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News Archive for July 2014

31st July 2014#KVRDC14: Developers: 3 Hours To get Your Entries In For The KVR Developer Challenge 2014

31st July 2014IK releases iKlip Stage for iPad

31st July 2014Production Voices releases Production Grand Modern Four - 4 Microphone Piano Sample Library for Kontakt

31st July 2014The CoreStylerz Summer Sale - 50% Off All Products

31st July 2014Waves Audio releases the Dave Clarke EMP Toolbox

31st July 2014Klanghelm updates all plug-ins and releases AAX versions

31st July 2014Acustica Audio releases "Blue Eq" AU 32-bit version for Mac OS X

31st July 2014Virharmonic releases "Choral Bundle" and celebrates with a sale on all products

31st July 2014CFA-Sound releases FilterGrizzy2 - Free Filter Plug-in for Windows VST

31st July 2014Ample Sound releases "Ample Bass P" Electric Bass Instrument for Mac & Win

31st July 2014ModeAudio releases 2 Field Recordings Packs: 'City Scenes' & 'City Transport'

31st July 2014G-Sonique releases "Pultronic EQ-50M" Midrange Vacuum Tube Equalizer VST Plug-in for Windows

31st July 2014#KVRDC14: Developers: 24 Hours To get Your Entries In For The KVR Developer Challenge 2014

30th July 2014Advanced AudioWaves updates Track Align Pro to v1.3.1 with official support of Avid Pro Tools 11.2 and Steinberg Nuendo 6.5

30th July 2014SquaredHeads updates Nora Phrase Arpeggiator to v1.4 - Adds MIDI Key Mapper

30th July 2014VirSyn releases Tera Synth for iPad with Intro Offer

30th July 2014Spitfire Audio releases "HZ02 - Hans Zimmer Percussion Los Angeles" for Kontakt & Kontakt Player

30th July 2014Rob Papen EDM Synth Bundle and Urban Synth Bundle 45% Off Until July 31

30th July 2014Steinberg releases Groove Agent 4

30th July 2014Flux Offer: IRCAM Tools Bundle and Spat 30% Off

30th July 2014Roland releases SH-101 Plug-out Software Synthesizer for System-1 and updates AIRA Line to v1.1

30th July 2014HoRNet DeeLay 50% off for 2 days

29th July 2014XMonsta releases PULL – iPad Device Editor for Ableton Live and the Lemur App

29th July 2014Prism Audio releases Prism EQ-5 for Windows

29th July 2014Saltline updates Free Brzoza to v1.0.2 for Windows

29th July 2014Mabelton Audio releases Ultra Analog VA-2 / Ableton Push Integration Pack

29th July 201499Sounds releases free "Cinematic Sound Effects" Sample Library for Kontakt & SFZ

29th July 2014UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.5.4

29th July 2014Audiovapor Summer Sale 2014: 25% off all Sylenth1 and Granite banks, MIDI loops, and Reason ReFills

29th July 2014Biome Digital Launches Free Sample Packs Competition

29th July 2014Steinberg updates VST Connect Performer for Mac & Win to v2.0.40

29th July 2014n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio for Windows to v7.1.2 and for iOS to v3.7

29th July 2014Zenhiser releases "Melodic Trance Midi" sound pack

29th July 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From Xhun Audio

28th July 2014Bolder Sounds releases "Guitarron" for Kontakt

28th July 2014Samplerbanks introduce Big Summer Sale

28th July 2014LSR audio Launches Summer Sale

28th July 2014Thaloops releases "Timbo Hip Hop Drumz" Samples

28th July 2014MOTU releases 1248, 8M and 16A Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

28th July 2014Akai Pro updates iMPC Pro to v1.1

28th July 2014Zero-G release Electro Cinematic

28th July 2014sonicLAB releases CosmosƒFx effect plugin and adds morphing formant filters

28th July 2014Audio Assault Updates GrindMachine to 1.55 - New Amps & Cabs

27th July 2014Andi Vax releases Signature Bank - 198 presets for Discovery Pro

27th July 2014Adam Monroe releases Mac AU of Honky Tonk Piano and updates Windows Version

