Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has updated Max to v8.0.1.

New Features:


Fixed Bugs:

  • Audio: fixed crash when using apple air pods.
  • autocompletion: message box improvements.
  • CEF: framework copied over to standalone.
  • coll: contents available for output immediately.
  • coll: fixed freeze with goto messages.
  • Color: fixed issues with changing color of text.
  • function: fixed copy/paste crash.
  • jit.cellblock: improved dump behavior when matrix is attached.
  • jit.window: fix broken pos and size attr args.
  • jweb: functional for non-admin users (Mac).
  • levelmeter~: fixed single channel dB output.
  • live.* UI: MIDI note name with can be typed properly.
  • Mac app: removed 32-bit option.
  • Mapping: disable mappings in embedded amxds (for now).
  • mappings: exponent works.
  • MC: fixed noise when retyping any object connected to MC wrapper object to 1 channel.
  • MC: help files open from Extra Help menu.
  • mc.matrix~: inlets and outlets initialized correctly.
  • Node For Max: Improved Debug Logging.
  • Node For Max: Improved Max CPU usage.
  • Package migration: does not attempt to migrate when there are no Max 7 packages.
  • pattr: type properly restored when loading patcher.
  • rpnin / rpnout: instantiate correctly.
  • seq: fixed crash when opening file given as object argument.
  • slider/dial: entering parameter range works as expected.
  • ubutton: communicates its value to parameter system.
  • Windows installer: open Max 8 checkbox works.


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