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News Archive for February 2022

28th February 2022Mix Challenge Competitions in March 2022

28th February 2022Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v10.3

28th February 2022Fanan team releases Zoe 2 - Slot driven groove machine for Windows

28th February 2022Apogee Sale: 40% Off All Clearmountain's Plugins

28th February 2022WIMSS WoodSynth (MPE, multilayer synth) is 25% off during the KVR MPE month

28th February 2022SKnote releases MMG1 - A polyphonic model of a famous mono synth

28th February 2022BABY Audio releases free Magic Dice and Magic Switch AUv3 plugins for iOS

28th February 2022UnitedPlugins DIFIX discounted by 50% + free bonus (Electrum Core)

28th February 2022Orchestral Tools release Habitat by Dominik Eulberg

28th February 2022Revealed Recordings releases Melodic House Kits Vol. 1

27th February 2022Rast Sound releases 'Cyber X' for Kontakt with intro offer

27th February 2022Synapse Audio updates Obsession to v1.2

27th February 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrumLeveler, MGranularMB, MVibratoMB and MWaveShaperMB

26th February 2022Sound Magic updates Amati Violin, China Impression and Cadenza Guitar

25th February 2022MeldaProduction updates 112 plug-ins to v15.02

25th February 2022W. A. Production "InstaComposer" 70% Off

25th February 2022Cherry Audio releases Rackmode Signal Processors

25th February 2022TheZhe updates TheExpressor to v1.1.0 and sets all plugins free

25th February 2022LFO Store releases 200 Best Presets Bundle for Discovery Pro synthesiser

25th February 2022Ueberschall releases Indie Rock 4 (Elastik soundbank)

24th February 2022UVI offers 50% off Plate through February 28th, 2022

24th February 2022IK Multimedia releases MODO DRUM 1.5

24th February 2022Sounds And Effects Sale: 40% off Ukulele for Kontakt and Reason

24th February 2022Black Octopus Sound and Matthew Helen release "Matthew Helen - If I"

24th February 2022Eplex7 DSP releases Klerphonik Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer for Windows VST

24th February 2022Digital Brain Instruments updates "Oscar" Complex Multi-Oscillator & Noise Generator to v1.2

23rd February 2022ThaLoops releases Apparition hip hop, rnb, pop music production loop set

23rd February 2022Pluginguru updates Unify to v1.8 - Adds Random Patch Selection, updated search tools and more

23rd February 2022Soundiron releases "Hi Fives" - Body, hand and mouth percussion for Kontakt

23rd February 2022G-Sonique Darkpsy FX466 Intro Price: 24.90 Eur

23rd February 2022Whatabaudio releases Crime Fundamentals 2 - a cinematic soundset for u-he Zebra 2

23rd February 2022Alonso Sound releases "Old Skool Synths Vol. 1" for Spire

23rd February 2022Positive Grid announces Spark MINI – Smart, Battery-Powered Guitar Amp & Bluetooth Speaker with Multi-Dimensional Sound

23rd February 2022Toontrack releases "Buses & Masters" EZmix Pack and updates EZmix to v2.2.2

23rd February 2022E-Phonic adds Apple Silicon M1 support for Invader 2

23rd February 2022SampleScience releases Dandelion Virtual Instrument

23rd February 2022HoRNet updates the free Valvola tube emulation to v1.1.1

22nd February 2022MAAT DR Tools - 25% Off

22nd February 2022JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.3.811

22nd February 2022Sounds of Revolution releases "Moving Particles" Sample Pack

22nd February 2022New Loops Sale: 80% Off Premium Drum Bundle

22nd February 2022PSPaudioware updates PSP Xenon to v1.6.0 with Apple Silicon & VST3 support - 65% Off

22nd February 2022Emvoice Releases Vocoder-Inspired Virtual Singer Named Thomas + Key New Features In Major Update

21st February 2022Zenhiser releases "Demure - House" Sample Pack

21st February 2022Xhun Audio 12th Anniversary Special Offer 2022

21st February 2022Noisebud releases NoLias - a plug-in to help you avoid aliasing

21st February 20228UP releases "8-Bit Melee" Sample Pack

21st February 2022u-he Access Virus A Giveaway

21st February 2022Majetone updates Extended Glockenspiel to v1.2

21st February 2022Stefano Daino updates DSP-Quattro to v5.7

21st February 2022UnitedPlugins discounts Autoformer - 50% off

21st February 2022United Plugins updates "Mirror" Reverse Negative Delay to v1.1

21st February 2022Revealed Recordings releases Techno Kicks Vol. 1

20th February 2022Audio Nebula updates Aurora FM to v1.3 for Windows and Linux

20th February 2022Emvoice launches $59 flash sale for vocoder virtual singer voice, Thomas