27th July 2014patchpool Annual Subscription For Iris Presets - 25% Off Until August 5th 2014

27th July 2014audiowiesel updates Hammered Acoustic Guitar for Kontakt to v1.5

26th July 2014Doctor Doubledrop releases "Spectral Psytrance Vol.4" for Spectral

26th July 2014The Minimal System Group Offer: 50% Off All Ableton Live Packs

25th July 2014UplandToys releases Midular (Max for Live)

25th July 2014Wave Alchemy releases "Deep House & Garage" loop pack

25th July 2014Zvork releases LeSpace - stereo wide rhythmic multi-echo for the Rack Extension platform

25th July 2014PreSonus releases "Capture" and "Capture Duo" Audio-Recording Apps for iPad

25th July 2014Waldorf releases Streichfett String Synthesizer (Hardware)

25th July 2014n-Track Software releases "Real Live Drums" sound library for the n-Track Drums module

25th July 2014PSOFT releases PSOFT Audio Player for iPhone / iPod touch

25th July 2014Aerodrums releases presets for 6 major drum samplers (incl. AD, BFD, EZd, SD & SSD)

25th July 2014Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.11.0 and Nicecast to v1.11.0

25th July 2014Adobe Premiere Pro CC updated to 2014.0.1

25th July 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.4

25th July 2014Plugin Boutique Flash Friday Sale: 50% off Channel Robot Grid Machine Slice DNB

25th July 2014Sinevibes updates Atom, Flow and Turbulence plugins

25th July 2014ProducerLoops.com releases 'LA Pop Sessions Vol 6' Sample Pack

25th July 2014In Session Audio releases "Resonator Guitar" for Kontakt, WAV & AIF formats

25th July 2014Audio Ease releases Speakerphone 2.1 for Mac - adds 64-bit, AAX and Retina display support

25th July 2014Sound Magic updates Neo Dynamic for Windows to v1.5 and Supreme Drums to v1.3.2

25th July 2014SSL Special Offer: Buy an Alpha-Channel or VHD-Pre and get a free Duende Native Essentials plug-in bundle

25th July 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From UVI - Vintage Vault

24th July 2014Brainspawn updates Forte to 3.2.20

24th July 2014IK releases SampleTank 3 - Sound and Groove Workstation for Mac & Win

24th July 2014Blue Cat's PatchWork 1.4 Released - MIDI and Parallel Chain Improvements

24th July 2014Soundsdivine releases "Creative Impulses" Impulse Response Library (WAV)

24th July 2014Waves releases StudioRack and updates MultiRack to v9.7

24th July 2014Best Service offers 30 and 100 Euro Summer Bonus Vouchers

24th July 2014Audiomodern releases free "DeciBell" Bell-Tone Synth for Kontakt

24th July 2014UVI offers 60% off Grand Piano Collection (through July 28)

24th July 2014J74 updates "Progressive" Max for Live device to v2.0 - adds new techniques for chord progression editing and for musical analysis

24th July 2014Sonokinetic launches Sonozine - Free magazine on boutique sampling and media composing

24th July 2014Holderness Media releases Caramel for iPad - Crunch and Crusher Effect Processor

24th July 2014KX77FREE updates Kx-Modulad, Kx-Synth-x16, Kx-PolyMod and Kx-PolyM-CSE

24th July 2014HoRNet updates AutoGain Pro to v1.0.3

23rd July 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From XLN Audio

23rd July 2014Flux:: releases Ircam Tools Spat v3 - incl. AAX

23rd July 2014PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2014 for Mac & Win

23rd July 2014Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) updated to v1.0.3 for Windows and Linux

23rd July 2014Intermorphic updates Noatikl for Mac, Win & iOS to v2.5.22

23rd July 2014Sony Creative Software updates Vegas Pro 13 to Build 373

23rd July 2014Synchro Arts updates Revoice Pro to v2.6 for Mac and Windows

23rd July 2014ModeAudio Releases 'Future Trap - Massive Presets & MIDI Loops'

