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SynthFont updated to v1.604

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont has been updated to v1.604.

Bug fixes in 1.604:

  • The SoundFont Presets list displayed when pressing the “SF2 Presets” button above the tracks was screwed up.
  • File dialog boxes did not display correctly.

Bug fixes in 1.603:

  • Volume and BPM Automations did not work since some time back.
  • The Automations were not always saved to the arrangement file.
  • When you deleted the last track layer, the last MIDI track was also deleted.
  • For a layer track with multiple MIDI program changes, you could not select each program separately to change SoundFont and/or Preset.
  • You could not change the MIDI channel of a layer track (now you can use Slot 2).
  • Some Dynamic Data Exchange functions did not work after update to Unicode support.
  • Using Delete button to delete a note in the Pianoroll could cause an exception.
  • When calculating the length of the tune initially, the extra decay time was not taken into account.
  • It was impossible to locate new VST folders to be added.
  • Many edit boxes with Up/Down buttons did not work well.
  • Many other minor bugs, flaws, shortcomings, annoyances and gotchas fixed.

New features in 1.603:

  • You can now define in Setup / “Files and Folders “ which Configuration file you want to use.

Other changes in 1.603:

  • The “MIDI Program” button in “Pug & Play” now again displays the available MIDI programs as a menu instead of as dialog window with a list.
  • Improved looping of the tune when the stop position was not defined.


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