20th February 2022HelloSamples releases "Electro Labyrinth" & "Evil Nightmares" with 20% intro discount

19th February 2022Press Play adds Auto Zoom to Wave Observer Pro

19th February 2022Fanan team updates Callisto arranger to v1.8 and releases stand alone version for Windows

19th February 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboComp, MDynamicEq, MSaturatorMB and MCombMB

18th February 2022ProSoundz releases "Monte Carlo Samples"

18th February 2022Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Crotales

18th February 2022Tone2 Audio updates Gladiator for Windows to v3.1.5

18th February 2022PSPaudioware updates PSP Saturator, PSP NobleQ & PSP NobleQex

18th February 2022Native Instruments releases Session Bassist - Prime Bass in collaboration with Drumasonic

18th February 20222RuleSynth v2.0 Released

18th February 2022The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Oblique: Dark Cello Explorations for Kontakt

18th February 2022W. A. Production releases "Heat 2" Double-Distortion Plug-in

18th February 2022Cherry Audio updates Voltage Modular to v2.5.3 - Apple M1 Support

18th February 2022New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v2.126 with Native Apple Silicon support

18th February 2022Sound Magic releases Cadenza Cello v2.0 and updates Legendary Hu to v1.2

18th February 2022root-sounds releases Synclavier sample library

18th February 2022ModeAudio releases 'Miniscule Ambient Samples'

18th February 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin updates UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine) to v1.1 for Windows

18th February 2022Fuse Audio Labs Weekend Sale - Get 50% Off

17th February 2022Kuassa Efektor Week: All Efektor Guitar FX Plug-ins $15 each

17th February 2022Big Fish Audio Presidents Day Sale - Up To 30% Off Loops & Virtual Instruments

17th February 2022Physical Audio releases "Preparation" Physical Modelling Instrument with Intro Offer

17th February 2022AudioThing releases Noises - Creative texture instrument

17th February 2022RJ Studios updates SideMinder 2 and SideMinder ME2 with Apple Silicon Support

17th February 2022Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v6.7.0 - Apple Silicon, macOS Monterey & Windows 11 support

17th February 2022Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2022.02

17th February 2022SampleSumo updates SaltyGrain to v1.2: new per-grain filtering feature + native Apple Silicon support

17th February 2022HoRNet releases SAMP - Virtual Master Bus for Dolby Atmos

17th February 2022zplane updates deCoda to v1.3.0

17th February 2022Digital Brain Instruments releases Batch Pro 2 - Batch Processing Tool for Mac & Win

17th February 2022Symphony Desktop February 2022 Release – All Apogee FX Rack Plugins on Hardware DSP

16th February 2022Organic Instruments announces Multi-Seat Licensing for Grand Piano

16th February 2022Alonso Sound releases "Trance Plucks Vol. 1" for Spire

15th February 2022Impact Soundworks releases Bass Sculptor Audio Plugin

15th February 2022Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio 4.2

14th February 2022KVR Marketplace Worldwide Exclusive - Magix Sound Forge Pro 15 $199 Feb 14 - 27

14th February 2022Zenhiser releases "Lofi Hip Hop 3" Sample Pack

14th February 2022MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.3.3

14th February 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Arps Vol. 1" for Serum

14th February 2022New Loops releases "Pounding Techno Kicks" with 30% off intro offer

14th February 20222B Played Music releases 2B Clipped 3 VST3/AU plug-in with Intro Offer

14th February 2022CMP Valentine's Day Sale – Up To 70% Off

14th February 2022Nembrini Audio releases Hivolt 103 Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

14th February 2022HoRNet Valentine's Day Sale: Up To 50% Off

14th February 2022Baby Audio Spaced Out Spotlight Sale

14th February 2022Sonible Valentine's Day Sale - Save up to 35%

13th February 2022UnitedPlugins FrontDAW Lightweight Saturator Plug-in - 50% Off

13th February 2022Fanan team releases Yumbu 3 - A free slot driven drum sampler

13th February 2022beatassist.eu releases AFX 2 - Acoustics Frequency Xperience 2 Drum Machine

13th February 2022Sound Gardxn Valentine's Day Sale

12th February 2022Mavrik Sounds Vintage Movie Cuts - 50% Off

12th February 2022Martinic's Valentine's Sale - 33% Off All Plugins

12th February 2022Oblivion Sound Lab releases Neon Circuits 2 soundset for Diva

11th February 2022Blue Cat Audio updates free Gain Suite and Triple EQ Plug-ins

11th February 2022Xhun Audio ZeroBox - Analogue Modeled Bass Line Synthesizer available with -50% Intro Offer

