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Syntheway releases Spherator FM - Frequency Modulation Synthesizer for Windows and macOS

Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Syntheway has released Spherator FM, a frequency modulation synthesizer.


  • Four FM operators. Each operator includes a sine wave oscillator that has its own ADSR envelope generator, fine pitch, octave and note selector, to interact with each operator below them with signals routed to the master output.
  • Modulation matrix. Offers freely assignable modulations. To produce subtle modulation changes, each operator depth value (modulator) is sent to operator phase modulator (carrier).
  • Four built-in effects: flanger, delay, reverb and drive boost.
  • Preset manager. Built-in browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • 40 Presets.

Price: $43.90.


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