23rd July 2014Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.2.8

23rd July 2014BBE Sound "Sonic Sweet - Optimized" Less Than Half Price Until August 5 2014

23rd July 2014BBE Sound and Nomad Factory release "Sonic Sweet - Optimized" - incl. AAX support and Intro Offer

23rd July 2014XILS-lab releases XILS DeeS - Transparent De-esser for Mac & Win with Intro Offer

23rd July 2014Cockos updates REAPER to v4.71

23rd July 2014Klanglabs updates Overdubber to v1.75 (Free VST effect for Windows)

23rd July 2014Five12 Numerology 4 to be released in September

23rd July 2014Plogue announces chipspeech

23rd July 2014VSTBuzz: 50% off "The Cinematic Grand" for Kontakt by Anti Sample

23rd July 2014PlugInGuru.com releases "Toxic Omnisphere" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

23rd July 2014Subatomic Software updates Audulus to v2.8 - Refines User Interface

23rd July 2014Function Loops releases "Vocals Bundle 3" & "Intergalactic Cinematix" Sample Packs

23rd July 2014Save up to $300 on Virharmonic's Choral Libraries

22nd July 2014Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.54

22nd July 2014Loopmasters Launches Summer Sales

22nd July 2014Diginoiz releases "Crazy Arps 2" (WAV/AIFF)

22nd July 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From Tone2

22nd July 2014Native Instruments launches Twice As Nice Maschine Expansion sales special

22nd July 2014Novation updates Launchpad to v1.6.1 - Adds iPhone Support

22nd July 2014SampleOddity releases Oddmospheres 2 for Massive

22nd July 2014Tek'it Audio releases "Morphology" free expansion for Neogen synthesizer plug-in

22nd July 2014Steinberg releases Nuendo 6.5

22nd July 2014Audible Genius releases Minimoog Voyager Lesson Pack for Syntorial

22nd July 2014[Job] Native Instruments looking for: Application Developer C++ (F/M)

22nd July 2014[Job] Native Instruments looking for: Black Box Tester (F/M)

22nd July 2014Sinevibes Launches Summer Sale

22nd July 2014Biome Digital releases 'Big Drop!' Dance Music Presets for Massive

22nd July 2014discoDSP updates Discovery Pro VA + Wave synth to 6.4.1

22nd July 2014IK iGrand Piano & iLectric Piano Special Sale (40% Off)

21st July 2014Zenhiser releases "Sci Fi FX" sound pack

21st July 201499Sounds releases free "The Warehouse" Sample Library for Kontakt & SFZ

21st July 2014Arte Nuovo releases Padsheaven3 for Zebra

21st July 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From Camel Audio

21st July 2014Sample Tools by Cr2 releases "Mainroom Fx"

21st July 2014Sinevibes announces updates and launches summer sale

21st July 2014Audio Genetics Lab releases Jailcell Slammer: Impacts and Hits from Alcatraz Prison for Kontakt

21st July 2014Digital Brain Instruments reschedules the official FMOD Studio workshop in Barcelona

21st July 2014Plugin Alliance Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off

21st July 20148Dio completes its Claire Woodwind Virtuoso Bundle for Kontakt (Save 30%)

20th July 2014CodeFN42 updates RandARP, CCStepper, Chordit and VSTNotepad

20th July 2014WNP Sounds releases VS-GC1 VST Compressor for Windows

18th July 2014brunsandspork "Grooove": 50% Introductory Offer expires on 31st of July

18th July 2014Wobblophones Summer Sale: Discounts up to 50%

18th July 2014Sample Logic releases Rhythomatix for Ableton Live

18th July 2014Voxengo releases "EBusLim" Brickwall Peak Limiter and Loudness Maximization Plug-in for Mac & Win, VST & AU

18th July 2014PreSonus releases Notion 5 - New Tools and Enhancements

18th July 2014AudioThing releases "Valve Exciter" for Mac & Win, VST & AU

18th July 2014IK updates AmpliTube Custom Shop to v3.14 and releases Morley Pedal