11th February 2022Surreal Machines updates all Plug-ins with Apple Silicon Support and Resizable UIs

11th February 2022Signum Audio updates SKYE Dynamics 3-in-1 Processor Plug-in to v1.0.1

11th February 20228UP releases "8-Bit Money" Sample Pack

11th February 2022Muletone Audio February Sale: Samba Essential Bundle and more - up to 40% off

11th February 2022Devicemeister releases StepicVST 1.0 - Step and Modulation Sequencer (VST3 & AU)

11th February 2022Artificial Audio updates Obelisk and Quartz to v1.2 - Support for Apple Silicon / M1 and Windows

11th February 2022Ueberschall releases Downtempo Guitar (Elastik soundbank)

11th February 2022Monosounds Studio releases free "Unwritten Melodies" MIDI Pack

11th February 2022Konstantin Klem releases "An Epic Journey" soundbank for Arturia Pigments

11th February 2022Sound Magic releases Neo Piano Chapters: Horowitz Steinway and updates China Qin Trio and Classical Guitar

10th February 2022Reveal Sound Valentine's Day Sale

10th February 2022Benoît Pioulard releases signature sound pack on Intimate Noise

10th February 20222B Played Music offers 35% discount on all plugin bundles

10th February 2022ROLI tease new Seaboard MPE controller

10th February 2022TAQS.IM updates Solo with MPE Support and New World & Oriental Sounds

10th February 2022Tritik updates Krush

10th February 2022Bunker Strings Back To Intro Pricing

10th February 2022Rast Sound releases 'Master Kanun' for Kontakt with intro offer

10th February 2022Martinic releases "Holoserica" and "Status" Preset Collections for AX73

10th February 2022UVI releases "Vintage Vault 4" with introductory offer

10th February 2022AudioThing updates miniBit and miniVerb - 8-bit/Chiptune Plugins

10th February 2022IK Presidents of Tone - Signature artist collections as low as $/€39.99

9th February 2022INTERNET Co. releases "V Monitor" VST/AU Plug-in to emulate five different types of speaker

9th February 2022Alonso Sound releases "Reese Jerky" for Serum

9th February 2022Bob Moog Foundation launches Raffle for Vintage Minimoog Model D Signed by Herb Deutsch

9th February 2022Blåfot-Produktion releases MidiVideoPlayer VST v1.0

9th February 2022eXtream Software Development releases Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v5 for iOS

9th February 2022Tom Wolfe releases cinematic soundbank Valere for Arturia Pigments

9th February 2022TheZhe releases TheExpressor - Free Colored Dynamics Processor

9th February 2022Digital Brain Instruments releases vPlayer 3 - Free Simple VST/AU Host

9th February 2022Minimal Audio releases Rift 2.0

8th February 2022Vienna Symphonic Library releases Big Bang Orchestra: Altair

8th February 2022Arturia Software Half Price for Producers Day

8th February 2022Solcito Musica releases free SuperTron 6.1 Tutorial Bank

8th February 2022ModeAudio releases 'Machine Code - Serum Sequence Presets'

8th February 2022D16 Group updates SilverLine Collection and Repeater plug-ins (hotfix)

8th February 2022Audio Brewers releases 'This is NOT a Piano' for Kontakt - Sounds fed through a Piano filled with Speakers then recorded in Stereo and Ambisonics

8th February 2022NatLife Sounds VST Synth Presets Sale - 30% Off

8th February 2022Black Octopus Sound Valentine's Day Sale - Up to 40% off Samples, Presets and Templates

8th February 2022Xhun Audio releases ZeroBox Analogue Modeled Bassline Synthesizer with Introductory Offer

8th February 2022UnitedPlugins updates QuickAG to v2.5 - 50% off until February 20th

7th February 2022Zenhiser releases "Halcyon" Sample Pack

7th February 2022Bingoshakerz releases "Proud House" Sample Pack

7th February 2022JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.2.733

7th February 2022XILS-lab updates PolyM to v1.5 - 40% off until March 4th

7th February 2022ossia score 3 released

7th February 2022Revealed Recordings releases "Serum Hard Bass Vol. 2" for Serum

7th February 2022MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDynamics, MXXX, MUltraMaximizer and MDistortionMB

6th February 2022discoDSP releases Bliss 2.0 - Sampler and instrument recorder

5th February 2022VGTrumpet releases "VG Ethnic Flutes" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

