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News Archive for October 2006

31st October 2006Tascam updates GVI - Giga Virtual Instrument to v3.51

31st October 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.4

31st October 2006Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.1.1

31st October 2006Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth to v0.9.6

31st October 2006Sound Studio updated to v3.0.5

31st October 2006Companion Engineering & Design releases Intuem v4.0.1

31st October 2006SynthFont v1.050 now available

31st October 2006The Musicrow Group releases Vinyl Boy

31st October 2006Recording School Online updates Vocal Magic to v2.3

31st October 2006Nomad factory releases Blue Tubes Bundle v2.5 (incl. Universal Binary)

31st October 2006dblue releases Glitch v1.3.04

31st October 2006Synthogy releases Italian Grand Expansion Pack for Ivory

31st October 2006MB PlugIns releases Stereoizer LT

31st October 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.8

31st October 2006Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets Vol.2 [HAL|Kon|SF2]

31st October 2006Pro-Sounds updates The daAlfa2k Collection to v2.0

31st October 2006EastWest / Quantum Leap launches 'Sale of the Year'

30th October 2006Xponaut releases Voice Tweaker v4.0.2

30th October 2006Forever For Now releases Octave Shifter

30th October 2006Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.2 build 1243 beta (Lite and Full)

30th October 2006GForce updates impOSCar with Dual Core fix

30th October 2006Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.42 and SAVIHost to v1.29

30th October 2006FabFilter releases Timeless and Simplon

25th October 2006Kong Audio updates ALL Chinee plug-ins

25th October 2006Tweakbench updates ALL plug-ins

25th October 2006Toontrack updates dfh EZdrummer to v1.0.3

24th October 2006HERCs Music Systems announces Viktor Vector Morphing Synth

24th October 2006UltimateSoundBank releases UVI Soundcard #04 Mayhem of Loops

24th October 2006DSK Music releases DSK DreamZ and DSK XXX v1.0 betas

24th October 2006Toontrack releases three EZX expansion packs for dfh EZdrummer

24th October 2006Pettinhouse releases Vinyl Drumkits for Battery and Kontakt

24th October 2006Naokit72 releases Saxi Player v1.0.1

24th October 2006p0k releases Nibi v0.1, Uguisu v0.1 & updates Nezumi to v0.3

24th October 2006Piotr "Habib" Pyrzanowski releases Eq31 v1.0

24th October 2006reKon audio releases VST Virus C Editor

24th October 2006[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack Universal Binary for OS X

24th October 2006NuGen Audio releases Visualizer v1.0

24th October 2006discoDSP releases Discovery v2.8

24th October 2006HERCs Music Systems updates Abakos to v2.1

24th October 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Free [KON|SFZ|WSK]

24th October 2006Sugar Bytes releases Robotronic Universal Binary

24th October 2006Wave Arts releases PowerSuite v5.22 (Mac)

24th October 2006Wavosaur v1.0.0.3618 now available

24th October 2006UltimateSoundBank updates Plugsound Pro to v1.0.2

24th October 2006Teragon Audio releases DualComp v1.0 alpha 3

24th October 2006Frieve releases Music Studio Independence & Producer v1.22

24th October 2006Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.2 build 1240 beta (Lite and Full)

20th October 2006Image Line releases Sytrus v2.3 (+Toxic III v1.3 for Windows)

20th October 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.32

20th October 2006Les Productions Zvon releases Julie Resynth [SF2|WSK]

20th October 2006Audio Ease releases Altiverb v5.4.8 for Windows

20th October 2006Dash Signature updates EVE for OSX to v2.3

19th October 2006TerraTec updates Komplexer to v1.0.2.0

18th October 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Parametr'EQ plug-ins v2.0

18th October 2006Pro-Sounds releases Underground Sounds Bank 1 for Vanguard

18th October 2006Image Line releases Toxic III for Mac OS X

18th October 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.7

18th October 2006Steinberg makes WaveLab 6 pre-release v6.0.1 (build 304) available

18th October 2006Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth to v0.9.5

18th October 2006Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana beta to v0.11

18th October 2006Geniesoft releases Overture v4.0.2 patch 12

17th October 2006MHC releases Industrial Tones for Mac OS X

17th October 2006Companion Engineering & Design releases Intuem 4

17th October 2006Puremagnetik launches Sound Content Subscription Site

17th October 2006Polac VST Loaders for Jeskola Buzz updated to v1.1.9.8

17th October 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.30

17th October 2006Wusik updates Wusikstation to v3.0.8

17th October 2006Progress Audio updates ShapeShifter to v1.2

17th October 2006macProVideo launchesThe Green Sale (25% off Tutorial Videos)

16th October 2006AMG releases Metropolis, announces Infinite Groove, updates ONE and KAB

16th October 2006AlgoMusic launches the Universe Pack (35% discount)

16th October 2006Vienna Symphonic Library offers free Choir (for reg. users)

16th October 2006Smart Loops launches SL Hit Tracks

16th October 2006Native Instruments releases Massive, Absynth 4, Battery 3, FM8 and Komplete 4