18th July 2014Le Lotus Bleu releases "Xtrem Tweaker" for Xils-Lab Oxium

18th July 2014Sonivox Offer: 50% Off the Synth VI series ($9.99 each)

18th July 2014Sound Magic updates Imperial Grand to v3.01 and Neo EQ to v2.1

18th July 2014Sonivox releases 3 DVI Instrument Collections for Mac & Win: Studio Percussion, Melody Maker and Studio Guitars

18th July 2014ProducerLoops.com releases 'LA Pop Vocal Sessions Vol 2' Sample Pack

17th July 2014Summer Sale on www.ohmforce.com - Prices get bitten

17th July 2014Frau Blücher Audio releases The Songwriter Kit v2.0 for Kontakt

17th July 2014Novation announces Launch Control XL

17th July 2014Fiedler Audio updates AD 480 Reverb for iOS to v1.3

17th July 2014Steinberg releases VST Connect Performer for iPad

17th July 2014Binary Music releases "Energy Bow Guitar" for Kontakt

17th July 2014HoRNet releases "Sybilla Pro" - Multi Filter De-esser for Mac & Win VST, AU & RTAS

17th July 2014Big Fish Audio releases "Tension: Orchestral FX & Elements" for Kontakt, MachFive, EXS24 & Reason

17th July 2014de la Mancha launches "Let's Beat Cancer" – 4 Free Plug-ins If Donations Reach £1000

17th July 2014Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage 2X Update and announces $99 Sale

17th July 2014Virharmonic releases "Czech Boys Choir" for UVI Workstation

17th July 2014Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana softsynth to 1.20 BETA 1, adds OS X x64 support, half price during Beta

17th July 2014Igor Vasiliev releases AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb for iPad and iPhone

17th July 2014reKon audio releases VST-AU Blofeld Editor for Mac & Win

17th July 2014beatassist.eu releases Esfera - Free VSTi Synth for Windows

17th July 2014PreSonus updates Studio One to v2.6.3

17th July 2014Darwin Arts releases Trilobite 0.9.3 Free Beta Edition - Modular Synth for Mac & Win VST & AU

17th July 2014Mark Henning sets "AnaMark" Windows VST Synth Free

16th July 2014rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.6.2 - the Boson Walk Beta release

16th July 2014MuTools releases MuLab 6

16th July 2014DMG Audio releases Dualism - Stereo Control & Analysis Plug-in for Mac & Win

16th July 2014VSTBuzz: 40% off "The Percussion Bundle" for Kontakt by Cinematique Instruments

16th July 2014Scuffham Amps updates S-Gear to v2.4 - Adds Custom '57 Amp

16th July 2014Soundsdivine Summer Sale: 25% Off MM+ Memory Moog Plus Kontakt Instrument

15th July 2014Sonic Cat Summer Sale: 40% Off

15th July 2014Leap Into The Void offers 30% discount on "Flow" and "Fundamental" for Massive

15th July 2014Twolegs Toneworks Summer-Sale - Up To 50% Off

15th July 2014Twolegs Toneworks releases "Late Night Deep House Chords Vol. 1-3" Bundle for Ableton Live

15th July 2014SoundToys updates plug-ins to v4.4.2

15th July 2014Sounds and Effects July Sale: Pure Acoustic Special Edition 33% off

15th July 2014TA Programming releases "Samurai" Additive Synthesizer for Windows

15th July 2014Rob Lee Music Summer Holiday Sale: Sylenth Ultimate Pack is 50% off

15th July 2014Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plug-ins for Mac & Win and updates Audio Toolkit to v0.4.0

15th July 2014CFA-Sound Summer Sale - 30% Off

15th July 2014Resonance Sound Summer Sale: 30% Off

15th July 2014SonicXTC releases free "Drum Boxx Synth" for Windows VST

15th July 2014HoRNet offers 40% off every plug-in

14th July 2014Precisionsound releases Andes 25F for Kontakt

14th July 2014Zenhiser releases "Trapstep Warrior 2" sample pack

14th July 2014Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to V1.0.4

14th July 2014New Diginoiz Store Celebration: Free Samples and Special Offers - Up To 60% Off

