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Premium Acoustic Drum Software Plugin by BFD Drums

KVR Audio news items relating to BFD 3

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Alesis unleashes Strata Prime: Electronic Drum Kit powered by BFD22 Mar 2024BFD Drums releases BFD Player - Free Drum Instrument18 Oct 2023BFD 3 updated to v3.4.5 - Apple Silicon Support (VST/AU) and more12 May 2023Top 10 Best Selling Audio Software of 202203 Jan 2023BFD launches new website with 3.4 software update, new user portal, and expansion pack offer19 Apr 2021inMusic acquires BFD from FXpansion22 Apr 2020FXpansion updates BFD to v3.312 Apr 2019FXpansion releases 3 New Geist Expanders (+50% off BFD3 and exclusive ROLI offer)13 Dec 2016ROLI acquires FXpansion - Will continue development and integrate products01 Sep 2016KVR Audio Plugin Boutique Big Giveaway - Win up to $4000 in audio software prizes01 Apr 2016The NAMM 2016 Report09 Feb 2016FXpansion releases BFD3 Demo Version12 Dec 2013Sonic Reality releases “Nick Mason Drums” Sample Library for BFD13 Nov 2013FXpansion releases BFD 3.030 Sep 2013Groove Monkee releases "Blues Rock" MIDI loops29 Mar 2013Platinum Samples releases "Real Blues" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library21 Mar 2013FXpansion releases Zildjian Digital Vault for BFD23 Jan 2013Groove Monkee releases "Country 2" MIDI Drum Loops04 Jan 2013Platinum Samples releases "Real Reggae" and "Real Latin" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Libraries03 Dec 2012Groove Monkee releases "Hard Rock" MIDI Drum Loops04 Nov 2012Nucleus SoundLab releases "BFD Core ReFill" for Reason and unveils New Website19 Oct 2012FXpansion releases Kabuki & Noh Percussion for BFD27 Sep 2012FXpansion releases BFD Eldorado Expansion Pack10 Sep 2012Platinum Samples releases "Real Country Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library"11 Jun 2012Joe Satriani - Balancing Real-time with Non Real-time in the Real World07 Jun 2012FXpansion updates BFD2 to v2.3 - now fully 64-bit compatible23 Mar 2012FXpansion launches BFD2 Sale - Up to 50% Off during March 201205 Mar 2012Sonic Reality and eSoundz.com release EpiK DrumS Bill Cobham and Bob Siebenberg Drum Kits for BFD224 Feb 2012Platinum Samples releases "Rock Legends QuickPack" for BFD2 and BFD Eco10 Jan 2012Groove Monkee releases "R&B 1 MIDI Beats" - Multi-format Loops11 Nov 2011Platinum Samples releases Brooks Wackerman Multi-Format MIDI Groove Libraries15 Aug 2011Zildjian announces Groove Player App, Gen16Grooves.com, and launches new Gen 16 Website28 Jun 2011Groove Monkee releases Metal 2 - MIDI Loops06 May 2011FXpansion releases BFD Dunnett Ti04 May 2011Gen16 Intelligent Percussion by Zildjian launches Special Offer on Digital Vault Z-Pack Cymbals28 Mar 2011FXpansion releases JM Essentials Vol.1 BFD Groove Pack18 Mar 2011Cymbal Masters releases Virtually Erskine - Peter Erskine Drum Sample & Groove Libraries for BFD2 & BFD Eco14 Mar 2011FXpansion updates BFD2, DCAM: Synth Squad and Geist, releases "Myagi: Ferocity" for Fusor and announces "December Half Price Sale"15 Dec 2010FXpansion releases BFD Jazz Maple for BFD2 and BFD Eco15 Nov 2010FXpansion updates BFD Eco to v1.0.105 Oct 2010Gen16 launches Digital Vault with Z-Pack, S-Pack Volume 1 and S-Pack Volume 220 Sep 2010Sonic Reality releases Neil Peart Drums Vol. 1: The Kit02 Sep 2010FXpansion releases BFD Sleishman Expansion Packs for BFD2 & BFD Eco06 Jul 2010FXpansion releases BFD Eco03 May 2010FXpansion announces BFD2 Upgrade Promotion ($200 of Free Kits)29 Apr 2010Bosphorus Cymbals releases Stanton Moore Series BFD2 Expansion Pack30 Mar 2010FXpansion releases BFD Signature Snares Vol.211 Mar 2010FXpansion releases "BFD Heavy" Expansion Pack for BFD 216 Feb 2010FXpansion announces BFD Nano14 Jan 2010Sonic Reality announces 'Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit'14 Jan 2010Interview with Angus Hewlett of FXpansion22 Oct 2009Muse Research & Development Expands Virtual Instrument Support with RECEPTOR OS 1.809 Oct 2009FXpansion releases BFD Cocktail Expansion Kit08 Oct 2009Platinum Samples releases Real Jazz MIDI Groove Pack [BFD|GM]08 Oct 2009FXpansion releases BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 Expansion