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News Archive for December 2005

30th December 2005mdsp releases DuckVerb and updates Compressor, DuckDelay & Flanger

30th December 2005Elevayta releases Creativity Tools & Productivity Tools bundles

30th December 2005Devine Machine announces Krishna

30th December 2005Image Line releases FL Studio v6.0.4

30th December 2005Boris K. announces MEDDLE (+releases demo version)

30th December 2005VSampler GM soundset and Sonar OEM version upgrade offer

30th December 2005Garritan releases Stradivari Solo Violin (KON)

30th December 2005Rekliner Records releases Loopy Llama v0.9

30th December 2005arcDev Noise Industries releases Blittr v1.0

30th December 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.1.2

30th December 2005Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.7.5

30th December 2005discoDSP Discovery for Receptor now 20% off

28th December 2005DarkWare releases FX Jockey v1.0

28th December 2005SampleTank & Sonik Synth now available on Receptor (User Installable)

28th December 2005Yellow Tools update Independence to v1.0.2

28th December 2005Audiosyn releases Antonymic v1.0

28th December 2005Superwave announces Tarkus

28th December 2005Superwave Christmas special - 50% discount off all orders

28th December 2005discoDSP Discovery 30% off (Limited Offer - 10 Licenses)

28th December 2005SKnote releases Voices v0.1.1

28th December 2005MUTOOLS announces MUTON

28th December 2005mdsp @ smartelectronix updates AnalogDelay to v1.0.1

28th December 2005IK Multimedia releases SampleTank 2.1 (Boxed)

28th December 2005Ableton updates Live to v5.0.3

28th December 2005reViSiT v0.87.4 alpha released

28th December 2005KarmaFX Synth Modular v0.9.1 build 4254/55 now available

28th December 2005Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.6.4

28th December 2005MadTracker v2.6 released

28th December 2005Voxengo updates Transmodder to v1.5

28th December 2005ProXL releases VstNotesXL v1.1

28th December 2005Drumular updated to v1.0.2 (incl. New Modules)

23rd December 2005Kreativ Sounds launches the Loops Packs Series (WAV/REX)

23rd December 2005AudioMulch v1.0rc1 released

23rd December 2005Tone2 releases BiFilter v1.0

23rd December 2005MB releases SymodiX, cRushy & Spaceman (+updates Stereoizer)

23rd December 2005digital black releases Raven dRT - Drum Replacement Therapy

23rd December 2005Prodyon releases Ironizer v1.0

23rd December 2005KlangLabs releases Metrobus (+updates Overdubber)

23rd December 2005Synful Orchestra v2.3 beta now available

23rd December 2005Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.6.3

23rd December 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.1.2

23rd December 2005BuzComp CP5 v1.1 beta 3 now available

23rd December 2005DSP-Quattro 4 day Christmas Offer (50% OFF)

23rd December 2005Maxx Claster discounts Toxic for Xmas

22nd December 2005NI releases Reaktor v5.1

22nd December 2005MOTU releases Symphonic Instrument v1.1

22nd December 2005PSOFT releases VOID Modular System v1.6

22nd December 2005MultitrackStudio updated to v4.0.2

22nd December 2005Universum releases Sonic Sorcery Sounds & Waves of land

21st December 2005Progress Audio updates ProgOsc to v1.2

21st December 2005FabFilter releases Twin v1.0

21st December 2005SKnote releases Voices v0.0.4

21st December 2005Apple updates Soundtrack Pro to v1.0.2

21st December 2005Voxengo releases Marquis Compressor v1.2

21st December 2005[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.2.1 (incl. Win)

21st December 2005NI releases Guitar Rig 2

20th December 2005VirSyn releases TERA 3

20th December 2005Celemony releases Melodyne3

20th December 2005Ms Pinky releases Pinky Pluggo v1.0

20th December 2005WaveWindow AU v1.0.3 released

20th December 2005GWS RanPan v2.7 released

20th December 2005Audeon releases UFO v1.0

20th December 2005Toontrack updates Superior instruments to v1.5.3

20th December 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.1.1

20th December 2005Metro v6.3.3 pre-release now available

20th December 2005LinPlug releases Octopus for Mac OS X

20th December 2005Apple releases Final Cut Pro v5.0.4

19th December 2005Ohm Force launch Symptohm:Melohman Christmas Special (50% OFF)