14th July 2014AMZNoises releases Pulsor, the Strange Synth, for Max for Live

14th July 2014FabFilter Summer Sale: 25% discount on all bundles

14th July 2014Icebreaker Audio releases "Sanjo Gayageum", a traditional Korean zither for Kontakt 5

14th July 2014New Sonic Arts updates Nuance Creative Sampler for Mac & Win to v1.5 - Adds Multiple Groups and Pad View

14th July 2014TheSessionGuitarist releases "Warm Amp JC" Guitar Amp for Nebula

14th July 2014Image-Line releases FL Studio 64-bit

14th July 2014Xhun Audio Summer Deal Special Offer 2014 - Up To 33% Off

14th July 2014WaveMachine Labs updates Auria for iPad to v1.151

14th July 2014Xhun Audio updates IronAxe to v1.7 - introduces StringsToucher Engine and improves String Behaviour Engine

14th July 2014Akai iMPC Pro for iPad $12.99 for a limited period

14th July 2014MixMeister Express 50%+ Off in July

14th July 2014accSone releases crusherX-Live! 7.1

14th July 2014Air Offer: Save 25% on Structure 2 & Transfuser 2

14th July 2014Diginoiz releases 'Massive Big Room Sounds'

14th July 2014ASL Soundlab releases "Neuro Juice" for Image-Line Sytrus

14th July 2014Future Loops releases "Minimal And Tech House Tools"

14th July 2014FabFilter launches Summer Sale offering 25% discount on all bundles

13th July 2014Reveal Sound releases "Spire EDM Essentials Vol.3 + EDM Elements" Sample Pack for Spire

13th July 2014The Audio Helper Project Sale: 40% Off Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro

13th July 2014OverTone DSP Vintage Bundle half price until August 2014

12th July 2014brunsandspork updates Grooove Drum Machine to v1.1

11th July 2014Mystery Islands Music updates JP-80x0 Editor & Librarian plug-in for Mac to v2.0.0 rc1

11th July 2014Doctor Doubledrop releases "Spectral Psytrance Vol 2" and "Spectral Psytrance Vol 3" for Spectral

11th July 2014In Session Audio releases Latin Jazz Guitar for Kontakt, WAV & AIF formats

11th July 2014Spitfire Audio releases "BML Trumpet Corps - Vol #1" for Kontakt

11th July 2014Sample Logic updates Arpology to v1.2

11th July 2014Sound Dust releases Modular Chaos Engine #1 and #2 plus a new free Tiny Chaos Engine - all for Kontakt

11th July 2014123creative.com Summer Sale 2014: Up To 50% Off

11th July 2014The Unfinished releases "Zebra Elysium" for u-he Zebra

11th July 2014Modulus releases modulus.002 — Hardware Analogue/Digital Hybrid Polysynth

11th July 2014Native Instruments releases Circuit Halo Expansion for Maschine

11th July 2014iZotope Offer: BreakTweaker and BreakTweaker Expanded discounted until the end of July

11th July 2014Leap Into The Void releases "Fundamental" for NI Massive

11th July 2014Propellerhead release "Take" - Free Creative Vocal Recorder for iOS

11th July 2014GrooveBits Mega Summer Sale - up to 70% off

11th July 2014Psychic Modulation 25% off Summer Sale

11th July 2014Cockos updates REAPER to v4.7 and Free ReaPlugs to v2.2 (incl. 64-bit)

11th July 2014Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 for Windows to v1.13 beta 3

11th July 2014Sound Magic releases "Reverb Bundle" for Mac & Win VST & AU and "Pop Extension Pack" for China Story Erhu

11th July 2014Soundiron releases Iron Pack 7 with Intro Offer (Voices Of Rapture: Tenor and Soprano also on sale)

11th July 2014Homegrown Sounds releases "Gratis IR" (Free Pads) and "Lumin IR" (Pads) for iZotope Iris

10th July 2014Reveal Sound updates Spire to v1.0.17

10th July 2014IK releases iRig MIDI 2 - Portable Lighting/USB MIDI interface for iDevices, Mac & PC

