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VIP Music Software and Akai Pro update software for Advance Keyboards


VIP Music Software and Akai Pro have updated the VIP software for Akai Advance. This update includes features requested by Akai Advance users and KVR members.

Change Log:

  • Improved velocity sensitivity to the key bed and pads.
  • Pad Learn Mode: Assigning Notes and Chords to pads which will be saved.
  • in the database on a per Plugin or Patch basis. This can be done both.
  • from the Advance keyboard and the VIP software.
  • Multi-keyboard support: Multiple Advance keyboards can be used in a DAW.
  • project to control multiple instances of VIP. Keyboard and VIP instances connect automatically, and can be reassigned both from DAW.
  • Control Screen on any of the connected keyboards, or in the VIP software itself.
  • New Plugin Manager: Gives the user the ability to manage plugin and map library in one place, as well as a the ability.
  • to download new maps.
  • Cloud support: New and updated plugin maps will be pushed directly to the user from within the Plugin.
  • Manager, and automatically import into VIP after download. No need for point updates, or a library of maps on a website, VIP gets them directly.
  • to the customer the second we're ready to release them.
  • New maps: Plugin Maps for Vienna, East West, Omnisphere 2, Hive, and a range of others.
  • Output Routing in Multis: Right-clicking a Multi Slot will bring.
  • up options for Output routing. Routing is grouped in stereo channels.
  • Resizing GUI: Bottom right corner of the VIP GUI can be dragged to expand or contract its size. Additionally, VIP now has a maximize.
  • button to put it into full screen.
  • New Sorting Options:
  • The ability to hide Tags that have 0 patches associated with them, and a Boolean search (Shift-click) that will exclude tags from a search.
  • Expansion maps: Users now have the ability to create and export their own Expansion Map.
  • Auto-tagging on Import: There is an option in the Import menu to automatically add one or more tags to Patches while manually importing.
  • Learn from Advance: Pressing the Shift button and selecting a control widget allows the user to enter Learn mode from the keyboard.
  • Shell Plugins support: Support for plugins that are hosted in shells, like Waves.
  • Multi-sync in realtime across VIP instances in a DAW: Changes to a.
  • Multi in one instance will immediately affect the Multi in all other.
  • instances within a DAW.
  • Controller values saved within a Setlist: When a patch is added to a Setlist, and values are changed.
  • within that patch, these changes are saved within a Setlist.
  • Multi-core rendering: In standalone VIP, in the Preferences menu, there is now an option for Multi-core rendering. This allows the user.
  • to choose how many cores they want VIP's processing spread across. This will improve performance, especially when playing live.
  • Numerous improvements to screen navigation and workflow: There have been.
  • many improvements made to make that workflow run more smoothly.
  • Auto-Load Patch select from hardware: Checkbox in.
  • Settings->Preferences that when checked will allow Patches to.
  • auto-load when scrolling through the Patch Browser from the Advance.
  • Keyboard.
  • Store: The store has a range of new titles available from top vendors. The store location has been made more obvious in the software so customers can obtain their included free and discover premium content.
  • Other: General Bug fixes and stability improvements.

To update please just run your VIP software in stand alone mode and you will be prompted to update at next run.



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