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News Archive for June 2010

30th June 2010OddGrooves announces Polyrhythmic Fills: FIVES [MIDI]

30th June 2010accSone releases crusherX-Mac! v1.50 Beta

30th June 2010UVI SoundSource releases "The Seventh" and updates UVI Workstation to v1.1.7

30th June 2010Brainworx releases bx_boom! Mono Version

30th June 2010Steinberg releases HALion Sonic

30th June 2010Keith McMillen Instruments releases StringPort - Computer Platform for Guitars

30th June 2010Sonic Charge launches MicroTonic Patternarium (and announces MicroTonic update)

30th June 2010Universal Piper updated to v1.2.0

30th June 2010BIAS updates PitchCraft EZ to v1.0.1

30th June 2010Audio Damage updates Discord3 for Windows to v1.1.0 (incl. x64)

30th June 2010SynthFont updated to v1.422

30th June 2010Garritan releases Concert & Marching Band 2

30th June 2010Audiofile Engineering Launches MIDI Surface for iOS

30th June 2010Le Lotus Bleu releases Fx Ceremony for Ultra Analog VA-1

30th June 2010Streetly Electronics and Omenie release Mellotronics M3000 HD v1.0.1 for iPad

30th June 2010Plughugger releases Ultra Bass for Ultra Analog VA-1

30th June 2010Voltage Disciple releases "Vol 1" for Predator

30th June 2010Maizesoft updates Maize Studio to v1.21

30th June 2010Audiofile Engineering releases Backline Calc v2.0.1 for iOS

30th June 2010DDMF updates IIEQPro to v2.0.10

29th June 2010Auricula Software updates Auricula Ear Training Plug-ins (incl. 64-bit)

29th June 2010Jasuto v1.2.2 Now Available for for iOS, Android, Win & Mac

29th June 2010Nexoe updates Resampler to v1.002.010

29th June 2010AudioSpillage announces DrumSpillage Summer Promotion

29th June 2010Freeverb3_vst v2.5.2 (SSE) released

29th June 2010Ambrosia updates WireTap Studio to v1.1.1

29th June 2010ifoundasound releases Miksebord v1.0 and LiveProfessor Beta v1.2.3

29th June 2010LinPlug updates Organ for Windows to v3.1.4

29th June 2010Native Instrument updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.1

29th June 2010Digital 1 DJ updates PCDJ DEX to v1.1 Build 7269

29th June 2010Roger Linn Design updates AdrenaLinn Sync to v2.0.1

29th June 2010Full Bucket Music updates The blooo to v1.0.4

29th June 2010PLP releases Fidget House [ACID|AL|REX]

29th June 2010Toontrack releases Beatstation

29th June 2010XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.3

29th June 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.500

29th June 2010Korg updates iELECTRIBE for iPad to v1.1.0 (adds Audio Export)

29th June 2010Akai Pro releases SynthStation for iOS

29th June 2010PreSonus updates Studio One to v1.5.1

29th June 2010MakeMusic releases Finale 2011

29th June 2010Musicrow releases CS Vibes for Arturia CS-80V

29th June 2010Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.9.4d

29th June 2010Overloud releases VKFX - Vintage Keyboard FX Suite v2.2

29th June 2010Daniel Stawczyk releases Light Impressions for SubBoomBass

29th June 2010Cinematique Instruments releases "German Monochord" and "Experimental Box V2" for Kontakt

29th June 2010AcousticsampleS releases OldBlackgrand for Kontakt and updates Kawai-EX-Pro

29th June 2010FXpansion releases City of Drums & Beats for GURU

29th June 2010Triple-D Sampling releases D3 Percussion for Kontakt

29th June 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.6.0.7 and Mixtikl to v2.1.0.18

29th June 2010iZotope updates Alloy, Ozone, Spectron, Trash and Vinyl

29th June 2010Lexicon releases LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

29th June 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Reverb II to v0.95b (incl. x64)

29th June 2010Cytomic updates The Glue to v1.0.16 (incl. 64-bit)

29th June 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.17

29th June 2010NUGEN Audio updates Monofilter to v4.02

29th June 2010Vir2 Instruments updates Electri6ity to v1.1

29th June 2010Faber Acoustical updates Electroacoustics Toolbox (v2.1.9), SignalSuite (v3.1.9) and SignalScope Pro (v2.1.9)

29th June 2010Minnetonka Audio updates SurCode for Dolby E Decoder to v1.6

29th June 2010HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.5.1

29th June 2010Ardour v2.8.10 Released

29th June 2010Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.0.4

29th June 2010Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.6.0

29th June 2010PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box and RealBand Versions 2010.5 for Windows (+101 more RealTracks in Sets 83-101)

29th June 2010Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.0.3

29th June 2010Sony Introduces New Versions of Consumer Software for Creative Content Production