10th July 2014John Shield releases WDM ASIO Link Driver Pro with 64 channel support

10th July 2014SampleSumo SaltyGrain granular effect plug-in for Mac/Win summer deal: 30% off

10th July 2014Ilio releases "EDM Eclipse: Solar" Patch Collection for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

10th July 2014PRO Custom Drums releases the "PRO Custom Drums V1" Drum Sample Library for Drumagog and Trigger

10th July 2014MeldaProduction updates all effects to 8.04

10th July 2014WNP Sounds releases VS-C Collection VST compressor for Windows

10th July 2014WNP Sounds VS-C Collection VST Compressor Intro Offer

10th July 2014MSG Offers 50% Off Punch Evolved Compressor (1176 Emulation)

10th July 2014Youlean updates Freq-Balancer to v1.01

10th July 2014Felt Tip updates "Sound Studio" Mac Audio Editor to v4.7

10th July 2014MakeMusic releases Finale 2014c

10th July 2014Stillwell Audio updates All Plug-ins

10th July 2014Korg Summer Sale: Up To 50% Off

10th July 2014Steinberg Anniversary Offer: 30% Off Cubase Upgrades

10th July 2014Waldorf releases 64-Bit and AAX Versions of Largo, PPG Wave 3.V and the Waldorf Edition

10th July 2014Sonic Reality BFD Expansion July Sale: 50% Off

10th July 2014feelyoursound.com Offer: "Sundog Scale Studio" 15% Off

10th July 2014feelyoursound.com releases "Sundog Scale Studio" MIDI notes and chords composition tool for Mac OS X

10th July 2014FXpansion Summer Sale on Expansions: 50% Off (for BFD, DCAM SS & Geist)

10th July 2014Positive Grid updates BIAS for iPad to v1.5 and releases 3 Expansion Packs: Glassy, Crunch and Insane

10th July 2014HoRNet updates SW34EQ to v1.1.1

9th July 2014Free Melodyne Video With Cakewalk SONAR X3 Studio and Producer

9th July 2014New Sonic Arts announces special price on Nuance, plus first info on Nuance 1.5

9th July 201499Sounds releases Free "Rumore Cinematic Impacts" Sound Library

9th July 2014ModeAudio releases 'Curved Horizon - FM8 Vintage Presets'

9th July 2014No Dough Samples release "NDS-8 - Underground House 2" Sample Pack

9th July 2014zplane updates Elastique Pitch to v1.3.3

9th July 2014Steinberg releases WaveLab 8.5 Trial Version and updates WaveLab 8 to v8.0.4

9th July 2014Dmitry Sches updates Diversion to v1.33

9th July 2014Akai releases iMPC Pro for iPad

9th July 2014UVI offers 50% off String Machines through July 17

9th July 2014VSTBuzz: 40% off "The Old Mandolin" for Kontakt by Atom Hub

9th July 2014ProjectSAM launches Symphobia Summer Sale

9th July 2014ProjectSAM releases free Symphobia 1 & 2 '2014 edition' updates

9th July 2014Alexey Nadzharov "rrarrow noise machine" and "Phawuo Synth" 3-Day Sale - 50% Off

9th July 2014Up to 50% off Toontrack Superior Drummer and SDXs @ Time+Space

9th July 2014Puremagnetik releases Kardoni - ARP Omni Soundset for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic

8th July 2014Sample Tools by Cr2 release "Melbourne Bounce Drops"

8th July 2014Universal Audio releases the Tonelux Tilt EQ and Valley People Dyna-mite plug-ins for UAD platform

8th July 2014Universal Audio releases UAD Software Version 7.8 and adds Thermionic Culture Vulture Plug-In for UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform

8th July 2014accSone updates crusherX-Mac! to v5.3

8th July 2014HOFA updates products - supports ISRC in WAV files

8th July 2014IK SampleTank 3 Pre-Order Offer

8th July 2014Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 for Windows to v1.13 beta 2

8th July 2014audioD3CK releases ChopChop Compressor for Mac & Win AU & VST, updates all products to v1.1 and announces forthcoming AAX & VST3 support