19th December 2005db audioware releases Aura Pro v1.0

19th December 2005ag-works releases Chorus CH-2 beta and CH-1 v1.0

19th December 2005Rumpelrausch Taips releases AZR3 v1.0

19th December 2005KarmaFX Synth Modular v0.9.1 now available

19th December 2005Wave Arts releases Panorama 5 & Power Suite 5 (v5.0.8)

19th December 2005Boris K. releases VS-1 Oscilloscope demo version

19th December 2005Starplugs releases Master EQ v1.0

19th December 2005Outsim releases SynthMaker 0.9.5f

19th December 2005Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 198 now available

19th December 2005Renoise v1.5.2 now available

19th December 2005BeroTracker updated

19th December 2005Dash Signature releases Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bundle

19th December 2005Basement Arts announce Reflex & Frantic Christmas Offer

19th December 2005discoDSP Vertigo 30% Discount & Synthesizer Legacy updated

19th December 2005Voxengo announces Winter Holiday Discounts

19th December 2005finalfloyd.com releases SoundCell TWO (Wusik/EVE/SF2)

19th December 2005Soundlabel releases Piano Attack (EXS/KON/REX)

16th December 2005Arguru announces DirectWave

16th December 2005Sonalksis releases TBK Adaptive Resonance Filter

16th December 2005LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.3

16th December 2005Image Line releases FL Studio 6

16th December 2005Kjaerhus Audio unveils Spectra

16th December 2005reFX updates quadraSID to v1.5.1

16th December 2005Angular Momentum releases Unifyer 2

16th December 2005Jonas Norberg releases Sniper v1.0

16th December 2005Audiosyn releases BBD Echo-80 v1.1

16th December 2005Teragon Audio updates BeatCounter to v1.1

16th December 2005Starplugs updates LFE Filter to v1.0.1

16th December 2005Rocktave releases Delta SP v1.74 (+updates Universal)

16th December 2005Steinberg updates HALion Player (Retail & OEM) to v3.2.0.1305

15th December 2005Sion Software releases QuickScore Elite Level II v11.0

15th December 2005MB-PlugIns releases MB Stereoizer v0.9

15th December 2005Tone2 releases BiFilter v1.0 beta

15th December 2005BuzComp CP5 v1.1 beta now available

14th December 2005NI Xmas Offer: Tutorial DVD free with Absynth 3 Update

14th December 2005Muse Research releases v1.4 Software for Receptor

14th December 2005Teragon Audio releases Convolver v1.0 beta 4

14th December 2005Soniccouture Christmas Offer (+ Free Kontakt2 downloads)

14th December 2005PMI releases Hybrid Pianos (KON/GIG)

14th December 2005Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.1

13th December 2005Krakli releases StringZ v1.0

13th December 2005MHC releases Ambient Keys for Mac OS X

13th December 2005LinPlug Octopus demo version now available (Win)

13th December 2005Spinner v1.0.6 & XOVR v1.0.3 now available

13th December 2005Equipped Music launches Rex2Xpander series

13th December 2005Sonic Assault RndWave! updated to v1.1

13th December 2005Redshift Audio releases Drumular v1.0

13th December 2005reViSiT v0.87.3 alpha released

12th December 2005Yellow Tools releases Independence (+Add-Ons and v1.0.1 update)

12th December 2005NuGen Audio releases Stereoizer & Stereoizer LT v2.1

12th December 2005NuEdge releases Tin Tonic (MicroTonic in a tin, on a USB stick)

12th December 2005Synapse Audio releases Guitar Collection for Orion Platinum (+$50 OFF Sale)

12th December 2005Karamusic Production releases KA - Switch4 v1.0

12th December 2005FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.31

12th December 2005Aodix v4.2 now available

12th December 2005VSTHost v1.36 and SAVIHost v1.24 released

12th December 2005Musicrow releases Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5

12th December 2005Boris K. releases Intro v1.0

12th December 2005Kong Audio updates ChineeKong (v2.6.3) & ChineeErhu (v1.0.1)

12th December 2005Raw Material updates JUCE (v1.2.1) & the Plugin Wrapper (v1.4)

12th December 2005dblue releases Glitch v1.2.3 beta

12th December 2005Arboretum launches Christmas Special (incl. Ray Gun Pro)

