EQ enabled.
  • Fixed Bug 0133 Reverb sounds different after preset loaded if decay set to zero.
  • Fixed Bug 0134 RSH cycle period is off by one when applied to wave index.
  • Fixed Bug 0135 Added channel pressure as modulator along side after touch.
  • Fixed Bug 0137 Noise volume is zero for oscillator copied with ADSR on noise.
  • Fixed Bug 0138 Envelope is not aligned to song if Period is host automated.
  • Fixed Bug 0139 Improved realism of Reverb at low values of Distance and Decay.
  • Fixed Bug 0140 Wave tables cannot be loaded in Mac Sierra.
  • Fixed Bug 0141 Added Visual Studio build ID to the GUI version string.
  • Fixed Bug 0142 Host slows down with CPU overload if BPM is automated in real time.
  • Fixed Bug 0143 Envelope segment type cannot be changed in Mac OS X.
  • Fixed Bug 0144 Browser preset path not being saved in Mac OS X.
  • Fixed Bug 0145 Pitch Octave dial automation is performed in semitone steps.
  • Fixed Bug 0146 Make wave table dials animate for modulation if playing live.


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