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Wusik releases Wusik Station V9 and updates V8, Wusik 4000 and Wusik 8000

Wusik has announced that Wusik Station V9 is now available.

WilliamK, funder of Wusik, just wrote: "Thanks to the help of users I created a new single-file installer with better compression on all sound files. It also includes all new sounds in a single go. Be sure to check that out. I will soon release an update for V8 too that will be able to read those compressed files so you can keep V8 and V9 side-by-side (for older projects sake). You can still purchase the Upgrade from V8 to V9 at the purchase page, or check out the bundle upgrade offer there."

New in V9:

  • New Wave Sequencer Mode: Drums. 15 Tracks and 4 x 16 Steps Variations.
  • New Wave Sequencer Mode: Notes. For monophonic note sequencing, with 4 x 16 Steps Variations.
  • New GUI Zoom option, for larger screens.
  • New Compressed sound format. The whole library was also compressed and takes less HD space now.
  • New Wave Sequencer Patterns option.
  • New Single-File Installer for Full Version and Updates.
  • New Sample Mapper Editor.
  • Added Copy and Paste to All Envelopes.
  • MIDI Output is now possible from both Drum and Keys Mode (Wave Sequencer).
  • New Modulation options for the Modulation Matrix: Auto Note, Logic and Gate. Plus, the Mod. Sequencers now can be added multiple times.
  • Added an Oscilloscope to the Master Page.
  • Added visual feedback of the Modulations in the Modulation Matrix.
  • Added to the Sample Player interface direct buttons to enable/disable the following: Round Robin to Layer, Layer Key Switching, Mod.Wheel to Layer and Velocity to Sample Start.
  • And many other new features. Click here for the complete list of changes.

Wusik Station V9 Video Overview: YouTube.com/watch?v=leTskLI2CkU

Wusik has also released a new set of updates for Wusik 4000, Wusik 8000 and Wusik Station V8.


  • Changed the Multi-Out behaviour: now you have a regular file and another one with MultiOut in the name. The regular file has one stereo input and one stereo output. And the MultiOut file has one stereo input and 16 stereo outputs. If you have projects that uses the regular file for multi-outputs just rename the MultiOut file to that other file instead. Also improved the code for the regular file stereo output. The Outputs option will only show up in the MultiOut file.
  • Fixed a serious problem when loading the plugin on OS X while the settings file (~/Library/Preferences/...) was corrupted or badly saved.
  • Fixed a problem with Wavetable files and non-Wavetable files getting confused one from another. Now Wavetable files must have Wavetable or PW on the name to be detected as a Waveform (Transwaves) file. If the filename has PWM and PW it will not be detected, so use PWM and Waveform instead. e.g. Pulse PWM Wavetable instead of Pulse PWM PW.
  • Fixed a problem with hosts that has more channels than the engine can work with. e.g. 64 channels when the engine only supports a max of 32 channels (when in multi-mode).
  • SFZ Files: added fine-tuning support via the TUNE Opcode.
  • Fixed a problem with the Glide option not working correctly when you load a preset or project.
  • Fixed a problem with the Wave Sequencer in Mono Legato mode.
  • Added into the Sample Player layers the name of the file when opening the sound layer's menu.
  • Added the new WusikSound compressed file support from Wusik Station V9. So you can use the new V9 full set of compressed files with V8, so there's no need to duplicate files in order to keep older V8 based projects live.
  • (*) Fixed a problem when loading a new sound and not having the Wave Sequencer on screen.
  • (*) Better display of the Filter name in the Modulation Matrix list.

(*) Wusik Station only.

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