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Cycling '74 updates Max to v6.0.1

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has updated Max to version 6.0.1.

New Features:

  • highlight patcher object box via double click on inlet/outlet.
  • autocompletion now filters out redundancy.
  • jit.gl.material: messages to open/close material browser window.
  • pfft~: open original patch under contextual menu.
  • persistence of object explorer disclosable headers.
  • autocompletion dimmed text and enter/tab/space/defocus completes text.
  • implement gen access to the object via help.
  • new jit.gen, gen, and jit.gl.lua examples.
  • jit.gl.lua vignette.
  • MSP optimizations on both platforms.
  • minimixer improvements.
  • Gen documentation updates.
  • reveal preferences toolbar item.

Bugs Fixed:

  • keyboard shortcuts working in save as dialog.
  • mxj: outletHigh fixes.
  • documentation browser: now work on Windows.
  • hint: documented delay time of 0.
  • patch cords at edge of window cause no longer cause scroll bars.
  • jit.pwindow: works as a rendering destination in MFL.
  • added missing clues in Max Preferences / Patcher Window.
  • setclock: fixed "mul" mode.
  • bogus objects now respect Object Defaults color.
  • Projects:.avi files added to 'Media' section.
  • dict: 'export' message fix.
  • cycle~: fixes for high frequency setting.
  • jit.displays: verifies that displaymode < count before sending.
  • cycle~: no longer goes from sinusoid to negative DC with ramp.
  • jit.gl.slab: slab processing/parameter fixes.
  • jit.gl.multiple: glparam "color" now works in all cases.
  • cycle~: improvements to sound "quality" differences between Max 5 and 6.
  • buffer~: 'sizeinsamps' allocates channels properly.
  • vst~: audio throughput when no plug present.
  • documentation browser: Forward button now works.
  • vst~: output no longer limited to first two channels.
  • 'Open help patcher' from reference: does not open an additional copy.
  • deencapsulate: now disabled for all UI objects.
  • dict.route: fixed crash for when it receives a dictionary and has no args.
  • Removing objects from presentation mode: fixed crash.
  • inspector in the explorer: now gets the focus.
  • menubar: help menu no longer missing from custom menubar (Mac only).
  • Max For Live: fixes for Live windows graphic issues and crash.
  • waveform~: Ruler BPM now updates.
  • function: 'setdomain' and 'setrange' now notify attrui/getattr.
  • gen~: adding a filename argument to an existing gen~ now loads the file.
  • .genjit/.gendsp files: can be added to Projects.
  • jit.gl.model: fixed matrixoutput.
  • gen patchers: no longer accept inappropriate key commands.
  • plot~: range caption clipping and positioning fixes.
  • text editor: now shows correct line number for initial insertion point.
  • text editing is immediately enabled after dragging an object into a patcher from the object explorer.
  • circular menu pop-up: fixed positioning.
  • color: improvements when using color... in the object menu for objects and patch cords.
  • dropfile: can now resize when corners are very round.
  • Inspector menus: regularized inspector pop-up menu locating behavior and appearance.
  • clicking a separator or disabled item closes a JUCE pop-up menu.
  • attrui: has an icon in object explorer.
  • Gen: comparison == op improvements.
  • jit.window: src/dst rect fixes.
  • audio driver: NRT audio driver now works with new mixer engine.
  • pattrstorage: 'setstoragestate' updates value in param mode.
  • 'open original': disabled for original patcher.
  • slash in path: Max 6 now opens files with a slash in the path (Mac).
  • text editor window: pasting text into jed sets dirty flag for window.
  • jit.gl.render: fixed texture message error from JS.
  • ob3d matrixoutput mode 2 documentation.
  • Inspector menus: clicking on other windows no longer causes crash.
  • oscbank~: fixed 'glitches'.
  • jitter: geometry shaders now work.
  • zl: fixed frozen @zlmaxsize attribute/argument priority.
  • bitsafe~: works properly in Max 6.
  • enable minimum IOVS of 32.
  • windows support for larger patches.
  • MaxAPI framework: Apple AppStore-compatible.
  • nan: fixed issues with average~,atodb~,dbtoa~,sqrt~,ftom~,mtof~,saw~,tri~ and mgraphics.
  • jit.window: support for modifier keys.
  • jit.window: suppress ctrl+click window switching popup.
  • line: fix for erratic behavior in MFL devices while in Max Editor.
  • projects: eliminated file/folder deletion issue which occurred under certain circumstances when moving project files in the Finder/Explorer.


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