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News Archive for November 2010

30th November 2010Defective Records Software releases Software Klee Step Sequencer v2.0

30th November 2010Sonic Timeworks releases Equalizer V1 for Windows and Mac OS X VST/AU 32- and 64-Bit

30th November 2010Best Service announces "Ethno World Selection" FireSale

30th November 2010TeamDNR announces "Entropy: The Precursor" [WAV] and introduces Cyber-Monday Week-long Sale

30th November 2010G-Sonique releases Psytrance Drum Kit #1 [WAV]

30th November 2010Blue Microphones announces Second Generation Mikey Portable Recorder for iPod

30th November 2010Propellerhead Software updates Reason to v5.0.1 and Record to v1.5.1

30th November 2010PinkNoise Studio releases Revolver for Kontakt and launches KontaktBanks.com

30th November 201010 Years of Celemony, 10 Years of Melodyne and 10 Years of Celemony's Future to Win

30th November 2010Fractone releases WallsOfSound (VST 2.x) v1.0

30th November 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-NoiseMaker to v2.57

29th November 2010Novation updates Automap to v3.7

29th November 2010AuraPlug updates AmpFire to v2.2.1 and releases Win x64 and Mac AU/VST Versions

29th November 2010Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v2.0.4

29th November 2010SynthFont updated to v1.521 and VSTSynthFont updated to v1.050

29th November 2010Synapse Audio releases Mac VST version of DUNE

29th November 2010Sound Trends releases Looptastic FREE v3.7 for iOS

29th November 2010Bolder Sounds releases Handbells V2 for Kontakt 3+ and Bolder Pianos and Granular Voices for Motif XF

29th November 2010Rayzoon announces 2010 Holiday Sale Event - Up To 32% Off

29th November 2010Impact Soundworks releases Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1: Adult Contemporary Guitar Loops [ACID|REX]

29th November 2010Sounds Of Revolution releases Clicks & Glitches Vol. 1 [WAV|REX|AL|EXS|KON]

29th November 2010Sonokinetic releases Voices Of Israel for Kontakt

29th November 2010Trance Euphoria releases Euphoric Trance Volume 2 for Sylenth1

29th November 2010MusicLab announces Winter 2010 Special Offer - 25% Off Real Bundles

29th November 2010Overloud announces Winter Specials - 40% Off All Plug-ins

29th November 2010samba_godschynski releases VSTForx Beta

29th November 2010Plektron releases Comp4 - Multi-band Compressor

29th November 2010UVI.net releases "ElectroBeats by David Guetta" for iPod, iPhone and iPad

29th November 2010Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v2.1 and Chord NOTE to v2.0.1 (iOS)

29th November 2010Expert Sleepers release new Eurorack module - the ES-2-2 CV/Audio Interface

29th November 2010macProVideo.com launches "The Art of Audio Recording" 8-part Video Series

29th November 2010Cableguys update Curve v1.0 to Beta 6

29th November 2010Hermann Seib updates SAVIHost to v1.36

29th November 2010Xhun Audio announces LittleOne v2.0

29th November 2010Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2059

29th November 2010Voxengo updates VariSaturator to v1.9

25th November 2010Native Instruments launches 5-Day 50% Discount Offer on all Komplete Instruments and Effects

25th November 2010discoDSP releases Leading for Discovery Pro and announces Black Friday Offer

25th November 2010Chicken Systems announces 50% Off Black Friday Sale

25th November 2010DirectSynth releases DirectEMX (Plug your Electribe MX in)

25th November 2010Garritan releases World Instruments

25th November 2010Vir2 Instruments releases Q (Instruments and sound design for the big screen)

25th November 2010VSL updates Vienna Ensemble (+Pro), Instruments (+Pro), Imperial and Suite

25th November 2010MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v1.4 and releases RapidComposer LE

25th November 2010Sony Creative Software updates Sound Forge Pro to v10.0c

25th November 2010AudioRealism updates AudioRealism Drum Machine to v1.2 (Now with MIDI Out and Export)

25th November 2010Apple updates Logic Pro to v9.1.3

25th November 2010VSTAU Manager updated to r117

25th November 2010Yamaha updates M7CL StageMix for iPad to v1.1

25th November 2010EastWest updates Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition to v1.0.4

