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Nov 10
RT @kvraudio: Syntheway releases Aeternus Brass v2.0 for Windows and v2.2 for macOS with VST3 support https://t.co/2jaVnvjdov @syntheway
Nov 9
『Aeternus Brass VST, VST3, Audio Unit Plugins』 ⇒ https://t.co/iLvi36PeCj #アメブロ via @ameba_official

Syntheway was founded in August 2004 by Daniel Laiseca and has been developing professional audio plug-ins for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems, offering software synthesizers and samplers for computer-based music production environments.

Syntheway brings this groundbreaking technology to the musician, in the form of a software instrument, combining advanced sampling engine based on real instruments multi-sampled and synthesizing techniques to create natural, synthetic and hybrid sounds.

Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg and Audio Units by Apple, are formats that enable to Digital Audio Workstations the addition of these virtual instruments and effects to applications for the production of music. They are playable from a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller via music software host application.

The name Syntheway is a portmanteau of the words 'synthesizer' and 'way', as a path or method to create music through their software.

Zephyrus is a hybrid synthesizer that combines an analog synthesis engine and SoundFont oscillator to produce lead and bass synth as well as complex pads and background sounds.


  • SoundFont Oscillator: The SFO Uses the raw samples in a soundfont file (*.SF2) as waveforms. Samples can be arranged into Banks, Patches, Key and Velocity zones.
  • 2 Digitally Controlled Oscillator - DCO - with 3 selectable waveforms (Saw, Triangle, Pulse) have knobs to control the octave (4' 8' 16'), and interval.
  • 2 Digitally Controlled Filter - DCF - A) with control over cutoff, contour amount, FM mod and emphasis. B) with control over ADSR envelope generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release).
  • Mixer, controlling Oscillators A & B, master volume, Filter mod and Tracking rate.
  • LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) with 2 selectable waveforms (Triangle & Pulse).
  • Loudness Contour with control over ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release).
  • Distortion Unit (Waveshaper): A wave distortion effect which maps input to output values using flexible spline-based graph. Distorts the input depending on a transfer function you draw by dragging the control points with your mouse.
  • Portamento (Glide) Control: affects pitch transitions. A gliding effect that allows a sound to change pitch at a gradual rate, rather than abruptly, when a new key is pressed or MIDI note sent. When turned to the far left, there are no pitch transitions - new notes immediately play at their "correct" pitch. If turned to the right, the glide time increases - new notes are triggered at the pitch of the previous note, and then gradually glide to the pitch of the played note, quickly or slowly, depending on the setting of this knob.
  • Delay Effect Built-in: with Modulation (Varies the delay time dynamically- 0 to 10V) and Amount of Feedback controls.
  • On-screen MIDI keyboard that can be played with the mouse, or keyboard (Q is Middle-C, Z two Octaves lower) The 'T' on the left of the keyboard sets Toggle Mode where each key stays held until you click it a second time.
  • 76 internal presets (Pre-programmed sounds).
  • Possibility of turn the Synth into Mono Mode and Retrigger switch.
  • Hint Property: Tool tip when the mouse is over a control. You can mouse over any of the controls anywhere in Zephyrus and this will display a short description of what that control does.
  • One-panel Graphical User Interface.


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10 Nov 2018Syntheway releases Aeternus Brass v2.0 for Windows and v2.2 for macOS with VST3 support 28 Oct 2018Syntheway releases Synthphonica Strings v3.0 for Mac & Win with VST3 support 4 Oct 2018Syntheway updates Banjodoline to v2.0 with VST3 support 13 Sep 2018Syntheway releases Chordophonet Virtual Harp and Hammered Dulcimer v2.0 for Windows 20 Aug 2018Syntheway releases Echo Chamber Reverb and Delay VST effect plugin for Windows 3 Aug 2018Syntheway releases Virtual Room Reverb v2.0 for Windows 25 Jun 2018Syntheway releases Sonicircuit Stereo Flanger VST effect plugin for Windows 3 Jun 2018Syntheway releases Magnus Choir v2.0 for Windows 28 Apr 2018Syntheway releases Virtual Sitar v2.0 for Windows 22 Jan 2018Syntheway releases ShamiKoto - Virtual Koto and Shamisen VST Instrument for Windows 26 Oct 2017Syntheway releases GuitarTempus - Virtual Guitar VST Instrument for Windows 16 Aug 2017Syntheway releases Akkordica Virtual Accordion, Harmonica and Melodica VST instrument for Windows 2 May 2016Syntheway releases Bassesland Electric, Acoustic and Synth Bass VST instrument for Windows 7 Apr 2016Syntheway updates DAL Flute to v3.0 for Windows 21 Mar 2016Syntheway updates Organux to v1.2 for Windows 17 Mar 2016Syntheway updates Fantasize SoundFont Player to v2.6 for Windows 11 Mar 2016Syntheway updates Harmodion to v1.1 for Windows 8 Mar 2016Syntheway updates Zephyrus to v1.2 for Windows 6 Mar 2016Syntheway updates Master Hammond B3 Organ to v2.3 for Windows 8 Oct 2015Syntheway updates Realistic Virtual Piano to v3.0 for Windows

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