29th June 2010MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.1.32

29th June 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.63

29th June 2010reFX updates Nexus to v2.2.1 and releases 3 New Expansions

29th June 2010SynthFont updated to v1.421

29th June 2010GoldWave updated to v5.57

29th June 2010Voxengo updates PHA-979 to v2.2

29th June 2010VSL updates Vienna Instruments to v2.1.5740

29th June 2010Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.4.9.1

29th June 2010SONiVOX releases Reggaeton Instrumento Virtual

29th June 2010BigTick updates Rhino and Rhino CM to v2.08

29th June 2010Zynewave releases Podium Free v2.31 (and updates Podium to v2.32)

29th June 20107Aliens releases W2 Harmonizer

29th June 2010Fiedler Audio releases Stereoide

29th June 2010New Sonic Arts releases Granite - Granular Synthesizer

29th June 2010Swar Systems releases Tanpura Droid for Android

29th June 2010Adobe updates Premiere Pro CS5 to v5.0.1

28th June 2010FreePlayer Available to Pre-order - models, prices and bundled VSTs announced

28th June 2010SKnote updates Nasty to v1.1.2

28th June 2010Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop to v2.2.2 and announces ES-1 Audio/CV Interface

28th June 2010PSPaudioware updates Lexicon PSP42 and PSP 84 to v1.6.0

28th June 2010Martinic updates Combo Model V to v1.0.1

28th June 2010SyncerSoft updates Syncaine TM-200X to v1.8

28th June 2010Minimal System Instruments releases MSIstrip and HandMade Echo and updates EezySqueeze Compressor to v2.0

28th June 2010G-Sonique introduces Analog Bundle and starts a Summer Sale

28th June 2010de la Mancha updates 8 plug-ins with SynthEdit 1.1

28th June 2010Tekky Synths updates NuCLeoDoM to v1.1

28th June 2010Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack added to "KVR 10 Celebration" Prize Roster

28th June 2010Genuine Soundware updates VB3 to v1.4

25th June 2010macProVideo announces new Live 8 & Cubase 5 Tutorials

24th June 2010Puremagnetik releases Phazeform Vol. 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic

24th June 2010Ametrine Audio announces Complete Bundle

24th June 2010Peavey Electronics and Agile Partners Join Forces to Launch AmpKit iPhone App & AmpKit LiNK Electric Guitar Interface

24th June 2010IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube for iPhone

24th June 2010KVR Ten: May and June 2010 Winners Announced

24th June 2010Prosoniq releases VuvuX Free Vuvuzela Filtering AU Plug-in for Mac (and cross-platform SDK)

24th June 2010Abbey Road Plug-ins updates RS124 Compressor to v1.0.1

24th June 2010XILS-lab updates PolyKB to v1.0.1

23rd June 2010112dB releases Big Blue Limiter

23rd June 2010Softube releases Tonelux Tilt

23rd June 2010Iliadis releases Euthymia Electronic Organ v2.0

23rd June 2010Akki Plugs adds Rebetiko Instruments to Virtual Bouzouki

23rd June 2010Best Service updates Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection to Galaxy II K4

23rd June 2010Summit Audio Joins the Family of Softube Development Partners

23rd June 2010SyncerSoft updates Syncaine TM-200X to v1.7

23rd June 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.0.4

22nd June 2010EastWest updates Hollywood Strings to v1.0.1

22nd June 2010Michael Ourednik releases Argotlunar - Real-Time Granulator

22nd June 2010Minimal System Instruments releases EezySqueeze Compressor

22nd June 2010Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone, Bion and BabyBion

22nd June 2010Ueberschall releases C.R.U.N.K. Southern Storm (Elastik Soundbank)

22nd June 2010Blue Cat Audio Update: RTAS and Full 64-bit Support (+announces 'No Brainer' Deal)

22nd June 2010MeldaProduction releases MTotalBundle v3.00 (incl. VST3) (All Effect Plug-ins)

22nd June 2010NUGEN Audio Master Edition Bundle Prize added to KVR 10 Celebration

21st June 2010MoDSP updates Nocturne Bass to v1.1

21st June 2010saltline announces Hotel S.O.A.P (Son Of A Pitch)

21st June 2010Native Instruments releases Session Strings

21st June 2010Pianovintage releases 1984

21st June 2010PSP updates VintageWarmer to v2.5.1 (incl. new PSP MicroWarmer and 64-bit plug-ins)

21st June 2010Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum-c4 v4.0

21st June 2010NUSofting updates Strings Dreams to v1.4

21st June 2010Sugar Bytes updates Effectrix to v1.4 (incl. 64-bit)

21st June 2010SubatomicLabs updates Mantis307 to v1.8.3 and releases Mac VST version

21st June 2010Martin Eastwood Audio releases Mverb for Linux (VST/LADSPA)

21st June 2010nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.4

21st June 2010Steinberg releases Cubase 5.5 and Cubase Studio 5.5

17th June 2010ASK Video releases Battery 3 Tutorial

17th June 2010Vienna Symphonic Library announces Limited Time Offer

17th June 2010Loopmasters releases Essential Minimal Techno Vol. 2 [WAV|ACID|AL|...]