25th November 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1.7

25th November 2010Brainworx updates bx_XL to v1.1 (+extends intro offer)

24th November 2010Monkey Tools updates Library Monkey Pro and Sound Grinder Pro to v1.1.11

24th November 2010AcousticsampleS releases ASPlayer Plug-in Versions of AkousKontr, Bassysm-F, Bassysm-S, Bassysm-J, Bassysm-M & Bassysm-Pack, Kontr, ElektroKontr, DrumysM and DrumTasteJazz

24th November 2010Applied Acoustics Systems releases Journeys and Entangled Species Sound Banks with free AAS Player Plug-in

24th November 2010Focusrite releases Midnight Plug-in Suite (Based on Forte Console)

24th November 2010Nomad Factory releases Magnetic - Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer Plug-In

23rd November 2010Synapse Audio releases Dune (Differential UNison Engine)

23rd November 2010ZionDSP releases DyeNamik V1 and SpectraFive EQ

23rd November 20104Front Technologies releases 4Front Rhode v2.0

23rd November 2010elysia releases alpha compressor plugin Public Beta

23rd November 2010Valhalla DSP updates ValhallaShimmer to v1.0.2 and releases Win RTAS, 64-bit AU and 64-bit Win VST

23rd November 2010Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.6.4

23rd November 2010HyperSynth releases Miniak-editor v2.0

23rd November 2010One Red Dog releases Molten Drum Machine for iPad

23rd November 2010UFO Scientific updates MultiFreek to v2.2

23rd November 2010Sample Magic release SM20 Electro for Kontakt, EXS and more

23rd November 2010Musicrow updates Golden Ensembles for Reaktor to v2.35 (incl. a new ensemble: DigiFreak)

23rd November 2010ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor to Beta 1.3.1

23rd November 2010PreSonus updates Studio One to v1.6.1

23rd November 2010Cycling '74 updates Max to v5.1.6

23rd November 2010TeamDNR releases Sonic Physiology: Anatomy01 - Fractal + Sine Hybrids for Kontakt

23rd November 2010SynthFont updated to v1.520

23rd November 2010PSP MasterComp Mac Version Downgraded and Updated

23rd November 2010iZotope releases Nectar: Complete Vocal Suite

23rd November 2010Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.8

23rd November 2010MellowMuse updates Auto Time Adjuster to v1.9

22nd November 2010An Introduction - Who is Chris Halaby?

19th November 2010KVR Audio's Industry Focus Blog & Interviews

19th November 2010Sugar Bytes announces Insane Christmas Sellout

19th November 2010Sound Magic updates Ruby Piano3D to v1.1

19th November 2010Hidenori Matsuoka updates PET Bottling for iOS to v1.1

19th November 2010ePipes releases Studio Piper - Bagpipe v2.0

18th November 2010macProVideo.com releases "Logic's Guitar Recording Toolbox" Video

18th November 2010Indie Dev Collective launch Massive Sale (up to 70% Off)

18th November 2010Acustica Audio releases Mac AU version of Nebula3 Free

18th November 2010Korg releases iMS-20 for iPad

18th November 2010Blue Cat Audio updates Audio Analysis Plug-ins (incl. 64-bit Mac VST)

18th November 2010XT Software releases energyXT 2.6 Beta

18th November 2010Christian Budde releases x64 version of VST-Plugin Unit Test

18th November 2010FXpansion releases Geist - Sampling Drum Machine

18th November 2010LinPlug releases MorphoX - Morphing Synthesizer

18th November 2010Acon Digital Media releases Acoustica 5

18th November 2010Merging Technologies releases Pyramix 7.0, VCube 3.0 and Ovation 2.0

18th November 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1.6

18th November 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.73

18th November 2010Korg unbundles Legacy Collection Series Plug-ins

18th November 2010Artificial Audio updates Quartz to v1.0.2

18th November 2010Best Service releases Voices & Choirs (Kontakt Player)

18th November 2010xoxos releases xoxos Static Delay VST

18th November 2010Toontrack releases Metal EZmix Pack by Daniel Bergstrand

17th November 2010CubicAudio updates Cubits Evolution to v1.01 and releases Bass Expansion 01 and DMS Trance Expansion

17th November 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Filter-2 to v1.00

