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Superior Drummer 2

Newer Version:
Superior Drummer 3

KVR Audio news items relating to Superior Drummer 2

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The beat of a different drummer: An interview with Mattias Eklund from Toontrack29 May 2018Toontrack releases new bundles and classic SDX for Superior Drummer 331 Jan 2018Toontrack updates Product Manager to v1.0.621 Nov 2017Toontrack releases Superior Drummer 3 - Complete Drum Production Studio13 Sep 2017Toontrack announces Superior Drummer 315 Aug 2017Win Toontrack New York Studios Collection at KVR - Last Few Days02 May 2017KVR Toontrack New York Studios Collection Giveaway05 Apr 2017Toontrack updates EZdrummer to v2.1.2 and Superior to v2.4.422 Jun 2016Software.NAMM: Bringing Software Developers back to the NAMM Show13 Jan 2016Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v2.4.301 May 2015Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v2.4.126 Nov 2014Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v2.4.0 and EZdrummer to v2.0.109 Jun 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)28 Feb 2014Toontrack's annual Metal Month to kick off in November – Eight new products and exclusive live stream of Soilwork show23 Oct 2013Toontrack updates Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer, EZkeys and EZmix - incl. AAX for Pro Tools 11 support05 Aug 2013Toontrack Music releases "New York Studios Collection" for Superior Drummer 2.023 Apr 2013Groove Monkee releases "Blues Rock" MIDI loops29 Mar 2013Platinum Samples releases "Real Blues" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library21 Mar 2013Groove Monkee releases "Country 2" MIDI Drum Loops04 Jan 2013Toontrack releases "New York Studios Vol.3 SDX" for Superior Drummer14 Dec 2012Platinum Samples releases "Real Reggae" and "Real Latin" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Libraries03 Dec 2012Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.3.1 and EZdrummer to v1.3.227 Nov 2012Time+Space announce exclusive Toontrack Bundles for November14 Nov 2012Groove Monkee releases "Hard Rock" MIDI Drum Loops04 Nov 2012Toontrack releases Session Drums MIDI21 Aug 2012Platinum Samples releases "Real Country Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library"11 Jun 2012Time+Space announce Toontrack/Roland competition prize worth over GBP 2,20003 May 2012Toontrack releases two new preset banks for Superior Drummer15 Dec 2011Toontrack releases "Library of the Extreme - Fill Insanity" MIDI Library and more "Metal Month" presets for Superior Drummer25 Nov 2011Groove Monkee releases "R&B 1 MIDI Beats" - Multi-format Loops11 Nov 2011Toontrack releases Roots SDX and Americana EZX for Superior Drummer and EZDrummer31 Oct 2011Platinum Samples releases Brooks Wackerman Multi-Format MIDI Groove Libraries15 Aug 2011Toontrack Music releases Songwriters Drumpack 3 for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer20 May 2011Toontrack releases Mitch Allan's "Songwriters Tools EZmix Pack" and "Music City Presets"10 May 2011Toontrack releases Number 1 Hits EZX for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer06 May 2011Groove Monkee releases Metal 2 - MIDI Loops06 May 2011Toontrack releases Miles McPherson Rock Presets for Custom & Vintage and EZmix16 Feb 2011Toontrack releases Rock Songs MIDI Pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer01 Feb 2011Toontrack releases S2.0 Bulb Presets for Superior Drummer20 Jan 2011Toontrack Music releases Allen Morgan II Producer Presets for Superior Drummer21 Sep 2010Toontrack Music releases Songwriters Drumpack 2 for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer25 Aug 2010Toontrack releases Steven Slate Producer Presets for Superior Drummer24 Aug 2010Toontrack Music announces Music City USA SDX for Superior Drummer29 Apr 2010Toontrack Music releases Songwriters Drumpack - Complete Song Structure MIDI for Drums23 Mar 2010Time+Space announces "Buy Superior Drummer Get A Free SDX Expansion Pack" Offer19 Mar 2010Platinum Samples releases Joe Barresi's Evil Drums SDX Expansion Pack for Superior Drummer11 Jan 2010Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.2.122 Nov 2009Toontrack Music releases Custom and Vintage SDX for Superior Drummer 2.004 Nov 2009Time+Space Announces Giveaway: Win Toontrack products worth over £1,00008 Oct 2009Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.224 Sep 2009Toontrack Music announces Custom and Vintage SDX for Superior Drummer 2.022 Sep 2009Toontrack Music and Platinum Samples announce collaboration: Joe Barresi Evil Drums for Superior Drummer 2.020 Aug 2009Time+Space announces 'Buy 1 Toontrack EZX get 1 free' offer14 Aug 2009Toontrack Music updates Toontrack solo to v1.2.113 Jul 2009Groove Monkee releases 'Rock 3: Contemporary' MIDI Beats Library03 Jul 2009Toontrack Music releases The Metal Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer30 Jun 2009Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v2.1.122 Jun 2009Toontrack Music announces The Metal Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer29 May 2009Groove Monkee releases Punk Rock MIDI Beats Library03 Apr 2009Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.1.002 Apr 2009Toontrack Music releases 'The New York Studio Legacy Series Vol.2' SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.026 Mar 2009Toontrack Music announces 'The New York Studio Legacy Series Vol.2' SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.003 Mar 2009Toontrack Music announces the Jazz EZX12 Jan 2009Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.0.211 Nov 2008Groove Monkee releases Power Rock MIDI Beats Library29 Aug 2008Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.0.118 Jul 2008Toontrack Music releases Superior Drummer 2.004 Jul 2008Time+Space announces Toontrack Music Superior Drummer 2.0 competition10 Jun 2008Toontrack Music releases EZplayer pro and updates Toontrack solo16 May 2008Toontrack Music announces EZplayer Pro14 Mar 2008Groove Monkee releases Fusion MIDI Beats Library [BFD|DFH|AD]10 Mar 2008Toontrack Music releases Toontrack Solo and SoundMover01 Nov 2007Toontrack Music reveals sneak peak of Superior Drummer 2.0 - 'The NY Studio Legacy Series'04 Oct 2007Toontrack Music announces Toontrack Solo03 Oct 2007Toontrack updates Superior to v1.6.016 Mar 2007Toontrack Music announces EZplayer Free18 Jan 2007Toontrack releases dfh Superior v1.5.6 and EZdrummer v1.0.211 Sep 2006Toontrack Music releases DFH Superior v1.5.528 Jun 2006dfh Superior now on Receptor21 Jun 2006Toontrack announces EZX expansion packs for dfh EZdrummer09 Jun 2006Toontrack Music announces Limited Edition Add-on for the Superior line17 May 2006FXpansion releases BFD Converter17 May 2006Muse Research announces dfh-Superior and dfh-Custom & Vintage for Receptor20 Jan 2006Toontrack updates Superior instruments to v1.5.320 Dec 2005Toontrack launches Christmas Sale (up to 25% off)12 Dec 2005Groove Monkee releases DFHS Metal Beats18 Nov 2005dfh Superior v1.5.1 released27 Sep 2005Toontrack releases Superior v1.516 Sep 2005Toontrack announces Superior v1.524 Aug 2005dfh Superior v1.4.4 (hotfix) now available31 May 2005DFH Superior v1.4.3 released22 May 2005Groove Monkee releases MIDI Beats for BFD and DFHS01 Apr 2005dfh Superior v1.4.1 released25 Mar 2005dfh Superior Custom & Vintage pre-release discount21 Feb 2005Toontrack DFH Superior - Custom & Vintage announced21 Jan 2005dfh Superior v1.3 released15 Sep 2004Toontrack DFH-Superior v1.3 announced02 Sep 2004DFH Superior AU now available19 Aug 2004Toontrack DFH Superior AU public beta available20 Jul 2004Toontrack dfh SUPERIOR now shipping09 Apr 2004Toontrack dfh Superior shipping in March04 Feb 2004Toontrack dfh Superior announced15 Dec 2003