12th December 2005Toontrack launches Christmas Sale (up to 25% off)

12th December 2005BIAS updates SoundSoap (v2.0.2) and SoundSoap Pro (v1.1.2)

12th December 2005Princeton Digital updates Reverb 2016 Plate to v1.0.1

9th December 2005Twisted Lemon releases FFTfun Dynamic Delay v1.2

9th December 2005Camel Audio announce 20% Xmas Discount (+Free soundbanks)

9th December 2005Prodyon launches Winter Sale (Robocoder + FX-Bundle)

9th December 2005Galleoneer launches 2005-2006 Special Offer (Buy one get one free)

9th December 2005Odo releases Dr-Fusion v2.0

9th December 2005ndc Plugs release My First Step Sequencer v1.0

9th December 2005NuSofting Modelonia Holiday Offer (Half Price - limited number)

9th December 2005AAS releases Lounge Lizard EP-3

9th December 2005Electronisounds releases Red Dragon v1.0

9th December 2005macProVideo releases The EXS24: Inside & Out video tutorial

9th December 2005SonicBirth v1.1.1 released

9th December 2005SKYLIFE gives Christmas Gift to SampleRobot users

8th December 2005LinPlug announces Octopus Dual-Matrix Synth

8th December 2005Elevayta releases Stream Boy

8th December 2005Zero-G releases Outer Limits

8th December 2005Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 197 now available

7th December 2005EmptySquare releases XOVR

7th December 2005u-he announces Zebra 2 (+pre-order)

7th December 2005Cycling '74 updates Pluggo, MODE, Hipno and Max/MSP

7th December 2005Audeon announces UFO (+releases Release Candidate demo)

7th December 2005SynthMaker v0.9.5e released

7th December 2005Vember Audio releases Surge v1.0.2 beta

7th December 2005Starplugs Delay v1.0 released

7th December 2005Safwan Matni releases Prova v1.0

6th December 2005Sonoma 7 holiday sale (60% off)

6th December 2005Progress Audio Soup + ShapeShifter bundle offer

6th December 2005Antares updates Auto-Tune to v4.3.2 (Win DX only)

6th December 2005Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.2

6th December 2005Scarbee releases Imperial Drums XL

6th December 2005DSP-Quattro v2.1.2 now available

5th December 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.4.2 (+Up to 33% OFF sale)

5th December 2005Dash Signature releases SWOOSH Machine

5th December 2005n-Track Studio v4.1.5 beta 1 and x64 version now available

5th December 2005Ugo releases Metallurgy v1.0

5th December 2005reFX Holiday Sale (20-30% OFF)

5th December 2005Ivory v1.5 AU update now available

5th December 2005Drumular v0.9.2.1 public beta now available

5th December 2005New prices for UltimateSoundBank Virtual Instruments

4th December 2005BIAS releases Peak Pro and Peak LE v5.02

4th December 2005reFX releases quadraSID v1.5 (incl. AU)

4th December 2005Wusikstation v2.2.1 now available

4th December 2005Prodyon releases Spacehawk - Ambient Textures

2nd December 2005Sonic Charge MicroTonic v2.0.1 released (incl. AU version)

2nd December 2005TriTone Digital releases ColorTone-Pro v1.1

2nd December 2005BTE Audio updates TS' Secret (v0.6.1.7) and Juicy 77 (v0.6.1.5)

2nd December 2005Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v3.9.3

2nd December 2005ANWIDA Soft Xmas Pack 2005 (Save $147)

2nd December 2005Les Productions Zvon Christmas Sale

1st December 2005discoDSP releases Discovery v2.5

1st December 2005Rob Papen updates BLUE to v1.1.1

1st December 2005ProjectSAM Organ Mystique pre-ordering (+Winter Sale, Up to 20% Discount)

1st December 2005Gigfiles releases B200 Classical Piano (HAL/Kon/GIG/SF2)

1st December 2005Bangin-Beats releases Bang Theory (Hip Hop Drums, WAV/AIFF)

1st December 2005xoxos releases saros

1st December 2005Syntheway releases Realistic Virtual Piano v2.1

1st December 2005Safwan Matni releases Organic v1.0

1st December 2005Synthepolis updates nrg-A to v1.1

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