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Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.1 beta

Topten Software

Topten Software has released beta version 1.1 of Cantabile, featuring several new features and a few bug-fixes.

New in Cantabile version 1.1

Session Files

  • Added the ability to save all settings on the main screen to a session file.
  • Includes recently used list of sessions for quick switching between different configurations.

MIDI Sequencer

  • Plays any standard MIDI file.
  • Can play using either the loaded VST and/or external MIDI devices.
  • Microscore display shows visual representation of the notes in the file as well as the current play position and loop range.
  • Track list for solo/mute, device and channel selection of each track.
  • Combined with audio recorder can be used as a simple realtime MIDI file renderer.
  • Load Last Recording - loads the last MIDI recording into the sequencer.
  • Automatically Load New Recordings - when enabled new midi recordings are automatically loaded into the sequencer.

MIDI Filters

  • Allow translation and manipulation of incoming and outgoing MIDI events.
  • Can be defined for each MIDI input/output port and for the loaded VST.
  • Channel Map MIDI filter allows reassignment of one MIDI channel to another, or suppression of a particular channel.
  • Controller Map MIDI filter allow reassignment of one MIDI controller to another, or suppression of a particular controller.
  • Velocity Curve MIDI filter allows fine tuning response of keyboards.
  • Controller to VST parameter MIDI filter allows controlling VST parameters from a MIDI controller.
  • Note transposition (keyboard split) MIDI filter.
  • Cantabile automation MIDI filter allows control of Cantabile through a MIDI control surface. (e.g. play/pause/record/output gain etc.)
  • Note to Controller MIDI filter emulates a MIDI controller using MIDI notes events.
  • MIDI Filter "learn" capability simplifies configuration of MIDI filters.

Internal MIDI Mapper

  • Cantabile now supports a simple MIDI mapper that maps MIDI events to either the loaded VST, or passes them to the MIDI output ports.

Support for VST MIDI Effects

  • VST MIDI effects such as chord makers, arpeggiators, MIDI delay and gain effects are now supported. The output of a VST MIDI effect is always routed to MIDI output ports.

On-screen Keyboard Enhancements

  • Ability to capture the PC keyboard. When captured, the PC keyboard always get routed to the on-screen keyboard - even when the VST editor window is active. Press the F12 key to toggle keyboard capture on/off.
  • New drop down menu to select the MIDI channel that the keyboard transmits on.
  • Ability to send simple program changes.
  • Ability to hold keys by pressing the Control key while playing notes. Pressing the 'A' key releases all held notes.
  • Panic button - sends note-off events for all notes on all channels - releases 'stuck' notes.

Output Limiter

  • New soft-saturation output limiter can be used to avoid hard clipping of audio signals that exceed the normal audio range.
  • The level at which the output limiter cuts in can be controlled in the General Page of the Options dialog.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Shell Integration - file associations for FXB, FXP, MIDI and VST DLL files. You can now right click on one of these files and choose Open With > Cantabile, or drag and drop the file onto Cantabile's main window to open it.
  • Volume ramping eliminates crackle artifacts when adjusting input/output gain.
  • New menu command to Stop Audio Engine.
  • Menu commands to launch Windows Volume Control, Windows Recording Levels and Windows Sound and Audio Devices control panel applet.
  • Two new commands Add to Favorites and Organise Favorites simplify creation and management of favorite VST banks (FXB files).
  • Each file open/save dialog now remembers the last directory it was used in.
  • New option Use Plugin Folder for Presets and Banks on the VST settings page. When selected all preset and bank save/load dialogs default to the directory of the plugin itself.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts help command.
  • New option to disable automatic VST directory scanning for quick startup.
  • New filename formatting variables for Session Name, Session Path, Plugin Name and Program name allow generation of recorded files with names matching that of the current session and/or plugin and program name.

Performance Enhancements

  • Changes to audio engine to minimize stalls due to system locks in Windows.
  • Improved performance of many user-interface components including level meters and on-screen keyboard.
  • Menu animations on all drop down menus are now automatically disabled.
  • General performance tuning and code profiling.

User Interface Improvements

  • The program selector drop-down now has a scroll bar.
  • Better looking, easier to use slider controls for adjusting input and output levels.
  • The input and output level meters now display levels in stereo.
  • MIDI activity indicators show (from left to right) input, output and internal MIDI activity.
  • Removed the Options panel, replaced with menu bar.
  • Rearranged recorder panels to use less room.
  • Miscellaneous other minor UI changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for DirectSound drivers failing to start on some machines.
  • Fix for audio recording with DirectSound drivers not working correctly.
  • Many fixes to improve compatibility with various VST plugins.
  • Fix for clicking on-screen keyboard octave selector not repainting correctly.
  • Fix for mono plugins only rendering to left speaker.
  • Fix for several very minor memory leaks.
  • Fix for crash when clicking next/previous program buttons on main screen with no plugin loaded.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


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