Pack11 Sep 2009FXpansion introduces Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit for BFD204 Aug 2009Groove Monkee releases 'Rock 3: Contemporary' MIDI Beats Library03 Jul 2009FXpansion releases BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit28 Apr 2009Groove Monkee releases Punk Rock MIDI Beats Library03 Apr 2009Overloud announces Breverb BFD to Breverb Upgrade Offer19 Jan 2009FXpansion announces BFD v2.116 Jan 2009FXpansion announces Japanese Taiko Percussion for BFD2.109 Dec 2008FXpansion releases 8 Bit Kit for BFD212 Nov 2008FXpansion updates BFD to v2.0.5.1003 Oct 2008FXpansion releases BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit29 Aug 2008Groove Monkee releases Power Rock MIDI Beats Library29 Aug 2008FXpansion updates BFD to v2.0.4.17 and releases Demo Versions27 Jun 2008FXpansion updates BFD2 to v2.0.3.1523 Apr 2008FXpansion releases BFD B.O.M.B (Big Orchestral & Marching Band) expansion pack for BFD (1.5 & 2.0)17 Apr 2008Groove Monkee releases Fusion MIDI Beats Library [BFD|DFH|AD]10 Mar 2008ChocolateAudio announces Imperial Drums BFD2 expansion library19 Jan 2008Muse Research announces New Software Running on Receptor17 Jan 2008FXpansion releases BFD221 Dec 2007Groove Monkee releases Blues MIDI library for BFD and EZDrummer12 Apr 2007Platinum Samples releases Andy Johns Classic Drums BFD Expansion Pack21 Feb 2007FXpansion updates BFD to v1.5.4607 Feb 2007WaveMachine Labs releases Drumagog Platinum and Drumagog BFD07 Feb 2007Future Technology Presents releases 1.5 X-RAYted BFD Tutorial DVD22 Nov 2006FXpansion releases BFD Percussion02 Nov 2006FXpansion releases 'Mixing With BFD' - free guide07 Aug 2006BFD now on Receptor21 Jul 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 J beta11 Jul 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 H (beta)06 Jul 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 demo version28 Jun 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.45 (beta)26 May 2006FXpansion releases BFD Converter17 May 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.43 (beta)08 May 2006Groove Monkee releases Producer Packs 3 and 428 Apr 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.42 (beta)28 Apr 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.41 (beta)26 Apr 2006FXpansion announces BFD and Guru Universal Binaries31 Mar 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.39 (beta)08 Mar 2006FXpansion releases BFD Jazz & Funk Collection01 Mar 2006FXpansion updates BFD to v1.5.0.38 (OSX Beta)20 Feb 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.37 (Beta / Win)13 Feb 2006FXpansion updates BFD to v1.5.0.34 (Win)17 Jan 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.33 (OSX)12 Jan 2006Groove Monkee releases BFD Country Beats12 Jan 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.3112 Dec 2005FXpansion BFD v1.5.0.29 now available24 Nov 2005BFD Lite for Receptor now available19 Oct 2005Groove Monkee releases BFD Metal Beats14 Oct 2005FXpansion releases BFD Deluxe Collection10 Oct 2005Muse Research @ AES (More plug-ins & Receptor v1.4)07 Oct 2005Groove Monkee releases Electronic for BFD15 Sep 2005Groove Monkee releases Funk, Hip Hop and R&B MIDI Beats for BFD18 Aug 2005Groove Monkee releases MIDI Beats for BFD and DFHS01 Apr 2005FXpansion updates BFD to v1.0.10.2030 Mar 2005Drumagog 4 and Drumagog BFD announced21 Jan 2005FXpansion releases BFD 8 Bit Kit Expansion Pack26 Oct 2004FXpansion BFD XFL now shipping13 Jul 2004FXpansion BFD XFL open for pre-orders03 Jul 2004FXpansion BFD XFL info22 Apr 2004FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter v1.0.5 & BFD v1.0.8.2 released23 Mar 2004FXpansion BFD v1.0.7.2 released11 Dec 2003FXpansion BFD v1.0.5 (Windows) released22 Nov 2003FXpansion BFD updated to v1.0.307 Nov 2003FXpansion BFD - Premium Acoustic Drum Module released27 Sep 2003

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Comments & Discussion for BFD Drums BFD 3

Discussion: Active
17 November 2022 at 3:23am

Yeah. I worry about the 90 authorization period. If the authorization server goes down (permanently) without a release of a version that doesn't require periodic authorization, that will be pretty bad.

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