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We started creating sample libraries for use in our own various projects. We are focusing on instrument libraries and collections of one-shot samples, rather than loop libraries or construction kits. We have some free sample libraries available, but are working on commercial libraries as well.

Products by Karoryfer

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Bear Sax
Reviewed By EdwardGivens
November 18th, 2022

One cool thing about the bari sax is that the keys are enormous - seriously, some are like dinner plates. And the horn itself is obviously huge and hollow. So even just clicking the keys open and shut sounds really cool. It's my favorite feature of this particular instrument - in addition to that grizzly, low sax sound - complete with growl, we get a built in "bearcussion" section!
Now, I don't think this instrument pandas to those seeking slick perfection, although it sits well in a mix and sounds realistic if played with care. No, this is the polar opposite - what you reach for when you are looking for something different, something with bear-acter. It's really well programmed. Each patch has plenty of keyswitches you can swipe at to add pizzazz. For example, "solo poly" has sustain, marcato, staccato, growl, and "subtone," which to me has more honey, for those gentle Ben moments. Other patches are solo mono, duo mono, duo poly, bearcussion, and bear borg, making it a veritable pic-a-nic basket of sax tones! And you can't beat the price. I like it.

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Virtuosity Drums
Reviewed By Michael L
July 4th, 2021

A free Developer Challenge treat from Karoryfer x Versilian.

Something you don't see very often -- a very well-recorded jazz drum set with 5000 samples and 60 articulations, heavily key-mapped.

Just for snare, you get a stickshot, center, off-center, rim, hand-muted, half-hand muted, cross stick, flam, buzz and roll.

The full kit includes a kick, low/high tom, hihat, ride, crash... AND....tambourine, cowbell, bongo, conga, timbale, agogo bell, cabasa, shaker, whistle, guiro, claves, woodblock, cuica, triangle, shaker, sleighbell, and belltree.

You get six microphone positions and all the crazy Karoryfer Controls like kick and snare bleed, kick dampen, snare-off (!), snare roll dynamics, stereo width, both individual and master tuning, and more that you can read about in the 16-page manual.

And it sounds great, because it was recorded by Versilian Studios (home of the eclectic Versilian Chamber Orchestra for Kontakt, and the free Versilian Community Orchestra for sfz, vst, au and Kontakt.).

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Vengeful Bass
Reviewed By Zig
March 29th, 2020

I bought this as I was looking for a double bass with different articulations, sounds and noises. The samples and approach taken by Karoryfer are fantastic. Great sounding double bass quality played by a true professional. With the heavy introductory discount, how can you not go for this unique library.

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Gogodze Phu Vol II
Reviewed By lawramono
September 9th, 2018

really good drumkit the controls make it easy to shape the drums especially the mic placement and kick dirt. recommend.

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