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Cycling '74 updates Pluggo, MODE, Hipno and Max/MSP

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 has released version 3.5.3 of Pluggo, Pluggo Jr. and the Pluggo Runtime, version 1.2.3 of MODE, version 1.0.1 of Hipno and v4.5.6 of Max/MSP, all for Windows and Mac OS X.

Pluggo v3.5.3, MODE v1.2.3 and Hipno v1.0.1 changes:

  • [WIN] Fix in Sony Acid for display of jit.pwindow and other QuickTime based external objects.
  • [WIN] Fix for problems dragging umenu in scrolling mode when inside a pluggo plug-in.
  • [WIN] Fix for potential crash with pictctrl (and others) in a pluggo plug-in in Pro Tools.
  • Idle cursor tracking in plug-in windows is now supported.
  • Fix for plugmidiout in Live 5.0.
  • (plugin~ and plugout~) Each now support more than two channels per object instance.
  • Resonation plugin no longer has problems with overwriting its own presets.
  • PluggoFuzz plugin no longer opens its subpatches.
  • [MAC] Pluggo plugins are properly listed in the AudioSuite menu (broken in 3.5.2).
  • [MAC& WIN] Hipno and Mode plugins are now listed in the AudioSuite menu.

Max/MSP v4.5.6 Max Application Bug Fixes:

  • [MAC] Fix for hang when searching for a file that has been removed from the search path.
  • [WIN] Fixed problem (new to 4.5.5) where common files folder would not be found on some international systems (i.e. Danish).
  • [WIN] Fix for loading patchers with extended ascii characters via double clicking.
  • [WIN] Fix for extended ascii text typed into a coll's edit window having characters (such as umlaut) change when output from the coll.
  • Standalones with "Utilize Search Path in Preferences Files" option checked now use the ad and mididrivers folders from their support folder instead of the C74 folder.
  • Avoid flicker when moving patcher window via scripting.
  • [WIN] fix for crash when using images larger than 4095 pixels wide.
  • Fix for corrupt drawing with floating inspector.

For an extensive list of the Max/MSP Object Changes please see the ChangeLog.rtf included in the update download.



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