16th October 2006Zynewave updates Podium to v1.71

16th October 2006Extreme Sample Converter v3.1B (beta) released

16th October 2006KResearch releases KR-Micro Reverb v1.0

16th October 2006Access updates Virus TI OS to v1.2.4

16th October 2006SONiVOX announces Symphonic Collection for Kontakt 2

12th October 2006Garritan releases Stradivari Solo Violin v2.0

12th October 2006Pro-Sounds updates The Adder Collection to v1.1

12th October 2006Chris Hein - Guitars Release Date and Pre-order announced

12th October 2006Precisionsound releases Greek Lira [HAL|KON]

12th October 2006Outsim announces Synthmaker v1.0 Release Date

12th October 2006Scanned Synth updated to v0.9.4.

11th October 2006u-he releases Zebra v2.0

11th October 2006Admiral Quality release Poly-Ana v0.10 beta

11th October 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.3

11th October 2006Cakewalk updates SONAR to 6.0.1

11th October 2006Sonalksis releases SV-315, SV-517, CQ1 & DQ1 UniBin (+updates FreeG to v1.0.1)

11th October 2006Bela D Media releases The Giovani Edition LE [KON|GIG]

11th October 2006Sony releases Vegas v7.0b

11th October 2006Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.4.8 (Mac)

10th October 2006VSL updates Symphonic Cube Vienna Instruments to v1.1

10th October 2006Source Elements releases Source-Connect for VST

10th October 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.2.6

10th October 2006mgAudio releases mgMono v0.2 alpha

9th October 2006Muse Research announces Receptor Upgrade Program and Special Receptor Configuration

9th October 2006Muse Research announces UniWire v1.1

9th October 2006Cakewalk announces Expansion Packs for Session Drummer 2

9th October 2006Cakewalk releases SONAR 6 Producer and Studio Editions

9th October 2006Soundbytes releases HurdyGurdy v1.0 RC1

9th October 2006PowerFX releases UK Grime [ACID|REX|AL]

9th October 2006Two Circuits releases Audiovibrato v1.0

9th October 2006Native Instruments announces Guitar Rig 2 Software Edition (+Guitar Rig v2.2)

9th October 2006Starplugs releases VU8

9th October 2006Sounds of Revolution releases Revolution Virus C/TI - Part 2

9th October 2006Musicrow updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor to v1.4

9th October 2006kl. releases Drumachine R8 and updates Fineline to v1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

9th October 2006reKon audio releases VST Virus A Editor v1.1

9th October 2006Arturia releases Analog Factory Reloaded

9th October 2006Sinevibes releases Transformer v1.5

9th October 2006Dash Signature releases EVE v2.1 beta for OSX (incl. Universal Binary)

9th October 2006Tone2 updates FireBird to v1.2.1

9th October 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.25

9th October 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.2.5

9th October 2006Merging Technologies releases Pyramix 5 SP3

9th October 2006Nomad Factory releases Liquid Bundle II v2.1

9th October 2006Wavosaur v1.0.0.3388 beta released

9th October 2006Arizona Software updates AudioXplorer to v1.3.1

5th October 2006Korg releases KLC - Digital edition v1.2.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

5th October 2006Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.25

5th October 2006AudioRealism releases Bass Line and Bass Line Pro Universal Binaries

5th October 2006Tone2 releases FireBird v1.2

5th October 2006Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v4.0

5th October 2006MHC releases Industrial Tones v1.0

5th October 2006Scanned Synth updated to v0.9.3

5th October 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.6c

5th October 2006Celemony updates Melodyne to v3.1.2

5th October 2006Tascam releases GVI - Giga Virtual Instrument

3rd October 2006NOVUZEIT releases Motile v1.0

3rd October 2006Sonalksis releases TBK2 Digital Grimebox (+TBK1 Universal Binary)

2nd October 2006Sonalksis releases FreeG

2nd October 2006FXpansion updates Orca

2nd October 2006QuikQuak offers RaySpace Educational Discount (40% off)

2nd October 2006KarmaFX Synth v0.95 and Plugin Pack v1.9 released

2nd October 2006KResearch releases KR-Space v1.0

2nd October 2006Ableton releases Sampler for Live 6

2nd October 2006Ableton releases Live 6

2nd October 2006Sonic Reality releases R.A.W Gold Bundle and 15 R.A.W. Style Paks

2nd October 2006Tascam releases GigaStudio v3.20

2nd October 2006Steinberg releases Cubase v4.0.1.2074 update

2nd October 2006Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.5

2nd October 2006Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.2.4

2nd October 2006Scanned Synth updated to v0.9.2

2nd October 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.70

2nd October 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Triple EQ plug-ins v2.0

2nd October 2006HERCs Music Systems releases Abakos v2.0

2nd October 2006Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.41 and SAVIHost to v1.28

2nd October 2006d16 Group releases Phoscyon v1.5 for Mac (incl. Universal Binary)