8th July 2014Mabelton Audio releases "Summer Bundle 1" (Live / Push Integration Packs) - 40% Off

8th July 2014Resonance Sound releases "Complextro & Electro House Massive Presets"

8th July 2014HoRNet Flash Sale - 50% Off Every Plug-in

7th July 2014Zenhiser releases "Peak Time Massive Presets" for NI Massive

7th July 2014Advanced AudioWaves updates TAP - Track Align Pro for Mac to v1.3.0 - Adds AAX2 & AU support

7th July 2014Steinberg updates WaveLab to v8.5.10

7th July 2014Tone2 Audiosoftware release Electra2 synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac

7th July 2014Steinberg updates Cubasis for iOS to v1.8.1

7th July 2014Avid updates Sibelius to v7.5.1

7th July 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.3

7th July 2014Youlean releases "Freq-Balancer" VST plug-in for Windows

7th July 2014beDSP and KR Home-Studio Magazine release "ALM 5.1 LE KR" for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

7th July 2014Alex Shore releases Eclipse soundbank for NI Massive

7th July 2014Wusik announces Special 2014 Bundle Deal

7th July 2014ProducerLoops.com releases 'Deep House Vocals Vol 1' Sample Pack

7th July 2014Zero-G release Impact Designer: Cinematic Slam Creator for Kontakt

7th July 2014Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound release SlickEQ "Gentleman's Edition"

7th July 2014ToneBytes and Softrave release "Birds Noise" for Windows VST

7th July 2014de la Mancha sets 5 plug-ins free - GTO, GTX, QB-3, ClipStar and Scylla

7th July 2014u-he launches Bazille Patch Competition #3

7th July 2014Taleweaver Orchestra reduces prices by up to 35%

6th July 2014Sinevibes releases free "Atom" AU Plug-in for Mac

6th July 2014Softrave offers Harmonics Pack - 3 effects and 1 drum synth

6th July 2014HyperSynth updates XEditor to v1.1 for Windows

6th July 2014Biome Digital release 'Club Clap 'n' Snare Loops' sample pack

5th July 2014VST Zone releases Amplio 2 for Windows

5th July 2014Tek'it Audio updates "Winkl" to v1.2 - Free VST & AU distortion plug-in for Win & Mac

5th July 2014SKnote releases STA-limit Tube Compressor plug-in for Mac & Win VST & AU

4th July 2014Ameyah Audio releases Drones Vol. 1 Sample Library

4th July 2014FatLoud Independence Day Sale - 50% off everything

4th July 2014Future Loops Summer Sale - Up To 50% Off

4th July 2014Cakewalk offers 50% off Music Creator, Z3TA+, Rapture, Dimension Pro and more

4th July 2014AAS Summer Hits Offer: 50% Off Lounge Lizard, Ultra Analog, String Studio & Chromaphone and 25% Off Sound Bank Series

4th July 2014Waves 4th of July Weekend Sale - Up To 40% Off

4th July 2014zplane updates PPMulator to v3.2.0

4th July 2014eaReckon TransReckon - Introductory Offer

4th July 2014eaReckon releases TransReckon - Transient Processor for Mac & Win VST & AU

4th July 2014solar3d-software updates "VCommander" Software Editor/Library for Access Music Virus to v4.0.1.5

4th July 2014Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.3 (plus 50% Off Pro Upgrade and Sale On Bundles)

4th July 2014Big Fish Audio 4th Of July Sale - Up To 35% Off

4th July 2014DopeKitz releases "Rupture Lite" - Free Drum Virtual Instrument for Mac & Win VST & AU

4th July 2014Leap Into The Void releases "Flow" for Massive

4th July 2014Camel Audio Offers 50% Off All Alchemy Sound Libraries (Plus 50% Off Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade and Sale On Bundles)

3rd July 2014123creative.com releases "Cyber Factory Massive presets"

3rd July 2014Native Instruments launches Komplete Frenzy Sales Special

3rd July 2014Voxengo Summer Sale - 15% Off All Purchases

3rd July 2014SoundCues Independence Day Sale: GuitarMonics for Kontakt is 35% Off

