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SynthMaker v0.9.5e released

Outsim has released version 0.9.5e of Synthmaker. As well as the obligatory set of bug fixes it has a new Parametric EQ module and a collection of new components.

New Components:

- Biquad Freq
- Biquad Phase
- Float Array Add
- Float Array Mult
- Float Array Add Array

- String To Ascii
- Ascii To String
- String To String Array
- String Array to String
- String Length

- String Find
- String Replace
- String Split
- String Extract
- Boolean AND
- Boolean OR

Additions and fixes:

  • Corrected the label on the Counter component so it now reads "Reset to start".
  • Wireless Outputs were lining up differently from other components when using shortcut keys to add them.
  • Sample and hold components could sometimes produce infinite loops.
  • The index selector property was not working correctly resulting in drop lists showing the wrong contents in property panels.
  • Stopped a possible infinite loop if a Counter component feeds back into itself.
  • Multiple links to a Boolean input connector now logically OR together.
  • Fixed a possible crash situation when wireless components are on the clipboard when the app is closed.
  • Added a Dragging boolean output to all the drag components.
  • ASIO Out was hardwired to just 2 outputs.
  • ASIO in wasn't working and produced a stuttered sound instead.
  • Improved the saving and loading of wave files - on some schematics this was causing the application to hang when creating a VST.
  • Multi Osc module is now resizable in a front panel.
  • There is no longer a long pause when you start your first toolbox search.
  • Float arrays now pass through buses.
  • Added new string manipulation primitives.
  • Added Boolean AND and OR components.
  • MIDI Effects were not working in generated VST plugins.
  • The Float Array component wasn't saving the array data.
  • The behaviour of the Delay component was affected by how it was connected up.
  • In the code component, expressions using arrays were not working properly.
  • New components for Float Array operations.
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