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ToneBoosters Plug-ins updated to v2.8.5; TB FlX released

ToneBoosters has released a new dynamic equalizer plug-in, TB FlX, and updated all its Windows and Mac OS X VST and AU plug-ins to version 2.8.5.

TB FlX ("Flex"), €15.00, combines equalization and dynamics processing in one go. It works just as most equalizers; by moving 5 nodes along a frequency axis, a frequency-dependent gain is defined. In TB FlX, each node has additional functionality, including:

  • The ability to define a level input/output curve (or compressor curve);
  • Attack and release times; with classical or intelligent release curves;
  • Amount of stereo widening.

The compressor input/output curve can be configured beyond the capabilities of conventional compressors. This means that expansion, downward compression, upward compression, positive and negative ratios can be set by moving just a few nodes in the compressor input/output editor.

TB FlX automatically interpolates all these parameters (equalization curve, compressor characteristic, attack and release times, and alike) across frequency in real time, to give the smoothest possible dynamics equalizer behavior. This complete process is performed with no less than four times oversampling.


  • Almost 100 parameters to shape the sound in a clean and simple interface.
  • 5 nodes to control a frequency-dependent gain and compressor input/output characteristic at any frequency in the audible frequency range.
  • 3-node dynamics editor supporting upward compression, downward compression, expansion, and negative ratios. The compressor curves can either be a hard knee or smooth.
  • Each frequency node has its own attack time, release time, and stereo widening parameter.
  • Compressor release curves can either be 'classic' or 'intelligent' for improved transparency.
  • Intelligent widening algorithm – automatically disallowing out-of-phase signals at the output that sound 'hollow' and unpleasant.
  • Integrated output spectrum analyzer.
  • Spectrum editor and compressor editor with zoom functionality for microscopic fine-tuning.
  • Dry/wet control to blend between input and output.
  • Based on the VST 2.4 specification to allow compatibility with virtually all host programs.

What's New in Version 2.8.5

All plugins:

  • Fixed GUI redraw issue for preset selection in some hosts.


  • Improved bounce behavior in Logic Pro.
  • Inclusion of a new tape model.

Compressor and EZCompressor:

  • Two new compressor algorithms included.


  • First release.
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