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News Archive for August 2007

31st August 2007Flux releases Pure Limiter and updates all plug-ins to v1.2 (incl. AU versions)

31st August 2007Image Line releases DrumSynth Live VSTi

31st August 2007Sony Creative Software unveils Vegas Pro 8

31st August 2007VertexDSP releases MultiInspector v2.0

31st August 2007Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Dynamics to v2.0

31st August 2007Rayzoon Technologies updates Jamstix to v2.0.15

31st August 2007Cakewalk releases Dimension Pro v1.2.215 (VST only)

30th August 2007FXpansion releases GURU v1.5

30th August 2007Groove Monkee releases Progressive Beats for EZDrummer

30th August 2007Bitword releases Oxide Kits Volume One for Live, Battery and ReDrum

29th August 2007Digital Music Doctor releases Ableton Live 6 - Know It All! (Training Video)

29th August 2007Les Productions Zvon announces 15th Anniversary Sale

29th August 2007Nugen Audio releases Stereoizer v2.6 (incl. Mac version)

28th August 2007VirSyn releases Reflect

28th August 2007Audio Damage releases Liquid through-zero flanger

28th August 2007Access Music releases Virus TI OS v2.5 Public Beta

28th August 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.94

28th August 2007Freeverse updates Sound Studio to v3.5.4

28th August 20072Rule releases 2RuleFilter (beta)

28th August 2007Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Dub, Vintager, U-No-60 and Chorus-60 for Mac and updates Windows versions

28th August 2007Agitated State updates MenuMagic Plug-In Manager (Cakewalk DAWs version) to v0.9.10.7 beta

28th August 2007Virtuasonic releases MIJOY PRO 2

28th August 2007Digital Sound Factory introduces E-MU Proteus 2000, Planet Earth, Mo' Phatt, Virtuoso, Extreme Lead-1 and Vintage Pro SoundFont libraries

28th August 2007The Covert Operators release Constructs and The Muses for Live

28th August 2007macProVideo.com releases Soundtrack Pro 101: Mastering Soundtrack Pro 2 tutorial video

28th August 2007CineSamples releases CineHarp Glissandi [GIG|EXS|KON]

28th August 2007AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.4

28th August 2007Starplugs updates SuperSizer Mono and SuperSizer Stereo to v1.10

28th August 2007bismark releases v4.0 beta 2 of bs-16 and bs-1

24th August 2007Mu Technologies releases Mu Voice v1.0

24th August 2007TASCAM releases Continuous Velocity Piano (GVI)

24th August 2007PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box to version 2007.5 build 238

23rd August 2007Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis C to v1.0.1

23rd August 2007Wizoobooks publishes SynthEdit eBook

23rd August 2007MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.91 beta

23rd August 2007MusE v0.9pre3 Now Available

23rd August 2007FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.1

23rd August 2007SSL updates Duende software to v2.1

23rd August 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.17

22nd August 2007Xylio releases FutureDecks Pro v1.0.5

22nd August 2007Sony Creative Software releases Drums From The Big Room: The Mixes Loop Library [ACID]

22nd August 2007Syntheway releases ElectriKeys Electric Piano v1.0

22nd August 2007Wusikstation updated to v4.1.1

21st August 2007MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.90 beta

21st August 2007Ableton releases Live 6 LE

21st August 2007Ableton updates Live to v6.0.9

21st August 2007Rayzoon Technologies releases Jamstix 2 and Jamstix 2 XL

21st August 2007Recording School Online releases Vocal Magic Pro

21st August 2007ILIO launches Samplebase (incl. Satellite plug-in)

21st August 2007TriTone Digital releases ClassicTone-56 and PulTone-FL for Mac OS X

21st August 2007reFX updates Nexus to v1.3.6

21st August 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.888

21st August 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.1.0 build 2298

20th August 2007Pettinhouse releases DirectBass lite for Kontakt

20th August 20074Front Technologies and discoDSP launch cross discount program

20th August 2007Sinevibes releases Beat Constructor [WAV|AIFF]

20th August 2007HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.1

20th August 2007UAD updates Powered Plug-Ins to v4.7.1

20th August 2007Jayzen Sound releases Jayzen Acoustic Bass [SF2]

20th August 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.16

20th August 2007Scarbee releases Black Bass for Kontakt 2

20th August 2007Audio Impressions announces Realtime Strings release date (and posts audio demos)

17th August 2007Sony updates Sound Forge to v9.0c

17th August 2007AraldFX releases StormGate3

17th August 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases Lineage for Korg Legacy Collection

17th August 2007Meyer Musicmedia releases ELECTRONIC Bass Drums [WAV]

