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Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Syntheway was founded in August 2004 by Daniel Laiseca and has been developing professional audio plug-ins for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems, offering VST, VST3 and Audio Units formats for computer-based music production environments.

Syntheway brings this groundbreaking technology to the musician, in the form of a software instrument, combining advanced sampling engine based on real instruments multi-sampled and synthesizing techniques to create natural, synthetic and hybrid sounds.

Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg and Audio Units by Apple, are formats that enable to Digital Audio Workstations the addition of these virtual instruments and effects to applications for the production of music. They are playable from a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller via music software host application.

The name Syntheway is a portmanteau of the words 'synthesizer' and 'way', as a path or method to create music through its software.

Products by Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Latest reviews of Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments products

Reviewed By drak
February 19th, 2021

Basic but solid step sequencer, especially due to the set of preset sounds. The waveform shaper is an useful and interesting tool to modulate the right and left channels, getting a great array of combinations and a stereo perspective manipulation.

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Pianotrone Virtual Grand Piano
Reviewed By vstizer
February 18th, 2021

Pianotrone is relatively small in size for five good quality grand piano components. It has standard parameters to control these pianos and it sounds quite realistic.

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Pianotrone Virtual Grand Piano
Reviewed By drak
February 17th, 2021

Version 4.0 has improved on the previous piano and incorporated some interesting acoustic grand modules that made a good choice to emulate classic acoustics.

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Reviewed By vstizer
February 14th, 2021

It is a good step pattern synthesizer to make simple or complex by using good parameters to modulate it.

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Reviewed By Davidson A & M
February 9th, 2021

This synth is 90% based on a prefab that was taken directly from the Group IO users forum and was created by OVM. At least change the prefab a little and credit OVM for creating the step seq.

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Magnus Choir
Reviewed By mixyguy2
December 31st, 2020

I have this and like it just fine, but I have v1.5 and from what I can tell of the demo, it sounds about the same, so while it does some very nice synthy choirs, for the most part it's not all that realistic IMO (listen to the demo and judge for yourself). But for about $50ish you're not going to get extremely realistic choir sounds anyway. This is IMO worth what it costs and if your choir sounds are in the background with other instruments or sounds, it could be more than realistic enough! It also has a simple, no-nonsense interface (at least v1.5 does) which I appreciate in this era of "more controls are better" all the time.

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Pianotrone Virtual Grand Piano
Reviewed By audington
September 6th, 2007

A while back, I needed an inexpensive piano in a hurry, so bought this without testing it properly. I wish I had tested it.

Allow me to explain my marks:

GUI: functional but cheap-looking. Not too bothered either way.

Sound: The sound is pretty bad. The consistency between the samples is terrible. Some notes never decay, and continue to loop while the note is on. Other notes eventually decay fully. The loops are sometimes very bad, with very obvious loop points (especially apparent in the never-ending notes...)

Features: It's a piano, that's about it.

Docs: Enough to get you started, and it's simple enough to understand for yourself.

Presets: Lacking a large preset library, but what do you expect for a piano?

Customer support: I emailed the maker about the never-decaying samples and the bad loops, and sent audio examples. I was hoping this would be fixed. After that, I never heard back from the maker. If the problems were fixed I was never told, and I certainly never received an updated plugin with the loops and decay fixed. They have an FAQ and boast free 'technical support', but seeing as the glaring quality issues have not been resolved, and I have not heard back from the maker (nearly a year since I reported the issues) I have to be harsh.

Value for money: Since using it that once I have never used it again. I would advise people to not bother with this plugin even if it was freeware (there are better freeware pianos about), unless the plugin is drastically fixed and updated.

Stability: It never crashed, but it certainly doesn't behave like I would expect a piano plugin to.

Overall, I just wish I had tried the demo before buying, because I certainly wouldn't have spent $35 on this if I had.
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Pianotrone Virtual Grand Piano
Reviewed By WOK
August 30th, 2007

I had the chance to play with this, and I first thought that it must be a joke.

"Realistic Piano" - oh my god! Did this guy never hear a real piano? A Casio keyboard from five years ago had better piano sound built in!

If you know MDA-Piano and you think, you need something better, forget about this one. It sounds like a toy piano that has to be tuned. Even as a freeware I would not install it; sorry.

There are many soundfonts for free to be found in the Net that are better. It's far away from the free MDA-Piano. I was really surprised that someone is charging money for this.

I don't know what I can write more here.
It's out of tune.
There are sound-jumps between the key zones.
It sounds thin.
It sounds strange.
It is not useable in a musical content.
It is not worth any money, sorry.

Other things from this author like Magnus Choir may not be so bad, But for the piano I am speechless. But I must write more to fill this field.
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