17th November 2010Plogue updates Mac version of Bidule to v0.9708

16th November 2010XILS-lab updates XILS 3 to v1.3.0

16th November 2010zplane updates vielklang to v1.5.5

16th November 2010LinPlug updates Octopus to v1.3.1 and Organ 3 to v3.1.5

16th November 2010DETUNIZED.COM releases "Rolfing Laid Back Vol. 2" for Live and launches "Reason and FL Studio Line"

16th November 2010DUY announces VST support for Windows and "Up to 70% OFF" Sale

16th November 2010Cinematique Instruments releases Sägezahn for Kontakt

16th November 2010SPL releases Analog Code - Passeq

16th November 2010Fable Sounds releases Broadway Lites - Contemporary Winds Virtual Instrument

16th November 2010Soniccouture releases Morpheus for Kontakt and EXS

16th November 2010Sound Radix releases RTAS version of Auto-Align - Automatic Time Alignment Plug-in (+updates to v1.2.1)

16th November 20109 Soundware releases Ax for Subtractor (Reason)

16th November 2010Big Tick Audio updates Zen Universal Presets Manager to v1.1 and releases Mac version

16th November 2010Prodyon updates Phenome to v1.64 and releases "Phenome Factory B Expansion"

16th November 2010MARVIN releases Hexagon '85 Drum Synth and updates Tromine Z to v1.2

15th November 2010WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v5.02

15th November 2010CSR Labs releases vstPlayer - Media Player

15th November 2010de la Mancha releases ClipStar - Soft Clipper

15th November 2010Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Reverb-2 v1.0 and TAL-Filter-2 v0.99b

15th November 2010Cableguys Curve v1.0 Public Beta Now Available

15th November 2010FXpansion releases BFD Jazz Maple for BFD2 and BFD Eco

15th November 2010Faber Acoustical updates Electroacoustics Toolbox (2.1.10), SignalScope Pro (2.1.10) and SignalSuite (3.1.10)

15th November 2010MellowMuse updates All Plug-ins

15th November 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.650

15th November 2010Guitar World & Agile Partners release Guitar World Lick of the Day App for iOS

15th November 2010One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.49

15th November 2010Sound Trends releases studio.HD v1.2 for iPad

15th November 2010IK Multimedia introduces the Authorization Manager for its line of software and plug-ins

15th November 2010Fractone releases VST 2.x version of WallsOfSound Reverb

11th November 2010Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v4.1.3

11th November 2010UFO Scientific updates MultiFreek to v2.1.1

11th November 2010Fractone releases WallsOfSound v0.1 - VST3 Reverb

11th November 2010Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank releases Complete Toy Museum (UVI Soundpack + Art Book)

11th November 2010Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9707

11th November 2010FMJ-Software updates Awave Audio to v10.5

11th November 2010Channel Robot releases Solid Drums for Kontakt, Guru and Battery

11th November 2010TeamDNR updates Symmetry Pro for Ace to v1.1

11th November 2010digitalmusician.net releases Digital Musician Container (DMC) v2.0

10th November 2010Sound Magic releases Ruby Piano3D

10th November 2010Sonic Elements releases NeuroMind for FXpansion Strobe

10th November 2010Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.0.6

10th November 2010Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU to v1.2.3

10th November 2010Lexicon announces PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle

10th November 2010TwistedWave Audio Editor released for iPhone and iPad

10th November 2010Propellerhead Software releases ReBirth for iPad

10th November 2010Sinevibes updates Space Oscillator to v1.2

10th November 2010Studiodevices updates Reflections LE to v1.2 (incl. new Impulses)

10th November 2010Digital Music Doctor releases Chord Flash Cards for iPad/iPhone

10th November 2010Soundgasm Design releases Cicada for ImpOSCar, Azure for Cobalt and FunkUnit for OPX-Pro

9th November 2010MeldaProduction releases MAutoAlign and MTuner and updates All Effects to v4.02

9th November 2010Ueberschall releases Nightshift (Elastik Soundbank)

9th November 2010Audiocation releases Equalizer AQ1 - Parametric EQ

9th November 2010SoundToys announces Preset Expanders Vol. 11-13: Peter Wade, Tchad Blake & Morgan Page, and announces Juice: Input Channel Modeler Public Beta

