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Syntheway releases Vox Quantizer - Stereo Chorus Effect for Windows and macOS

Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Syntheway has announced the release of Vox Quantizer, a 4-voice stereo chorus effect for macOS and Windows in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats.


  • Rate: Sets the speed of the pitch modulation.
  • Depth: Adjusts the depth of the pitch modulation.
  • Delay: Adjusts the minimum delay time of the delay line.
  • Feedback: An extra smooth regeneration of delay.
  • Phase: Adjusts the phase difference between the left and right sinusoidal waveforms of low-frequency oscillators.
  • Voices: Sets the total number of voices used in the effect by switching to two or four delay line 'taps' or voices.
  • Dry/Wet: Sets the balance between the unprocessed (dry) signal and the processed (wet) signal that will be blended.
  • Preset Manager: Browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • 24 Presets, including a vocal doubler and voice multiplier options to enhance a vocal track by doubling or multiplying vocals artificially, which adds richness and variety by switching the number of oscillator voices.

Price: $24.90.




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