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Groove Monkee releases Southern Rock MIDI Loops31 Oct 2020Groove Monkee releases Garage Rock Revival MIDI Loops01 Jul 2020Groove Monkee releases Classic Rock MIDI Loops31 Jul 2019Groove Monkee releases Ballad MIDI Drum Loops29 Mar 2019Groove Monkee Releases Hi-Octane Drum Loops02 Aug 2018Groove Monkee releases Doom MIDI Loop Pack01 Feb 2018Toontrack releases two new MIDI packs for AOR music12 Dec 2017Toontrack releases "Power Metal" and "Hard Rock Grooves" MIDI packs28 Nov 2017Groove Monkee releases Variety Pack MIDI loops02 Nov 2017Toontrack releases Hip-Hop Offbeats MIDI for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer31 Jan 2017Toontrack releases Fusion Grooves MIDI and Fusion EZkeys MIDI14 Dec 2016Toontrack releases Black Metal MIDI for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer29 Nov 2016Toontrack releases Rythme Sauvage MIDI - Drum MIDI Pack by Gojira Drummer10 Nov 2016Groove Monkee releases Country Outlaw MIDI Loops02 Nov 2016Toontrack releases Big Rock Drums EZX for EZdrummer 225 Oct 2016Platinum Samples releases Platinum Grooves Volume 2 - Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library12 Sep 2016Groove Monkee releases Blues Classics09 Jun 2016Toontrack releases Seventies Rock EZX expansion for EZdrummer 219 Apr 2016Toontrack releases "Pocket Grooves MIDI" for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer29 Mar 2016Toontrack releases Funk MIDI for Superior and EZdrummer08 Mar 2016Groove Monkee Releases Led Head MIDI Drum Loops07 Jan 2016Toontrack releases Metal Fusion MIDI by Matt Garstka of Animals as Leaders24 Nov 2015Toontrack releases Progressive Foundry SDX and Progressive EZX sound libraries03 Nov 2015Toontrack releases "Post-Rock Grooves" and "High-Octane MIDI 6 Pack" Drum MIDI Content01 Oct 2015Toontrack releases new EZdrummer 2 expansion: Post-Rock EZX29 Sep 2015Toontrack releases Southern Soul EZX - EZdrummer 2 Expansion from FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama05 May 2015Groove Monkee Releases Retro Funk MIDI Drum Loops27 Feb 2015Toontrack releases preset bundle for New York Studios Collection27 Jan 2015Toontrack releases Basic Jazz MIDI - New Jazz Drum MIDI Pack20 Jan 2015Platinum Samples releases "Platinum Grooves Volume 1" Multi-Format MIDI Groove Library04 Nov 2014Aerodrums releases presets for 6 major drum samplers (incl. AD, BFD, EZd, SD & SSD)25 Jul 2014Zildjian releases Zildjian Artist MIDI Groove Library23 Jan 2014Toontrack releases three MIDI drum groove titles22 Jan 2014Red Ochsenbein releases "Modern Metal Drums 1" for for Addictive Drums, BFD, Superior Drummer and EZdrummer (MIDI)12 Dec 2013Toontrack releases "The Rock Warehouse SDX" for Superior Drummer19 Nov 2013Platinum Samples and The Avedis Zildjian Company release the Zildjian Artist MIDI Groove Library20 Aug 2013Groove Monkee releases "Breakbeats 1" MIDI Drum Loops28 Jun 2013

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