9th November 2010Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer v0.95 (Alpha 2)

9th November 2010iZotope announces Nectar: Complete Vocal Suite

9th November 2010digitalmusician.net releases Digital Musician Plug-in (DMP)

9th November 2010Yamaha releases M7CL StageMix for iPad

9th November 2010Akai Pro releases SynthStation25 Keyboard Controller for iPhone and iPod touch

9th November 2010Studio Six Digital Licenses iZotope Audio Processing for iPhone and iPad

9th November 2010Rosegarden 10.10 "Betty Prior" Released

9th November 2010Cytomic updates The Glue to v1.1.3

9th November 2010BIAS announces Peak Studio (incl. Peak Pro 7)

9th November 2010Adobe releases Audition for Mac Public Beta

9th November 2010Avid releases Pro Tools 9

9th November 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-NoiseMaker to v2.56

9th November 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl (, Mixtikl ( and Liptikl (

9th November 2010MakeMusic updates Finale to 2011b

9th November 2010Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Studio to v5.5.2

9th November 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.25j

9th November 2010Harrison updates Mixbus to v1.4.1

8th November 2010Christian Budde releases x64 versions of "Frequency Splitter for Modular Hosts" and "2-Band Distortion"

8th November 2010AcousticsampleS updates ASPLayer and releases WoodBox for Kontakt and ASPlayer

8th November 2010Universal Audio becomes RTAS Plug-in Developer for Avid Pro Tools

8th November 2010Wallander Instruments releases Wivi Band - The Virtual Instrument

8th November 2010FreePlayer Express Released

8th November 2010HyperSynth releases Ion-editor v2.0

8th November 2010Wusik updates Wusik Station to v6.2 and EVE to v3.0.2

8th November 2010Muse Research announces Ivory II for RECEPTOR 2

8th November 2010whiteLABEL releases SKWOSH - Multi Compressor

8th November 2010Weldroid releases Synesthesia (Beta)

8th November 2010Prodyon updates Phenome SoundFont Player to v1.63

8th November 2010Access Music releases OS4.1 Public Beta for Virus TI

8th November 2010UFO Scientific releases MultiFreek v2.1 and MultiFreek Junior v1.1 - Spectrum Analysers

8th November 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.2.3

8th November 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1.5

7th November 2010Arturia announces Analog Laboratory

5th November 2010TeamDNR releases Decay and Movement Compilations for Sylenth1

5th November 2010Renoise 2.6 Released - Script Everything

5th November 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.2.2 and announces EAReverb - Earthy Algorithmic Reverb

5th November 2010IK Multimedia announces iKlip - Mic Stand Adapter for iPad

5th November 20103R Audio updates SpaceDesignerManager for Logic Pro to v1.5

5th November 2010PowerFX updates Soundation Studio - Online Sequencer Adds Direct Recording

4th November 2010NUGEN Audio updates All VST OSX Plug-ins

4th November 2010Prosoniq updates morph AU to v1.32 and OrangeVocoder AU to v3.33

3rd November 2010Native Instruments releases The Mouth by Tim Exile

3rd November 2010Tone2 announces ElectraX

3rd November 2010PSPaudioware updates PSP MasterComp to v1.7.1

3rd November 2010Plughugger releases Bassphere01 for Omnisphere

3rd November 2010Cinesamples releases Voxos: Epic Virtual Choir

3rd November 2010Imperfect Samples releases Brasted Broken Upright VST/AU (+EXS24/Kontakt)

3rd November 2010Native Instruments releases Traktor Kontrol S4 and launches Special Offer for Traktor and Traktor Scratch

3rd November 2010Vienna Symphonic Library announces Special Offer - Vienna Lottery: Free Download Instruments

3rd November 2010Variety Of Sound releases NastyDLA - Chorus Echo

3rd November 2010DDMF releases NoLimits - Look-ahead Limiter

3rd November 2010Prodyon updates Phenome to v1.6

3rd November 2010Tek'it Audio releases Kutter - Frequency Cutter

3rd November 2010MellowMuse updates Auto Time Adjuster to v1.7

3rd November 2010Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.4.9.2

3rd November 2010Perimeter Sound Arts releases Zebrasonix for Zebra

3rd November 2010xoxos releases xoxos Phaser and xoxos Modulation Delay (xoxos Effects Suite 2010)