3rd July 2014Crypto Cipher releases "Free Sample Pack" of Indian Instruments and Samples

3rd July 2014Ueberschall releases Free Elastik Soundbank Summer 2014

3rd July 2014Wolfgang Palm updates PPG WaveGenerator Plug-in to v1.0.0.5

3rd July 2014JRR Shop exclusive deal: $49 PSP oldTimerME

3rd July 2014Kiss-Box releases "VSTizer DW8000" - RTP-MIDI Compatible VST Plug-in Editor/Librarion for Korg DW8000

3rd July 2014WNP Sounds releases ManiaCo VSTi synth for Windows

3rd July 2014WNP Sounds ManiaCo VSTi Synth Intro Offer

3rd July 2014HoRNet updates 3XOver to v1.0.4

2nd July 2014Westgatesounds.net offers 40% discounts for the month of July

2nd July 2014ModeAudio Sale - Up To 40% Off

2nd July 2014PinkNoise Studio releases Analog Night Kontakt Edition

2nd July 2014A3E - Just the FAQs Jack

2nd July 2014IK announces SampleTank 3 Shipping July 24, 2014

2nd July 2014UVI offers 50% off Darklight IIx and The Beast through July 7

2nd July 2014Joey Sturgis Tones releases Pixelator - Audio Resolution Manipulator for Sound Design & Destruction

2nd July 2014MeldaProduction July Madness Discount - 50% off different 4 products every 4 days, including bundles

2nd July 2014The Vienna Symphonic Library Offers Major Discounts On Extended Libraries

2nd July 2014EastWest Summer Savings - Save up to 70%

2nd July 2014EastWest updates QL Spaces and Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond, Gold and Silver

2nd July 2014VSTBuzz: 35% off "The Lucky Harp" by Bad Cat Samples

2nd July 2014Ilya Efimov Summer Sale - Save up to 50%

2nd July 2014KV331 Audio announces 30% Off "Summer Sale" for SynthMaster, SynthMaster Player and preset banks

2nd July 2014UVI releases 'Vintage Vault' - Vintage Synth Collection

2nd July 2014Straight Ahead! releases "Free Jazz Drums" - free sample library for Kontakt

1st July 2014Boz Digital Labs releases T-Bone Tilt EQ for Mac & Win with introductory price of $25

1st July 2014Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.14

1st July 2014Solcito Musica releases a new preset bank by Kujashi for SuperSonico VSTi

1st July 2014Straight Ahead Samples - July 4th Bash Discounts

1st July 2014db audioware updates Flying Haggis Guitar Amp for iPad to v1.1

1st July 2014Vintage Synth Pads releases "Blue Box" for Omnisphere

1st July 2014Sound Dust releases "Hammr Growler" tonehweel organ for Kontakt

1st July 2014Audiobus updated to v2.1.2

1st July 2014Avid updates Pro Tools to v11.2

1st July 2014Studio Devil Summer Sale

1st July 2014MaxSynths releases "Alien Soundscapes 2" for Kontakt and WAV

1st July 2014Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.6.0

1st July 2014Apple updates Final Cut Pro to v10.1.2

1st July 2014Voxengo updates Drumformer to v1.4 - Adds VST3 support

1st July 2014Lexicon updates PCM, LXP and MPX Plug-ins - Adds AAX support

1st July 2014Synthogy Offers Discounts On Upgrades To All Ivory II Pianos

1st July 2014Function Loops Summer Sale - 25% off

1st July 2014Function Loops releases "Essential Trance Percussion & FX"

1st July 201499Sounds releases free "The Weird Side Samples" Sound Library (WAV)

1st July 2014Platinum Samples releases "Henry Hirsch Manic Love Drum Sample Library for BFD"

1st July 2014TallKite Software updates alt-tuner to v1.2 - adds support for other DAWs

1st July 2014Tokyo Dawn Labs and VOS update SlickEQ to v1.0.2

1st July 2014IK iRig BlueBoard now 20% off