17th June 2010Softrave releases Analog Techno Kick

17th June 2010Producer Loops Releases "Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Volume 2" [ACID|WAV|AL|REX2|ReFill|EXS24]

16th June 2010MUTOOLS releases MU.LAB v3.1

15th June 2010Quiet Art offers Wave Rider at a special price [RTAS]

15th June 2010Wave Alchemy releases Drum Machines 02 [WAV]

15th June 2010Sample Magic releases Soundtrack & Chill [WAV|REX2|AL|...]

15th June 2010Loopsjunkiez releases Fidget Junkiez [ACID|WAV|AIFF|REX2|MIDI]

15th June 2010Native Instruments Launches the "Kickstart Your Summer" Special

15th June 2010MeldaProduction releases MTotalBundle v3.00 Beta (incl. VST3) (All Effect Plug-ins)

15th June 2010QuikQuak updates Crowd Chamber to v2.01 (incl. x64)

15th June 2010HyperSynth updates Oresus to v1.1

15th June 2010DETUNIZED releases YACS for Live

15th June 2010NTS Audio Labs updates Drum Loop to v1.3

15th June 2010Artificial Audio releases Quartz - Multi-FX

15th June 2010New Prize from Vocal Downloads added to KVR 10 Celebration!

15th June 2010MHC updates Industrial Tones for Mac to v1.5.3

15th June 2010NUGEN Audio updates Visualizer to v1.9.3

15th June 2010Beatserv releases Dark Downtempo 3 [WAV|AL|BAT|LIVE]

15th June 2010Equinox Sounds releases Ambient Dub [ACID|WAV|AL]

14th June 2010Roger Linn Design releases AdrenaLinn Sync v2.0

14th June 2010Arturia releases Analog Experience The Factory

14th June 2010HV Synth Design releases Total Trumpet

14th June 2010g200kg releases RoVee v1.0 and updates KeroVee to v1.23

14th June 2010Soniccouture releases Novachord for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

14th June 2010Spitfire Audio releases Spitfire Percussion for Kontakt and Kontakt Player

14th June 2010XILS-lab releases XILS 3 updates

14th June 2010Back In Time Records releases Solar - Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality (WS5)

14th June 2010Fiedler Audio releases Dino Isa Denoiser v1.4

14th June 2010Pluggotic releases Squosc and Footile

14th June 2010Sound Magic releases Imperial Grand3D

14th June 2010Myosis announces Myosis Piano

14th June 2010Martinic releases Combo Model V

14th June 2010Ohm Force unveils first Ohm Studio Live Demo

12th June 2010No Dough Music releases Drums : Saturated [WAV]

12th June 2010Access Music releases Virus TI OS4 v4.0.5.01

12th June 2010PlugInGuru releases Power Pack for Massive (and new Quik-E Videos)

11th June 2010Martin Eastwood Audio releases Mverb

11th June 2010de la Mancha releases truc2

11th June 2010Kuassa updates Amplifikation Lite to v1.1 and releases Mac Versions

11th June 2010Nay-Seven releases BCRseq

10th June 2010DDMF updates LP10 to v3.20

7th June 2010New Prize Added To KVR 10 Celebration: iZotope's "Mix, Master and Restore Bundle"

5th June 2010Syntheway releases Harmodion

4th June 2010Ueberschall releases Ambient Lines (Elastik Soundbank)

4th June 2010Audio Damage releases Discord3 Pitch-Shifter/Delay Effect

4th June 2010Sonic Sidekick updates Extreme Drumsynth to v1.6.1

4th June 2010Wildfunk releases Electro House Sounds 4

4th June 2010MHC updates Ambient Keys for Mac to v1.5.3

4th June 2010LinPlug releases Element P for Mac, updates SaxLab for Mac to v2.1 and Organ 3 for Win to v3.1.3

4th June 2010Weldroid releases Courvoisier

4th June 2010SKnote releases Nasty

4th June 2010B.Serrano releases Ceres

4th June 2010AudioTeknikk updates GreenEugene to v0.6

4th June 2010V-Plugs releases Uranium Compressor

4th June 2010Hbasm releases Stereoizer PRO

4th June 2010Loomer updates String to v1.1.2

4th June 2010Subatomic Labs updates Mantis307 to v1.8.2 (+Mac version coming)

4th June 2010Voxengo updates Crunchessor to v2.6

4th June 2010Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana to v1.18

2nd June 2010NUGEN Audio releases Monofilter 4 (and announces Stereoizer + Monofilter Bundle)