3rd November 2010CK_Modules releases Poly Step Seq (Polyphonic Step Sequencer)

3rd November 2010Puremagnetik releases 3 Free Sound Sets for Live, Kontakt & Logic

3rd November 2010Fsynthz releases Fuzziest Organ Evar

2nd November 2010Kong Audio releases ChineeLiuQin - The Willow Mandolin from China

2nd November 2010Antares releases Mic Mod EFX

2nd November 2010Camel Audio releases Cinematic Atmospheres and Cinematic Impacts for Alchemy & Alchemy Player

2nd November 2010DSPaudio releases Spectrum v2.0

2nd November 2010Synthogy releases Ivory II - Italian Grand

2nd November 2010Adobe announces Audition for Mac (sign up for public beta)

2nd November 2010Audio Ease updates Rocket Science (v3.5.9) and Nautilus (v2.5.9) bundles

2nd November 2010SynthFont updated to v1.510

2nd November 2010EastWest updates Quantum Leap Pianos to v1.0.9 (and Pianos Gold to v1.0.4)

2nd November 2010ArtsAcoustic updates CL Series to v1.0.13 and BigRock to v1.0.1 (both incl. x64)

2nd November 2010MellowMuse updates EQ1A (2.0), EQ2V (1.3), CP1A (2.0), CP2V (1.5), IR1A (2.6), Mellowhead (2.5) and SATV (1.2)

2nd November 2010MeldaProduction updates all Effect Plug-ins to v4.00c

2nd November 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Filter to v1.56 for Windows (incl. x64)

2nd November 2010Sinevibes updates Gateboy to v1.3.2

2nd November 2010Algoriddim updates djay to v3.1.2

2nd November 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.630

2nd November 2010WOK releases StepCut Filter and Blip1000 Matrix Step-sequencer

2nd November 2010Rob Papen releases RP-Delay v1.0 and RP-Verb v1.5

2nd November 2010XLN Audio releases Reel Machines ADpak for Addictive Drums

2nd November 2010Hidenori Matsuoka releases Guitar Kit v2.0 for iOS

2nd November 2010Noisebud releases Binvert v1.0 and Noisebud Filter v3.0

2nd November 2010Bayan releases AREX 2011 Drum Module v1.2

2nd November 2010Mildon Studios releases Mildon Strummer

2nd November 2010J1000 releases Alpha and Beta v3.0

1st November 2010Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.48 (incl. x64) and SAVIHost to v1.35

1st November 2010Softknobs updates Blofeld Virtual Editor to v0.8.2

1st November 2010Toontrack releases Metalheads EZX for EZdrummer

1st November 2010Iliadis re-releases VH-1 and VH-2 Drawbar and Transistor Organ plug-ins and reduces prices of iVF Combo Organ, iBX Tonewheel Organ and Euthymia Electronic Organ

1st November 2010Sonoma Wire Works releases AudioCopy/AudioPaste Software Development Kit v1.2 for iOS Audio App Developers

1st November 2010IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube 2 for iPhone

1st November 2010Soundsdivine releases "Virtually Analogue" for XILS 3 LE & Full

1st November 2010TeamDNR releases Symmetry Pro for Ace, updates Ammunition for Kontakt to v1.1 and announces "Constant Update" Program

1st November 2010Pro-Sounds releases "Modern Trance" for Sylenth 1

1st November 2010Nassen updates RaX'n'TraX to v1.6.0

1st November 2010H.E. Audio updates Poetic Guitar series: PGL and PG8 to v1.02; PGR to v1.01

1st November 2010Celemony releases Melodyne editor, assistant and essential v1.2 (incl. 64-bit)

1st November 2010Voxengo updates Deft Compressor to v1.2

1st November 2010Rob Papen updates Predator to v1.6

1st November 2010Thomas Mundt releases LoudMax for Mac (VST/AU) (and updates to v1.09)

1st November 2010Full Bucket Music updates the blooo to v1.0.6 and Mono/Fury to v1.0.4

1st November 2010Martinic updates Combo Model V to v1.0.4

1st November 2010Groove Monkee releases "Rock Essentials 2" MIDI Beats