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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.1.32


MUTOOLS has updated MU.LAB to v3.1.32.

Changes in v3.1.32:

  • Tuned: In some cases recorded audio did not get a proper audio input latency compensation.
  • Tuned: Auto-name for samples don't include the file extension anymore i.e. file name only.
  • Fixed: In some case, e.g. when moving sequence parts, there could be a sudden sound burst.
  • Fixed: Recorded audio could have a little delay in front of the recording.

Changes in v3.1.29:

  • Fixed: Crash bug when clicking in an empty text string editor.

Changes in v3.1.28:

  • Tuned: Virtual Keyboard keys are also active when that window does not have the keyboard focus.
  • Tuned: Shortcuts using the + and - keys are now saved using "Plus" and "Minus" since the + was interfering with the modifier enumeration.
  • Tuned: When dropping a module on a used rack slot, proper question about deleting the original module.
  • Tuned: When a track/part was pointing to target module embedded in a rack, then clicking that track/part did not always auto expand that rack.
  • Tuned: When editing a name or other text string, then clicking now properly positions the editing cursor.
  • Fixed: VST plugins with no custom editor did not have a program panel at the top.
  • Fixed: Shortcut to VST Plugin Manager->Edit didn't work.
  • Fixed: WIN: Couple of issues regarding keyboard focusing.
  • Fixed: WIN: MME audio engine: bug in initializing the CPU measuring system. This could also cause unexpected 'Overloads' on startup.


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