5th February 2022W. A. Production 60% Off "Dodge Pro Flash Sale"

5th February 2022STL Tones releases February 2022 update for AmpHub

5th February 2022Fanan team release 999 - Free Rhythmic MIDI Arp for Windows

5th February 2022Monosounds.studio releases free "EDM Essentials" and "Hip-Hop Essentials" Sample Packs

5th February 2022SonicProjects releases Famous 80s Sounds collection for OP-X PRO-II

4th February 202212decode updates Microwave Editors to v5.8.6

4th February 2022Tone2 updates RayBlaster for Windows to v2.7.2 - VST3 and more

4th February 2022Soundspear updates all plugins to support Apple M1

4th February 2022Minimal Instruments releases "DamiVoice" Pitch Bending and Mangling Effect VST for Windows

4th February 2022Toontrack releases Americana EZbass MIDI pack and launches MIDI Month campaign

4th February 2022Kuassa Announces Studio Week - Up To 63% Off All Kuassa Studio FXs

4th February 2022Steinberg updates Cubasis to v3.4 - Ableton Link Support and Many Improvements

4th February 2022Black Octopus Sound and Blackwarp release G-House Grooves Vol 1

4th February 2022Tape It adds mixtapes to its music recording app in free update

4th February 2022Ultimate MIDI Plugin Olympic Sale - 75% Off UChord (Ultimate Chord Engine)

3rd February 2022Sounds And Effects Pure Acoustic SE 1/3 Off Sale

3rd February 2022SoundsDivine releases 'Warm Glow' for Knifonium

3rd February 2022AngelicVibes releases "AV Chords MIDI Pack" - R&B Chords

3rd February 2022Soundtrack Loops releases "Seids Vocal Loops" sample pack

3rd February 20228UP releases "8-Bit Get Item" Sample Pack

3rd February 2022Cherry Audio Polymode One Year Anniversary Sale

3rd February 2022UVI "Buy one, get one free" on Falcon Expansions through February 7th, 2022

3rd February 2022TheZhe Deal: 50% Off TheChorus

3rd February 2022Mercuriall Audio "Neon" Sale - 33% Off

3rd February 2022HoRNet updates CLMS to v1.1.0 - Apple Silicon M1 support

3rd February 2022Overloud Announce Special Offers Leading Up To National Guitar Day

2nd February 2022Plughugger releases “Maven” for Arturia Pigments

2nd February 2022Plughugger offer: 50% off Maven for Arturia Pigments

2nd February 2022Soundiron releases Hyperion Strings Solo Violin for Kontakt Player with intro offer

2nd February 2022Abletunes releases Foundation | Strings - Free Ableton Live instruments pack

2nd February 2022Alonso Sound releases "Thomas Gold Serum Soundset Vol. 1" for Serum

2nd February 2022Sound Dust release Bliss Machine for Kontakt with 30% off intro offer

2nd February 2022AudioThing updates Reels to v1.5

2nd February 2022SparkPackers releases EDM BLASTRS - SparkPack for Serum (with Presets & MIDI)

2nd February 2022Rainbow Sounds releases "Vocal Deep House Vol.3" Sample Pack

2nd February 2022ZAK Sound releases Azure Lake "inspirational sounds" plug-in for Mac & Win VST3 & AU

2nd February 2022ANWIDA Soft "Filter" plug-in is now free

1st February 2022G-Sonique New Year Sale 2022 with discounts up to 30% Off

1st February 2022Andrew Macaulay updates Modules for Voltage Modular to Release 6.0 with 22 new modules

1st February 2022Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Django Jazz" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

1st February 2022Time+Space Exclusive Deal: Buy any AAS Pro Series title and get Multiphonics CV-1 and a SoundPack of your choice for free

1st February 2022Patchpool releases "Falcon Singles – Singing Bowls & Friends" for UVI Falcon

1st February 2022ZenSound releases Aethra III for Diva

1st February 2022Dustons releases "Melodic Techno VPS Avenger Expansion"

1st February 2022Ableton updates Live to v11.1 - Apple Silicon / M1 Support

1st February 2022Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v3.2.8

1st February 2022UnitedPlugins releases "Mirror" Reverse Negative Delay Plug-in with 68% off intro offer

1st February 2022Vicious Antelope offers 100 Hive 2 presets for 8€

1st February 2022Samba Godschynski updates Werckmeister MIDI Compiler to v1.0.2

1st February 2022Sampletrip Complete Bundle Sale - 80% Off

1st February 2022inouï samples releases "Sweet Acoustic Textures - Viola" for Kontakt with intro offer

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