17th August 2007KeyToSound launches Nexsyn Group Buy

17th August 2007Applied Acoustics Systems updates Tassman to v4.1.1

17th August 2007Puremagnetik releases Retroputer - Tonal Sequencing Racks for Live 6

16th August 2007Electrix announces Virtual Repeater Pro

16th August 2007PreSonus announces MegaStudio Producer (incl. EyeQ)

16th August 2007Novation releases ReMOTE SL COMPACT Controller Keyboard

16th August 2007Sound Quest releases Midi Quest 10 XL v10.0.3

16th August 2007Sony releases Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum v8.0b

15th August 2007Softube Studios releases Vintage Amp Room

15th August 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.885

15th August 2007Expert Sleepers updates Warbler to v1.0.2 (Windows)

14th August 2007Christian Knufinke Software releases SIR2

14th August 2007FabFilter releases Pro-C Compressor

14th August 2007Tone2 updates FireBird+ to v1.8

14th August 2007TwistedWave v1.0 released

14th August 2007Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Gain Suite v2.0

14th August 2007Tascam updates GVI to v3.64

13th August 2007zplane.development announces vielklang v1.1

13th August 2007Wallander Instruments updates WIVI Brass 1

13th August 2007Jeroen Breebaart releases SEND (Spectrum Enhancing Non-linear Device) beta

13th August 2007Voxengo updates Sample Delay, Audio Delay and MSED

13th August 2007SynthEdit updated to v1.016 (beta)

13th August 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.93

10th August 2007XT Software release EnergyXT 2.0.1 and opens Video Portal

10th August 2007Dash Signature releases Wusikstation Presets for HQS1 - Ultimate FM Dash Sound Library

10th August 2007Equinox Sounds releases Club Drum Track Builders [WAV|REX]

10th August 2007Pro-Sounds releases LD-50 for Korg Legacy Collection

10th August 2007Perimeter Sound Arts releases The Best of Perimeter - Volume 1 [ACID|GB]

10th August 2007The Musicrow Group releases PianoBoy

9th August 2007discoDSP Discovery v2.10 Now Available on Receptor

9th August 2007Recording School Online releases The Music Mixing Video Bundle

9th August 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.15

9th August 2007Sony updates Sound Forge to v9.0b

9th August 2007Voxengo updates Boogex (v1.4), Tempo Delay (v1.9) and Stereo Touch (v1.4)

8th August 2007Steinberg releases Groove Agent 3 Virtual Drummer

8th August 2007Hispasonic.com releases Nebula HS Reverb (Hispasonic Edition)

8th August 2007Teru KAMOGASHIRA releases Freeverb3 v1.5

8th August 2007Sugar Bytes announces Unique LE

8th August 2007Apple updates Pro Application Support to v4.0.1

8th August 2007Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis C

8th August 2007Nomad Factory updates entire plug-in range

8th August 2007VSL releases Vienna Instruments: Special Keyboards

8th August 2007Apple releases iLife '08 (incl. GarageBand '08)

8th August 2007Tone2 releases FilterBank v3.1 (incl. Mac version)

8th August 2007Voxengo updates Elephant, GlissEQ, Voxformer, Span and OldSkoolVerb

8th August 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.14

7th August 2007Ardour updated to v2.0.5

7th August 2007Audio Damage releases Dr. Device v1.0

7th August 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.92

7th August 2007Sonic Reality launches 15 Rex Pak Group Buy at eSoundz.com

7th August 2007Topten Software updates Cantabile to v1.2 Build 1256

7th August 2007Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v1.3

7th August 2007The Sound Guy releases ReSpatializer v1.0

7th August 2007Roland releases SonicCell

7th August 2007Native Instruments releases Guitar Combos v1.1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

7th August 2007Sugar Bytes updates Artillery to v2.0.1

7th August 2007Starplugs updates MegaMatriX to v1.10

7th August 2007Raw Material Software updates Juce to v1.44

7th August 2007Crysonic releases Spectra'Phy LE for Mac OS X and Windows

7th August 2007SynthFont updated to v1.081

7th August 2007NuGen Audio updates Line-up to v2.1.1

7th August 2007LinPlug updates Mac and Tracktion-locked versions of RM IV to v4.1.5

7th August 2007Maizesoft releases Maize Studio v1.0

7th August 2007Audeon releases Mac version of UFO (Unique Filters and Oscillators)

7th August 2007Kong Audio updates Chinee Series plug-ins

7th August 2007discoDSP Discovery Pro Release 2 now available

7th August 2007Expert Sleepers releases Warbler for Windows and updates Meringue and Warbler for Mac OS X